Sitting on Little Silver ’s back Shun Long flew out of the cave as he headed deeper inside the ’Elderwood mountain ’, flying towards the mountain ’s peak.

Now that he had obtained Huo Wuyi ’s treasures, he was first planning to take a look around this place before he went to Murong city to sell the iron halberd and the 3 golden scrolls.

At the same time, after obtaining Huo Wuyi ’s treasures,  Shun Long was now certain that Huo Wuyi himself had been a star-rank formation master, and most likely a pretty talented one at that, since he had managed to leave behind a total of 3 peak 1-star weapons and 2 pieces of armor.

For a normal 1-star formation master to produce 5 peak 1-star creations was already hard enough, but after thinking about it for a moment, Shun Long realized that these weren ’t the only things that Huo Wuyi had left behind.

Back in the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, there had also been hundreds of rank 3 gold-grade weapons and even a few dozens of peak rank 3 gold-grade ones that the people from the Shengtian dynasty and the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ had fought over.

Additionally, after creating the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ Huo Wuyi had gone to Murong city to fight Murong Tian to the death.
Shun Long didn ’t believe that Huo Wuyi wouldn ’t have kept a piece of peak 1-star armor along with a peak 1-star weapon with him and would have chosen to fight his enemy bare-handed.

’ ’No wonder he had no spirit stones left in his spatial ring.
Huo Wuyi probably exchanged them all for materials to forge these weapons.
If he wanted to convert everything into high-grade spirit stones in the future, just those 2 pieces of armor could easily bring him half a million high-grade spirit stones if not even more. ’ ’ Shun Long mumbled to himself as he realized why there were no spirit stones left inside Huo Wuyi ’s spatial ring. 

After all, every creation of a formation master required rare materials that were extremely expensive.
It was the same with how alchemists had to purchase rare medicinal herbs to concoct pills.

Even as a talented formation master, Huo Wuyi could only make so many peak 1-star weapons in a short amount of time, before he went to fight Murong Tian.

As he traversed through the ’Elderwood mountain ’ and slowly flew towards the peak of the mountain, Shun Long met quite a few early and middle rank 6 magic beasts on the way.

Although some of those magic beasts were slightly wary of the black panther ’s aura, they weren ’t really afraid of another peak rank 6 magic beast even if that enemy was slightly stronger than them, and since Little Silver had intruded their territory those beasts would naturally go all-out to kill it.

Thus, with neither Little Silver nor those magic beasts cowering back, the base of the ’Elderwood mountain ’ was soon filled with cries and roars of countless magic beasts.

Half an hour later, just as Shun Long had reached the halfway point, the entire ’Elderwood mountain ’ suddenly started to tremble and rumble violently, before a furious roar came from the mountain ’s peak.


Little Silver ’s figure immediately halted when it heard this roar, while its large silver wings started to tremble uncontrollably.

At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black ’s bright azure eyes snapped open, before Little Black spread out his soul sense and completely enveloped Shun Long ’s body without holding back, as the black dragon said

’ ’Master, be careful! There is a middle rank 8 magic beast in this place! ’ ’

At the same time that Little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s mind, Shun Long suddenly caught a glimpse of a yellow-robed figure that descended from the peak of the mountain at a terrifying speed, heading straight towards the foot of the mountain like a meteor.


The ’Elderwood mountain ’ trembled for the second time the moment that yellow-robed figure landed, as a huge crater opened on the ground. 

Shun Long barely had enough time to take a look at the huge crater at the foot of the mountain, when a moment later, he spotted more than a dozen figures flying towards his direction, as they all descended the mountain in a hurry.

Those figures all had terrified looks on their faces, looking like they were fleeing for their lives, but the most surprising thing was, that the aura of each and every one of those figures had already exceeded the Dao King realm.

Seeing more than a dozen Dao Emperors fleeing with looks of terror on their faces, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate as he told Little Silver to escape as well.

Although there were plenty of peak rank 6 beasts that were more than a match for Little Silver in a fight, in terms of pure speed, Little Silver stood at the peak among other peak rank 6 magic beasts.

In fact, even early-stage Dao Emperors who didn ’t specialize in Daos like the Dao of Wind or the Dao of Lightning wouldn ’t necessarily be faster than Little Silver!

In just a few moments, Shun Long had already returned to the foot of the mountain before the figures of the Dao Emperors from behind him started to catch up!

’ ’Damn it! That idiot from the Cai clan really deserves to die! Doesn ’t he know that it ’s forbidden to invade the territory of that monster? ’ ’

’ ’Shut up and keep flying, or you will end up like him soon enough! As long as we leave the territory of the mountain we will be safe! ’ ’

The fleeing Dao Emperors finally caught up with Shun Long as they left the area of the ’Elderwood mountain ’, returning back to the entrance of the mountain where the groups of Nascent Soul cultivators and those Dao Kings were still waiting.

Clearly, everyone had heard the roar that came from the mountain ’s peak, as even Murong Feng and Murong Qiang had showed up and were now waiting at the foot of the mountain with grave looks on their faces.

Seeing that the group of Dao Emperors had finally stopped, Murong Feng took a step forward and stared at them seriously, before he asked in a solemn voice

’ ’Wang Feng, Wei Wuying, what happened? One of you really dared to invade the territory of the mountain lord? ’ ’

A purple-robed middle-aged man from the group of Dao Emperors looked at the red-robed Murong Feng and gritted his teeth before he said in a furious voice

’ ’It ’s that idiot from the Cai clan! He knew that he didn ’t have a chance to win the auction for the earth flame but he didn ’t want to give up, so he went too deep and ended up waking that monster! ’ ’

The look in Murong Feng ’s eyes was extremely solemn when they heard this.

Although the Murong family claimed themselves to be the rulers of this ’Elderwood mountain ’, in reality, they knew that even the old ancestor of their family wasn ’t a match for the monster that lived at the peak of the ’Elderwood mountain ’.

’ ’There is nothing else to do here.
Even if there are more treasures hidden in this place, now that that monster is awake, there is no point in us staying here any longer.
The moment we step foot on the mountain again, all of us will die! ’ ’

’ ’Sigh…
Let ’s return back to Murong city. ’ ’

Nodding their heads, the surrounding Dao Emperors didn ’t say anything else as they cupped their hands at Murong Feng before they flew towards the direction of Murong city.

Murong Feng stayed silent for a few moments before he looked at Murong Qiang by his side and said

’ ’Let us go as well.
We have to report this to the patriarch. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Murong Qiang nodded his head with a grave look on his face, and without even taking a look at the surrounding Dao Kings and the Nascent Soul stage cultivators around the ’Elderwood mountain ’, the 2 red-robed Dao Emperors of the Murong family flew towards Murong city at full speed.

At the same time, sitting on Little Silver ’s back, a deep look flashed inside Shun Long ’s eyes as he stared at the group of Dao Emperors that flew towards Murong city, before he turned his attention towards the ’Elderwood mountain ’ behind him and mumbled to himself

’ ’So that ’s why there were so many Dao Emperors gathered in this place…. ’ ’

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