As soon as they arrived in front of the private room, the young woman who was leading Shun Long and the others halted her steps and knocked on the door twice, before she called out in a respectful voice

’ ’Lord Wei, this is Xiao An.
I brought a group of young masters who wish to sell some medicinal herbs. ’ ’

’ ’Very well.
They can come in. ’ ’ The calm voice of an old man was heard from behind the door a moment later, as the door of the private room started to open by itself soon after.

In reality, before someone wanted to sell some medicinal herbs, the employees of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ like the young woman who was named Xiao An, would first have a look at those herbs to make sure that it was worth their time. 

After all, if one wanted to sell rank 4 medicinal herbs, they would have to go to the supervisor of the first floor, while rank 5 medicinal herbs would be dealt with by the supervisor of the second floor.

Only rank 6 medicinal herbs or above would be handled by the supervisor of the third floor, ’Lord Wei ’ himself.

But of course, considering that Shun Long and his group had just spent an astronomical amount of spirit stones on the third floor, nearly emptying half the floor in the process, the young woman named Xiao An believed that if Shun Long and the others wished to sell some medicinal herbs, those herbs would be at least rank 6 medicinal herbs.

Xiao An looked at Shun Long and the others and bowed as she said

’ ’Young masters, Lord Wei is waiting inside. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long thanked her, before he led Xingyi and the others inside the private room.

The interior of the room was actually extremely spacious, but aside from a large alchemy cauldron that was covered in many mysterious runes and patterns and was placed in the center of the room and the old man who was sitting behind it, there was nothing else inside.

As soon as he entered the room, Shun Long ’s eyes only glanced at the black alchemy cauldron for a brief moment, before his gaze landed on the white-robed old man who was sitting behind it with an amiable smile on his face.

This old man had long white hair and a clean-shaven face, while his deep brown eyes were curiously examining Shun Long and the others without speaking.

Shun Long, Jiang Chen, and the others could all sense, that the aura coming from this person ’s body had clearly exceeded the Dao King realm long ago, and was definitely that of a powerful Dao Emperor!

Naturally, as the supervisor of the third floor, how could ’Lord Wei ’ not notice Shun Long and his group when they had just purchased a large number of the medicinal herbs available on his third floor?

Lord Wei could also see that Shun Long and the others were only a group early rank 1 Dao Kings, which made this even more surprising.

After all, as the supervisor of the third floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’, Lord Wei was already familiar with all the powerful or influential Dao Kings within the Northern Sovereign ’s city, and he was certain that none of the 5 people in front of him belonged to the powerful factions of the Northern Sovereign ’s city.

’ ’Hmm, there doesn ’t seem to be an expert who is protecting them in secret either…
How interesting! ’ ’ Lord Wei mused to himself with a smile, as he stood up from his seat and waved his hand, causing 5 meditative cushions to appear on the floor around him.

Staring at Shun Long and the others, he then said with that same amiable smile on his face

’ ’Please, have a seat.
My surname is Wei.
How should I address you? ’ ’

At the same time that Lord Wei spoke, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black ’s bright azure eyes narrowed for a moment, before the black dragon ’s playful voice resounded in Shun Long ’s mind

’ ’Heh, master, this old man is actually a peak rank 6 Dao Emperor, but his strength is actually even lower than that old hag ’s from the Refinement Hall of the Holy sect.
Even though he is trying to suppress it, I can clearly feel that the qi inside his dantian is extremely chaotic. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head without speaking after hearing Little Black ’s voice, while his eyes kept inspecting the old man in front of him seriously.

Naturally, Shun Long understood that the old hag that Little Black was referring to, was no one else other than Xingyi ’s master, Elder Mao Jing.

Shun Long ’s gaze briefly stopped on ’Lord Wei ’s ’ hands that were placed on the surface of the black alchemy cauldron in front of him, before Shun Long cupped his hands and said calmly

’ ’Senior can call me Shun Long.
I wish to sell some medicinal herbs, so I wonder if your ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ is interested in them. ’ ’

Lord Wei narrowed his eyes momentarily, before he answered in a calm tone soon after

’ ’Of course.
As long as the quality of your herbs is good enough my pavilion won ’t be stingy with you either.
Let me have a look at them first. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long threw one last look at Lord Wei, before he smiled and waved his hand, causing a small mountain of medicinal herbs to appear around him.


The eyes of the peak rank 6 Dao Emperor, Lord Wei widened in incredulity, as he stared at the mountain of medicinal herbs that had appeared in front of him.

Hundreds of rank 5 and rank 6 medicinal herbs were piled up together on top of each other, filling the entire private room in the blink of an eye.

After a moment of silence, the white-robed old man stared at Shun Long and narrowed his eyes dangerously before he asked in a serious tone

’ ’Kid, are you sure that you wish to sell everything? ’ ’

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