After hearing what the purple-robed Dao Emperor had said to Murong Feng before he left, Shun Long finally understood why those Dao Emperors had all come to the ’Elderwood mountain ’ this time.

Indeed, only an earth flame or a treasure at a similar level could possibly attract so many high-level experts in this place, to the point that they would even risk entering the territory of a rank 8 magic beast.

’ ’Let ’s go as well. ’ ’

After throwing one last look at the massive mountain behind him, Shun Long patted Little Silver ’s head, before Little Silver spread its bright silver wings and flew towards Murong city in the distance.

Half an hour later, Little Silver ’s figure descended from the sky, as it flew straight towards the city gates of Murong city.

Taking a look at the hundreds of luxurious carriages that were pulled by numerous powerful magic beasts and were lined up to enter the city, a smile was formed on Shun Long ’s lips as he queued up to enter the city as well.

A little more than an hour later, after paying the fee of 10 high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long entered the city along with Little Silver.

The moment that he stepped foot inside the city Shun Long quickly noticed, that although this Murong city couldn ’t compare to a behemoth like the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ in terms of size, it was actually much larger than the Holy city itself!

Of course, the moment that he stepped foot into the city, Shun Long attracted quite a bit of attention too, as the cultivators around him all turned their attention towards Little Silver after sensing its aura.

No matter what, within Murong city, peak rank 6 magic beasts were still extremely rare and belonged only to a few Dao Emperors.

At the same time, since Shun Long had completely concealed his aura using his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, it was impossible even for Dao Kings around him to see through his real cultivation base, which made them all come to the conclusion that this black-robed person in front of them was a powerful Dao Emperor.

To most people, Dao Emperors were exalted figures that could summon the wind and rain wherever they went in the central region, and even powerful forces like the Murong family would look to rope those experts in if they could.

After walking around the busy streets of Murong city for a while, Shun Long soon arrived in front of a massive building that looked like it was made from pure white jade, while the words ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ were carved above its entrance.

Seeing the hundreds of cultivators that were coming and going from the building ’s entrance at all times, Shun Long took a step forward, as he entered the building with Little Silver following by his side a moment later.

Naturally, magic beasts weren ’t prohibited from entering as long as they didn ’t go wild and harm others.

Just like the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ back in the Holy city, the moment that he entered inside, Shun Long noticed that the items on the first floor were meant for Qi condensation and earth-grade cultivators.

Shun Long barely threw a look at the items on the first and the second floor, before he headed directly for the third floor.

Seeing that most of the rank 6 medicinal herbs on the third floor were ones that he had already purchased from the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ in the Northern Sovereign ’s city a few days ago, Shun Long shook his head and turned his gaze towards the stairs that led to the fourth floor.

2 guards that were clad in golden armor were blocking the entrance of the fourth floor, preventing anyone who wasn ’t strong enough from entering the fourth floor.

With just a glance, Shun Long could sense that those guards were both rank 9 Dao Kings, and it was obvious that they could easily defeat other experts at the same level as them.

As soon as someone would try to get close to the staircase that led to the fourth floor, the guards ’ auras would explode outwards, preventing anyone from getting any closer.

And yet, Shun Long ’s lips simply curved up, as he walked towards the stairs of the fourth floor a moment later.

The 2 guards narrowed their eyes simultaneously when they sensed someone approaching them, before their cultivation burst outwards without any hesitation.

At the same time however, Shun Long didn ’t even move as Little Silver ’s aura at the peak of rank 6 exploded as well, suppressing the 2 guards ’ auras in practically an instant!

The guards ’ powerful auras were powerless in front of Little Silver, who let out a powerful roar that shook the entire third floor soon after.

This sudden change ended up stunning every single person on the third floor, including the 2 guards themselves.

Although the 2 guards were strong, they hadn ’t expected that they would have to face a peak rank 6 magic beast today.

Despite their cultivation bases, the 2 guards knew that their chances of winning against a peak rank 6 beast by themselves were practically nonexistent.

Additionally, the person who owned a peak rank 6 magic beast had to be a Dao Emperor!

After a brief moment of hesitation, the guards retracted their auras and cupped their hands at Shun Long, as they allowed him to enter the fourth floor.

After all, their job wasn ’t to fight to the death, but simply to prevent anyone who wasn ’t strong enough from entering the fourth floor.

These were the rules of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’.

Shun Long nodded his head at the 2 guards, as he walked towards the fourth floor with Little Silver next to him.

However, the moment that he stepped foot on the fourth floor, Shun Long was stunned when he noticed how different this floor was compared to the previous three.

The fourth floor didn ’t have even a single counter in sight.

Instead, it was filled with a number of private rooms that were all guarded by golden-armored guards, similar to the guards in front of the staircase of the fourth floor!

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