As he stared at the doors of the private rooms on the fourth floor, Shun Long also noticed that in front of each door, there was also a small sign that indicated what each room was used for.

After throwing a quick glance at the rooms where the star-rank pills and the star-rank weapons were sold, Shun Long eventually walked towards the room that sold medicinal herbs.

Even though he had spent more than 130.000 high-grade spirit stones in the ’Myriad Pills pavilion ’ in the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’, Shun Long knew that he only had a handful of rank 7 medicinal herbs inside his herb garden right now, while the chances of obtaining rank 7 medicinal herbs were already limited in the first place.

Of course, Shun Long knew that right now, his spiritual strength wasn ’t enough to refine any rank 7 pill in the first place, and that he would first have to become a peak rank 3 Dao King before he could do so.

As the 2 golden-armored guards in front of the room sensed someone approaching them, one of them took a step forward and extended his right hand as he blocked the black-robed person in front of him and the silver-winged panther by his side, before he said in a calm voice

’ ’Guest, please halt.
You have to wait for the person inside to leave before you can enter the room. ’ ’

Shun Long stared at the guard in front of him and nodded his head without saying anything else, as he waited in front of the room with Little Silver.

It was obvious that the rules on the fourth floor were different from the previous 3 floors.

After all, he could also see a handful of Dao Emperors on the fourth floor, waiting in front of the other rooms for their turns as well.

Thankfully, the room that sold medicinal herbs was among the least popular ones and didn ’t have a long line. 

A few minutes later, a green-robed middle-aged woman stepped out of the room before Shun Long ’s turn came to enter inside.

As soon as he entered the room, Shun Long saw a yellow-robed old man sitting behind the counter where the medicinal herbs were displayed.

This old man had a calm look in his eyes as he stared at Shun Long, not surprised in the least that Shun Long had chosen to hide his identity.

The old man knew that there were plenty of people who would choose to hide their faces when they visited the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, for whatever reason that may be.

After taking a look at the rank 7 medicinal herbs on display, Shun Long eventually spent 60.000 high-grade spirit stones to buy a couple of rank 7 herbs, before he took a look around the rest of the fourth floor.

A few moments later, Shun Long realized that the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ wasn ’t just a place that sold pills, medicinal herbs, or weapons.

As long as a Dao Emperor had enough money, they could even head to the ’Assassination room ’ and request the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ to kill someone for them.

Of course, only the Dao Emperors who stepped foot on the fourth floor knew about this.

After he walked around the fourth floor for a while, Shun Long finally stopped as he arrived in front of a room with the words ’Intelligence room ’ in front of the door.

Since there was no one else inside the room, the 2 guards didn ’t stop Shun Long and allowed him to enter inside right away.

The moment that he entered the room, Shun Long saw a silver-robed old man sitting comfortably on a luxurious couch, while occasionally sipping some tea that was placed on the jade-white table in front of him.

As soon as Shun Long entered the room the old man raised his head and looked at the person in front of him with a curious look, before he gestured for Shun Long to sit on the couch opposite to him soon after.

Shun Long nodded and sat on the couch without any hesitation, while Little Silver stood by his side, staring vigilantly at the old man in front of Shun Long.

Just like Little SIlver, Shun Long could also sense that this old man in front of him was a Dao Emperor, and from the aura that was coming from his body, this old man had most likely exceeded the early stages of the Dao Emperor realm long ago.

A profound look flashed past the old man ’s eyes as he stared at Shun Long, and after he threw one brief look at Little Silver next to him, the old man suddenly smiled and cupped his hands at Shun Long, as he then said

’ ’Welcome to Murong city, dear guest.
This old man is Liao Huo of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, and I am the person responsible for the ’Intelligence room ’.
How may I help you? ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes flashed with a deep look the moment that he heard Liao Huo ’s words, and after he stared at him seriously for a few moments, Shun Long asked in a hoarse voice

’ ’Interesting.
How do you know that I am not from Murong city? ’ ’

The old man ’s eyes turned into slits as he looked at Shun Long, before he smiled and said laughingly barely a moment later

’ ’Haha, you underestimate me quite a bit dear guest.
I am the head of the ’Intelligence department ’ of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, and I am already familiar with every single Dao Emperor in Murong city. 

Naturally, I know every single person inside the city who has the ability to completely conceal their aura in front of me, and even without seeing your face, I can tell with certainty that I have never met you before.

This can only mean that you are not from Murong city, otherwise, there is no way that I wouldn ’t have known about it. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Liao Huo stood up and waved his hand, taking out a small empty cup from his spatial ring that he placed on the jade-white table in front of him.

After he filled the cup with tea, he placed it in front of Shun Long, before he continued speaking with that same smile on his face

’ ’Of course, whether our guests are from Murong city or not doesn ’t matter.

Our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ operates throughout the entire central region, and the only thing that ’s important is whether you have enough spirit stones or not.
As long as there is something you need to know and you can pay the corresponding price, our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ will definitely leave you satisfied. ’ ’

An extremely deep look flashed inside Shun Long ’s eyes as he looked at the silver-robed old man in front of him, and after staying silent for a few moments, Shun Long ’s lips curved upwards as he looked at the old man in front of him and spoke in the same hoarse voice as before

’ ’Then, Liao Huo….
what can you tell me about the Murong family? ’ ’

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