Lord Wei simply shook his head and smiled but he didn ’t stop Shun Long and the others from leaving.

In his eyes, Shun Long was simply unwilling to part with 10 million middle-grade spirit stones that he had just obtained.

However, once he realized that the threat was real, it was very likely that he would return back to Lord Wei ’s room and would ask him for help.

What Lord Wei didn ’t know, was that Shun Long already knew about those Dao Kings who were eyeing them, before even Lord Wei himself had noticed them.

After all, how could a bunch of Dao Kings possibly escape Little Black ’s senses who was on constant alert from the moment they had entered the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’?

Besides, Shun Long didn ’t believe that Quan Lin had simply gone to the fifth floor to meet the vice pavilion master while completely ignoring Shun Long and his group.

For a peak Dao Emperor like him, covering the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ with his soul sense was an extremely easy task.

After they left Lord Wei ’s room, Shun Long walked directly towards the stairs of the fourth floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Unlike the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ back in the Holy city, or the second floor of the Golden Treasures Hall back in the Holy sect, there were no restrictions for anyone who wanted to enter the fourth and even the fifth floors of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Even Spirit realm and Nascent Soul stage cultivators could enter if they wanted to.

The only requirement to do business was the pavilion, was to have enough spirit stones to purchase the things you wanted.

The moment they stepped foot on the fourth floor, Shun Long and the others quickly noticed that this floor was actually much smaller compared to the third floor, but the number of peak Dao Kings were much higher compared to those on the third floor.

Almost everyone on this floor was a rank 9 Dao King or even a Dao Emperor realm expert, with just a handful early-stage Dao Kings like Shun Long ’s group who looked like they had come to take a look at the items on this floor purely out of curiosity.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up the moment he stepped foot on the fourth floor, taking a good look at the rank 7 medicinal herbs that were for sale around him.

The prices of the rank 7 medicinal herbs were many times higher than the rank 6 ones, since even the cheapest rank 7 medicinal herb was sold for 5 million middle-grade spirit stones, while more expensive ones easily exceeded the 50 million spirit stones mark.

But of course, this was only natural since rank 7 medicinal herbs could be used by star-rank alchemists to make star-rank pills.

However, Shun Long didn ’t choose to buy any of these herbs right away, and instead, he carefully looked around the fourth floor, almost as if he was searching for something specific.

Half an hour later, after taking a look at every single herb available on the fourth floor, Shun Long shook his head and said in a somewhat regretful tone

’ ’Even the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ doesn ’t have a rank 7 ’Golden light flower ’. ’ ’

Bai Longtian and the others shook their heads when they heard this, but they had already expected this.

They knew that Shun Long was searching for the ’Golden light flower ’ after coming to the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

The ’Golden light flower ’ was the main ingredient that Shun Long needed to refine a ’Heavenly purity pill ’ for Jiang Chen ’s father, but they had all heard from Shun Long how rare it was to find this flower.

Although spirit stones were no longer an issue for Shun Long right now since his wealth could easily rival that of a peak Dao Emperor, finding the flower was an entirely different matter altogether.

Of course, aside from medicinal herbs, the fourth floor had plenty of extremely rare rank 7 pills that the surrounding peak Dao Kings and the Dao Emperors were staring at greedily, but their exorbitant prices could easily drive a person to the brink of insanity.

Shun Long noticed that the most expensive pill on the fourth floor seemed to be a high-grade rank 7 pill that could unconditionally allow a Dao Emperor to increase their cultivation level by a single minor realm, but the price of that pill was 900.000 high-grade spirit stones.

Many Dao Emperors were staring at it like they were staring at a treasure, but nobody dared to try and forcefully steal from the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Additionally, just like the third floor, the most popular counters on the fourth floor weren ’t the counters of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’, but the counters of the independent alchemists.

Every single alchemist who dared to set up a counter on the fourth floor, was without a doubt, a star-rank alchemist, but compared to the hundreds of gold-grade alchemists on the third floor, the star-rank alchemists on the fourth floor were less than 10.

After all, star-rank alchemists would be sought after by practically every single power within the Northern Sovereign ’s city, including even the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ and the ’Northern Sovereign ’s estate ’.

Very few of them would choose to set up a counter on the fourth floor and refine pills for others.

After taking a good look at the fourth floor, Shun Long decided to purchase a handful of rank 7 medicinal herbs, spending 100.000 high-grade spirit stones in the process, before he finally turned his attention towards the stairs that led to the fifth floor.

Turning around to look at Xingyi and the others behind him, Shun Long smiled and said somewhat curiously

’ ’Let ’s have a look at the items on the fifth floor. ’ ’

Without any hesitation, Shun Long walked up the stairs that led to the fifth floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ with Jiang Chen and the others following behind him.

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