’ ’Brother Shun, don ’t worry.
I ’m sure that the Northern Sovereign won ’t make things difficult for us if we tell her that you have entered seclusion. ’ ’ Bai Longtian said smilingly as he looked at Shun Long.

Indeed, waiting for a few months was nothing to an expert like the Northern Sovereign who had most likely lived for hundreds of thousands of years already.

’ ’Long-ge, be careful. ’ ’ Liu Mei said seriously as she took a step forward and hugged Shun Long gently.

Unlike Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, Liu Mei was the only one who had an idea of what Shun Long was planning to do in Murong city and how dangerous it was going to be.

From the memory jade that they had taken from the depths of the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ back in the Night star continent, Shun Long and Liu Mei had already learned that the Murong family was, at the very least, an existence at the same level as the Holy sect, if not even stronger.

After obtaining a map from Quan Lin, Shun Long found out that there were actually 2 Sovereign realm experts behind the Murong family.

Even if the person that Huo Wuyi wanted to kill wasn ’t a Sovereign realm expert, he was definitely a Dao Emperor and an important member of the Murong family.

Thus, if Shun Long really chose to kill Murong Tian to fulfill Huo Wuyi ’s wish, even if he somehow managed to succeed in killing him, he would still have to face the wrath of the entire Murong family soon after.

By then, even escaping from Murong city would become a nearly impossible task.

Nodding his head, Shun Long pulled Liu Mei into a hug and said confidently

’ ’Mei ’er, don ’t worry.
If I hadn ’t broken through to the Dao King realm this would have indeed been somewhat dangerous, but now, things are completely different.
As long as I am prepared, even the Sovereign realm experts from the Murong family shouldn ’t be able to kill me so easily. ’ ’

Liu Mei and the others were all stunned when they heard Shun Long ’s words.

They all knew that after breaking through to the Dao King realm, a cultivator would truly become stronger by many times, but they couldn ’t understand how Shun Long could be confident enough to claim, that even Sovereign realm experts would be unable to kill him as long as he was prepared for it.

However, Xingyi and the others didn ’t ask anything else about this matter either.
As long as Shun Long was confident in staying alive, that was more than enough.

After bidding Xingyi and the others farewell, Shun Long raised his right hand and slashed the air in front of him, opening a large space tear, before he entered inside it and disappeared from the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard.

The distance between the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard and the entrance of the Northern Sovereign ’s estate was barely 40.000 meters, but after opening a space tear, Shun Long could easily traverse 100.000 meters in the blink of an eye.

A few moments later, Shun Long appeared in the middle of the busy streets in the Northern Sovereign ’s city, attracting the attention of some of the nearby cultivators who saw him jump out of a space tear.

After walking around the city for a while, Shun Long then headed straight towards the city gates.

Although Shun Long believed that the Northern Sovereign wouldn ’t possibly care about the treasures that a Dao Emperor like Huo Wuyi had hidden outside of Murong city, he still decided to leave the city without telling her, to avoid complicating the relationship between them.

After all, even though the Northern Sovereign may not have cared about the treasures of a random Dao Emperor, and she would have probably chosen to send a Dao Emperor like commander Quan to protect Shun Long and make sure that he was safe while he was outside of the city, Shun Long knew that the Northern Sovereign wouldn ’t possibly help him kill Murong Tian and offend the Murong family.

At most, she would simply help him get his hands on the treasures that Huo Wiyi had hidden outside Murong city.

Although the Murong family was just a first-rate force within the northern part of the central region and was nothing in front of the Northern Sovereign, it was unlikely that the Northern Sovereign would order one of her commanders to kill Murong Tian, just to help Shun Long fulfill Huo Wuyi ’s revenge.

And even if the Northern Sovereign didn ’t care for the Murong family and decided to kill Murong Tian, Shun Long knew that he would then owe her a huge favor that he would have to repay in the future.

Thus, it was better to move around by himself.

Besides, although the risk would be greater that way, Shun Long wouldn ’t feel restricted and would be able to move freely.

After he stepped past the city gates, Shun Long walked towards a small forest a few miles away from the Northern Sovereign ’s city before he summoned Little Silver who was still lying around inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’.

The silver-winged black panther that hadn ’t left the ’Stone of Time ’ for so long finally let out a roar of excitement, before its aura at the peak of rank 6 exploded outwards.

Sensing Little Silver ’s excitement, Shun Long patted the black panther ’s head gently and said with a smile

’ ’After we enter the City of Immortals, you can finally let loose. ’ ’

Naturally, Shun Long wasn ’t planning to keep Little Silver hidden after entering the City of Immortals.

With a ’mutated ’ peak rank 6 magic beast that could easily rival most peak Dao Kings…
Shun Long understood that by then, only those extremely powerful peak Dao Kings who had comprehended a unique Dao or other peak rank 6 magic beasts would be able to pose a threat to Little Silver. 

As for most average peak rank 9 Dao Kings, if they hadn ’t formed a group, their only choice would be to flee when they faced a peak rank 6 magic beast.

After taking out the map that Quan Lin had given to him and taking one last look at it, Shun Long ’s gaze landed on Murong city once again, before he sat comfortably on Little Silver ’s back.


Little Silver let out another roar as it spread its bright silver wings without any hesitation, before its body turned into a bolt of silver lightning as it flew out of the forest, heading straight towards the direction of Murong city!

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