Even though commander Quan tried to hide it, it was clear to everyone that he was overly anxious about meeting the vice pavilion master on the 5th floor.

’ ’Brother, what do you want to do? ’ ’ Jiang Chen looked at Shun Long and asked curiously a moment later after taking a look at his surroundings.

Although they had all chosen to accompany Shun Long in this place, neither Jiang Chen, nor Liu Mei and the others were interested in buying any pills from the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Whether it was ’anti-toxin pills ’, ’Qi refinement pills ’, or any other kind of pills, their spatial rings had all been filled to the brim before they had even left the Holy sect.

’ ’Let ’s take a look around here first.
This is the largest pill shop in the entire city.
I don ’t believe that there won ’t be any rare medicinal herbs in this place. ’ ’ Shun Long said as he turned his gaze towards the stairs that led to the fourth floor for a single moment, before he led Liu Mei and the others around the third floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

Indeed, Shun Long noticed that whether it was in terms of quality or quantity, the pills and the medicinal herbs available on the third floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ were many times better than those in the medicinal shops inside the Holy city. 

Even the items on the second floor of the ’Golden Treasures Hall ’ back in the Holy sect couldn ’t compare to the items here.

’ ’Rank 6 medicinal herb, ’200-year-old, Thunder lotus petal ’, Price: 90.000 middle-grade spirit stones ’ ’


’ ’Rank 6 medicinal herb, ’Heart sealing grass ’, Price: 120.000 middle-grade spirit stones ’ ’


’ ’Rank 6 medicinal herb, ’Ghost crying flower ’, Price: 300.000 middle-grade spirit stones ’ ’


As he walked around the floor Shun Long only threw a glance at the rank 6 pills that were available for sale, as his eyes focused on the medicinal herbs instead.

The cheapest rank 6 medicinal herb was actually priced at 80.000 middle-grade spirit stones while the more expensive ones even exceeded the 500.000 middle-grade spirit stones mark.

Still, Shun Long didn ’t hesitate as he spent more than 30 million middle-grade spirit stones in one go, buying every single rank 6 medicinal herb that wasn ’t in his herb garden before.

This attracted the attention of many of the surrounding cultivators who happened to notice this scene as well.

After all, 30 million middle-grade spirit stones wasn ’t an amount that early-stage Dao Kings would have in their possession, let alone spend it like that.

’ ’Hehe, boss, should we make a move on them? They are just a bunch of early-stage Dao Kings without any protection.
Forget about a peak Dao King like you, even I can easily take care of those brats. ’ ’ A man in black robes asked greedily while his eyes stared at Shun Long ’s group of 5.

’ ’No protection? Hmph! I refuse to believe that a bunch of early-stage Dao Kings who can walk around the city and spend millions of middle-grade stones like that, don ’t have any protection.
I ’m certain that they either belong to an extremely powerful force or that there is a powerful expert protecting them in secret, otherwise they wouldn ’t dare be so brazen unless they are idiots. ’ ’

The black-robed man next to him answered coldly as his eyes focused on Shun Long ’s back like a viper that was staring at its prey.

Although this black-robed man was a peak rank 9 Dao King and he was indeed tempted to rob Shun Long and the others on the spot, even he didn ’t dare make a move on someone while they were still inside the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’, or the experts hidden inside the pavilion would surely take his life.

Additionally, the black-robed man didn ’t believe that there was no one protecting Shun Long ’s group.
The number of early-stage Dao Kings within the Northern Sovereign ’s city who could spend 30 million middle-grade spirit stones in one go was definitely less than a handful, even if one included the scions of the strongest families and clans.

However, the man next to the black-robed man didn ’t seem satisfied with his boss ’ answer and continued

’ ’Boss, what if they were just lucky and just chanced upon an expert ’s legacy? Are we really going to let them go? Those brats definitely have more spirit stones on them! ’ ’

After a moment of hesitation, the black-robed man gritted his teeth and continued in a determined tone

’ ’Fine! We will simply follow them for now and wait until they leave the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.
If there really is no expert protecting them, we will attack them the moment there is a chance! ’ ’

The black-robed man ’s body seemed to slowly turn transparent until it disappeared, while his voice entered the ears of his subordinate soon after.

At the same time, a pretty young woman behind one of the counters stared at Shun Long with her sparkling black eyes and said

’ ’Young master, do you need anything else? ’ ’

After taking a look around him and realizing that he had nearly emptied the entire third floor of medicinal herbs, Shun Long looked at the young woman in front of him and nodded his head before he asked

’ ’I heard that your ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ buys medicinal herbs as well, right? I have a few that I want to sell. ’ ’

The young woman was taken aback momentarily, but she still nodded her head soon after and answered with a bright smile

’ ’Of course.
The supervisor of the third floor, Lord Wei will personally inspect the medicinal herbs before our pavilion purchases them.
Please follow me. ’ ’

The young woman then led Shun Long and the others towards a large private room at the depths of the third floor.

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