Although Little Silver ’s speed was at the peak among rank 6 magic beasts, even after flying for more than a day without stop, Shun Long knew that according to the map in his hands, he had only covered less than a hundredth of the distance that he needed to cross to reach Murong city.

If things continued like this, it would take at least 3 months for Little Silver to reach the outskirts of Murong city itself.

Even though both cities were situated within the northern part of the central region, the massive distance that separated Murong city from the Northern Sovereign ’s city only served to show the vastness of the central region compared to ’tiny continents ’ like the Night star continent.

This was why the Grand Elder would choose to pay the enormous cost of activating the teleportation formation and teleport everyone right outside the Northern Sovereign ’s city, than travel all the way from the Holy sect to the King ’s Palace on the back of an early rank 7 magic beast.

’ ’We should be far enough from the city by now. ’ ’ Shun Long said calmly before he placed his hand on Little Silver ’s back and patted it gently.

After spreading his soul sense to the limit and making sure that there were no other cultivators around him, Shun Long then had Little Silver return back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ before he removed his outer court disciple robes and replaced them with a set of plain black robes.

After putting on the black robes and making sure that they had completely covered his facial features, Shun Long took a deep breath before he said

’ ’Little Black, let ’s go! ’ ’

As soon as Shun Long ’s words left his mouth, Little Black ’s enormous figure emerged from the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, appearing right in front of him. 

’ ’Haha, master, it has been a long time since the last time that I came out! ’ ’ Little Black said excitedly as he stretched out his pitch-black wings that seemed like they could blot out the sky!

Although a couple of years were nothing to a dragon who could easily sleep for more than a thousand years in one go, after absorbing the dragonstone and breaking through to the middle of rank 7, Little Black hadn ’t really had a chance to truly test how much of his strength had recovered.

Nodding his head, Shun Long smiled as he sat on Little Black ’s back and patted the black dragon ’s head gently.

Little Black ’s bright blue eyes glowed brightly as he stretched out his enormous black wings and flapped them once, before his massive body disappeared on the spot.

Little Black ’s speed was simply incomparable to Little Silver ’s, as the black dragon ’s massive body tore through the skies, heading towards the direction of Murong city at a terrifying speed.

Under normal circumstances, Shun Long wouldn ’t have summoned Little Black while traveling through the central region since it was simply too dangerous.

After all, the central region wasn ’t the Night star continent, and there were even existences hidden in this place that were even stronger than the Northern Sovereign and were just a step away from ascending and becoming true immortals.

Naturally, if those figures happened to see a living black dragon, Little Black ’s chances of escape would be virtually zero.

It was likely that the entire central region would go on a frenzy if a living dragon really appeared.

However, things were now different.

After obtaining the map from Quan Lin, Shun Long understood that the total number of Sovereign realm experts in the northern part of the central region didn ’t exceed 200!

As long as he was careful and avoided the territory of the Sovereign realm experts, the chances of encountering a Sovereign realm expert while traveling were practically nonexistent! 

Of course, there existed certain Sovereign realm experts like the sect master of the Holy sect, who didn ’t stay within their respective territories and instead chose to roam around the central region, but the chances of meeting such an expert while traveling were simply too low!

Besides, even if Shun Long really met a Sovereign realm expert, he was confident in his ability to at least keep his life.

10 days quickly passed as Shun Long traveled through the northern part of the central region on Little Black ’s back.

In these last 10 days, Shun Long had decided to avoid every single city that was marked on the map that he had gotten from commander Quan.

This didn ’t just involve the largest cities on the map that were ruled by powerful forces that were equal to, or even stronger than the Holy sect, but even the small cities as well.

During these last 10 days, since they had avoided every single city marked on the map, Shun Long and Little Black hadn ’t met a single Dao Emperor realm expert either.
Aside from a few late-stage Dao Kings who were traveling by themselves and a few groups of cultivators that were led by early and middle-stage Dao Kings, no one else could even notice Little Black due to his terrifying speed even if he flew right next to them.

At most, even peak Nascent Soul stage cultivators would only be able to only see a blur passing by, before it disappeared on the horizon.

The only ones who would be able to vaguely make out a silhouette would be those who had stepped into the Dao King realm, and they would only be able to do so if they managed to spread out their soul sense in time.

But how could those Dao Kings possibly escape from Little Black ’s soul sense in the first place?

Forget about late-stage Dao Kings, even a late-stage Dao Emperor realm expert wouldn ’t be able to avoid Little Black ’s soul sense in such a scenario.

Unless it was an expert even stronger than the Grand Elder of the Holy sect, it would be practically impossible for anyone to do so.

As for those groups of Dao Kings, they didn ’t even have a chance to notice the black dragon ’s existence as Little Black easily avoided them.

Half a day later, Little Black ’s figure finally came to a halt, as the outline of an enormous city finally appeared in the distance.

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