Staring at the 3 purple-robed men in front of Quan Lin, the white-robed old man then continued

’ ’I hope that the 3 of you will give this old man some face as well and stop fighting with commander Quan while you are inside my ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.
You should remember that although our pavilion is a peaceful establishment, we won ’t allow anyone to break our rules. ’ ’

Although the old man ’s voice was calm and friendly, the terrifying aura that was coming from his body had made the powerful experts around him unable to breathe properly, as everyone stared at him with horrified eyes.

This was the aura of an expert who had stepped into the Sovereign realm countless years ago, and it clearly wasn ’t something that Quan Lin and the 3 purple-robed men from the Qian family could withstand.

The cultivators on the fifth floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ was now staring at Quan Lin and the 3 purple-robed men in front of him as they waited for their response.

Now that this white-robed old man had appeared and had told them to stop fighting, even those 4 peak Dao Emperors couldn ’t refuse to give him face.

Although peak Dao Emperors were elite warriors even in the Northern Sovereign ’s city, in front of a Sovereign realm expert, even Dao Emperors could only bow their heads and obey.

Indeed, the first person to speak was one of the 3 purple-robed men from the Qian family, who cupped his hands at the white-robed old man and said seriously

’ ’Since vice pavilion master Wu has spoken, how can juniors like us keep embarrassing ourselves in front of you? We hope that senior can forgive us. ’ ’

The white-robed old man nodded his head and didn ’t pursue this matter any further, as he turned to look at Quan Lin next to him.

Since the purple-robed man from the Qian family had already taken a step back, if Quan Lin didn ’t take a step back too, he would only end up offending the white-robed old man.

Taking a deep breath, Quan Lin cupped his hands at the old man from the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ and said calmly

’ ’I hope that senior can forgive me. ’ ’

Waving his hand, the white-robed old man smiled and said 

’ ’Hahaha, let ’s forget about today ’s matter then.
My ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ still has a good relationship with your ’Sovereign ’s estate ’ as well as the Qian family, so I would rather we keep it that way. ’ ’

After taking a look at the rest of the experts who were gathered around him, the white-robed old man smiled before he walked towards a private room at the depths of the fifth floor.

’ ’Hmph! ’ ’ The 3 purple-robed men from the Qian family looked at Quan Lin with murderous looks in their eyes for a few more moments, but in the end, they simply turned around and left the fifth floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Although their Qian family was a first-rate force in the Northern Sovereign ’s city, even a family like theirs didn ’t want to offend a superpower like the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ for no reason.
Since the vice pavilion master of the pavilion had already showed himself, the 3 of them could only bow their heads.

Quan Lin had a look of unconcealed killing intent in his eyes as he stared at the backs of the 3 purple-robed Dao Emperors of the Qian family, before his gaze suddenly landed on Shun Long and his group who were calmly standing near the entrance of the fifth floor.

After calming down his agitated emotions, commander Quan reigned in his killing intent and appeared next to Shun Long and the others a moment later, as he then asked

’ ’Young lords, young ladies, have you finished your business? ’ ’

Shun Long took one last look at the items on the counters of the fifth floor around him, before he looked at commander Quan and nodded his head as he answered

’ ’I was hoping to find some rare rank 7 or some rank 8 medicinal herbs on this floor, but it seems that the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ won ’t sell any of them. ’ ’

Indeed, after taking a look at the fifth floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’, Shun Long immediately realized that there wasn ’t a single medicinal herb for sale on this floor.
The only thing that one could purchase here, was the rank 8 pills that were for sale.

Naturally, rank 8 pills were only consumed by Sovereign realm experts or some extremely powerful peak Dao Emperors, and the difficulty of concocting even a single rank 8 pill was simply terrifying.

Only exalted 2-star alchemists could possibly concoct rank 8 pills, and the chances of failing during the pill concoction were relatively high as well.

Commander Quan looked at Shun Long and answered calmly

’ ’Young master, even in our Nothern Sovereign ’s city, it is nearly impossible to find any rank 8 medicinal herbs for sale.
Rank 8 medicinal herbs are extremely rare in the first place, so powers like the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ and even the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, won ’t sell any of them to outsiders.

Forget about rank 8 medicinal herbs, those powers won ’t even sell rare rank 7 medicinal herbs and they will rather keep them for themselves.

If the young master really wants to find rank 8 medicinal herbs within the city, your only chance would be to take a look at the yearly auctions of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’.

Although these auctions are hosted by the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, the items in these auctions don ’t actually belong to them.

Sometimes, there will even be some rank 8 medicinal herbs among those items, and even Sovereign realm experts will end up bidding for them. ’ ’

Looks of realization flashed through Xingyi ’s and the others ’ eyes.

Indeed, even if the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ sold some rare rank 7 medicinal herbs, it was only natural that they would want to keep the best things for their own alchemists.
Besides, even if they sold rank 8 medicinal herbs, how many 2-star alchemists existed in the Northern Sovereign ’s city in the first place?

Since there was nothing else to do in the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’, Shun Long and the others decided to return back to the Northern Sovereign ’s estate.

On the way back, Quan Lin effortlessly took care of the 2 groups of Dao Kings that were previously eyeing Shun Long and his group and were waiting in ambush outside the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Those Dao Kings didn ’t even have a chance to cry out and beg for mercy before their souls were mercilessly crushed by commander Quan ’s attacks.

Naturally, just like Little Black, Quan Lin himself had also noticed those Dao Kings while Shun Long was still emptying the third floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ of its medicinal herbs.

Since he had business on the fifth floor, Quan Lin had simply decided to take care of those Dao Kings together once he left the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

As soon as they arrived back in the Northern Sovereign ’s estate, commander Quan told Shun Long and the others that they should look for him if they wanted to go anywhere else, before he bade Shun Long ’s group farewell.

The moment that commander Quan left, within the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard, Shun Long ’s easy-going smile disappeared from his face as he turned to look at Jiang Chen and the others and said in a solemn manner

’ ’Don ’t let anyone enter the courtyard for the next 2 months..
If the Northern Sovereign comes looking for me, tell her that I have entered seclusion and that I won ’t be able to see her until I come out. ’ ’

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