’ ’Treasures? 100 high-grade spirit stones? ’ ’ Shun Long was taken aback when he heard this, as he stared at the 2 red-robed old men from the Murong family in front of him without speaking.

Indeed, the reason why he came to the ’Elderwood mountain ’ was to find the treasures that Huo Wuyi had hidden in this place, but how could people from the Murong family possibly know about it?

’ ’No, this Murong Feng is definitely not talking about Huo Wuyi ’s treasures.
No matter what, Huo Wuyi was simply a Dao Emperor, and he was definitely far inferior to a peak rank 9 Dao Emperor like the Grand Elder of the Holy sect. 

Even if he has hidden his treasures here, and even if the Murong family somehow found out about this, it still shouldn ’t be enough to warrant so much attention from them.

Besides, why would other Dao Emperors come to search for Huo Wuyi ’s treasures in the first place? There is definitely something else going on! ’ ’

At the same time that Shun Long came to this conclusion, the tall, white-haired old man from the Murong family, Murong Feng nodded his head and said seriously

’ ’Indeed, a little more than a month ago, a rogue cultivator who was wandering around the ’Elderwood mountain ’ happened to chance upon a treasure near the peak of the mountain.
However, since this treasure wasn ’t of much use to him, that person decided to sell it to the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ instead of keeping it for himself.

This is why after the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ announced that they were going to auction the treasure, many fellow daoists who came to our Murong city to participate in the auction decided to try their luck at the ’Elderwood mountain ’ as well.
However, since the ’Elderwood mountain ’ is part of the territory that belongs to our Murong family, every person who wants to come here will naturally have to pay 100 high-grade spirit stones.
These are the rules of our Murong family. ’ ’

A look of realization flashed past Shun Long ’s eyes as he stared at Murong Feng and immediately understood what was going on.

No wonder why those groups of cultivators didn ’t dare to step foot on the ’Elderwood mountain ’ even though they were so close to it.

The Murong family had already claimed ownership of this place and everyone who wanted to step foot on the mountain had to pay them 100 high-grade spirit stones.

Even though 100 high-grade spirit stones were nothing to Dao Kings who belonged to the first-rate forces of the northern part of the central region like the Holy sect or the Murong family, but to an average peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivator or a newly advanced Dao King who didn ’t have the support of a large power, it was a large amount of spirit stones that many of them couldn ’t even take out in the first place.

At the same time, although Shun Long was somewhat curious to find out what type of treasure could entice even Dao Emperors to the point where they would personally come all the way here, he didn ’t ask Murong Feng for more information, and after handing him 100 high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long patted Little Silver ’s back as he flew towards the ’Elderwood mountain ’.

No matter what, the most pressing matter right now was to find Huo Wuyi ’s treasures.

At that moment, the bald, crimson-robed old man from the Murong family, Murong Qiang stared at Little Silver ’s disappearing figure that was flying even deeper inside the ’Elderwood mountain ’, before he turned his attention towards Murong Feng who was standing next to him and asked curiously

’ ’Brother, it ’s rare to see you talk that much to a stranger.
Were you interested in that mutated ’Silver-winged panther king ’ as well? Although it was just a peak rank 6 magic beast, mutated magic beasts are extremely rare in the first place.
Hehe, as long as the 2 of us worked together, we could have easily taken care of that guy and take the panther away! ’ ’

Murong Feng ’s eyes had a deep look inside them as he stared at Shun Long ’s disappearing figure for a few more moments, before he turned his attention to Murong Qiang and said in a calm tone

’ ’Easily taken care of him? Why would I take such a risk for a measly peak rank 6 magic beast? Perhaps a mutated rank 7 magic beast would be worth the trouble…
but a peak rank 6 ’Silver-winged panther king ’? ’ ’

Murong Qiang was surprised when he heard his elder brother ’s answer as he immediately fell silent.
The red-robed, bald old man knew, that for Murong Feng to be so cautious, it must have meant that the black-robed person who was sitting on the panther ’s back had to be strong enough to make him feel wary in his heart!

After staying silent for a few more moments, Murong Qiang looked at Murong Feng and asked in a solemn tone

’ ’Brother was that person really that strong? You are already an early rank 6 Dao Emperor! Don ’t tell me that that person was strong enough to pose a threat to you! ’ ’

Shaking his head, Murong Feng answered coldly

’ ’At the very least, he should be at the cusp of becoming a late-stage Dao Emperor if he isn ’t one already.
Only late-stage Dao Emperors should be able to completely conceal their auras in front of me, to the point that I can ’t sense any of it.

Although he may not be able to necessarily defeat me, I don ’t have any confidence to kill someone that we know nothing about either. 

Additionally, we don ’t know that person ’s background or which power he belongs to.
If he doesn ’t come from any first-rate force within the central region then it ’s true that our Murong family could easily kill him, but if he belongs to another powerful force then things would become tricky. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Murong Qiang didn ’t ask anything else and stopped thinking about Little Silver.
Although mutated magic beasts held some allure to a peak rank 3 gold grade beast tamer like him, risking his life for a peak rank 6 magic beast simply wasn ’t worth it.

Of course, if it was a mutated rank 7 magic beast, then that would be an entirely different matter.

At the same time, at the foot of the ’Elderwood mountain ’, Shun Long sat on Little Silver ’s back and closed his eyes, before a small wooden chest appeared in his hands.

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