’ ’Young lords, if you don ’t have anything else to do right now, let me lead the way to the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.
Coincidentally, I also have something to talk about with the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ vice pavilion master. ’ ’ Quan Lin continued a moment later as he stared at Shun Long and the others.

With his experience, how could Quan Lin not notice that the one who was leading the group in front of him was the spiky-haired young man with short black hair?

After a moment of thinking, Shun Long nodded his head towards Quan Lin and said

’ ’We will have to trouble commander Quan to lead the way then. ’ ’

Quan Lin had a friendly smile on his face as he waved his hand, indicating that he didn ’t mind, as he led Shun Long and the others outside of the Northern Sovereign ’s estate.

The truth was that Quan Lin himself was also curious about the group of newly advanced Dao Kings that could attract the Northern Sovereign ’s attention.

As the strongest of the 12 commanders in the Northern Sovereign ’s army, Quan Lin was someone who answered directly to the Northern Sovereign herself. 

Even the golden-armored old man, ’old Lin ’ wasn ’t qualified to order him to do anything, let alone ask him to guard a group of Dao Kings.
This by itself was enough to indicate how high Quan Lin ’s status within the Northern Sovereign ’s estate was.

For an expert like him to play the role of a bodyguard, it was indeed out of the ordinary, making Quan Lin extremely curious about the people that the Northern Sovereign had told him to protect.

’ ’Eh? Look! Is that commander Quan? Who are those people behind him? Could it be new soldiers? ’ ’

’ ’Wait! I saw those people earlier following general Lin.
Don ’t tell me that they are joining commander Quan ’s squad! ’ ’

Quan Lin leading the way for Shun Long and his group ended up attracting the attention of many of the surrounding soldiers, who soon started to whisper among themselves.

Since Shun Long ’s group didn ’t have any powerful expert guarding them, none of the soldiers within the Northern Sovereign ’s estate even entertained the thought that a group of early-stage Dao Kings could possibly be guests of the Northern Sovereign herself.

Even the thought that Shun Long and the others were going to join Quan Lin ’s squad, one of the most powerful squads in the Northern Sovereign ’s army, was already far-fetched in the soldiers ’ minds.

Unfortunately, neither Shun Long and the others, nor Quan Lin himself seemed interested in explaining anything to these soldiers.

As Quan Lin led Shun Long ’s group through the busy streets of the Northern Sovereign ’s city, Shun Long and the others noticed quite a number of powerful peak Dao Kings and even Dao Emperors who all seemed to be heading in the same direction as them.

While most of the Dao Kings were walking on foot like Shun Long, Bai Longtian and the rest, most Dao Emperors were sitting inside luxurious carriages that were led by powerful magic beasts.

Even the weakest of those magic beasts was a peak rank 6 beast, while there was no lack of even middle rank 7 magic beasts among them.

Quan Lin was the only Dao Emperor who seemed to be walking on foot, making him the odd one out, but as the surrounding cultivators noticed the silver armor he was wearing and the insignia on his chest, everyone subconsciously made way for him to pass.

Naturally, even if one put aside the fact that Quan Lin was a peak rank 9 Dao Emperor, an expert who was considered rare even in the Northern Sovereign ’s city, the fact that Quan Lin was a commander of the Northern Sovereign ’s army was enough to inspire awe and fear into the eyes of most cultivators.

After all, within the Northern Sovereign ’s city, nobody dared to offend a commander of the Northern Sovereign ’s army.

A little more than an hour later, Quan Lin ’s footsteps suddenly came to a halt, as he arrived in front of the entrance of a massive building that was shaped like a cauldron.

This building was more than 100 meters(330ft) tall and 150 meters(492ft) wide, with thousands of cultivators coming and going from its entrance at all times.

’ ’Young lords, young ladies, this is the biggest pill shop in the entire city, the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.
I have to admit that even our ’Sovereign ’s estate ’ and the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ are slightly inferior to the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ when it comes to concocting pills. 

However, the items on the first and second floors are still common ones.
If you want to buy rare pills or medicinal herbs, it ’s best for us to head straight for the third floor instead. ’ ’

As Shun Long ’s group stepped past the entrance of the pavilion and entered inside, Quan Lin explained calmly as he headed directly for the next floor, not paying even the slightest bit of attention to the items on the first floor.

With just a brief glance, Shun Long noticed that the pills on the first floor were all middle-grade or high-grade rank 4 pills, with a few top-grade rank 4 pills mixed in as well.
At the same time, the medicinal herbs sold here were all rank 4 herbs.

It seemed as if the first floor of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’ was made purely for Spirit realm cultivators to do business.

It was no wonder that Quan Lin would choose to skip this floor without even paying attention to the pills and medicinal herbs here. 

Rank 4 medicinal herbs would be useless even for Dao Kings, let alone a peak Dao Emperor like Quan Lin.

As soon as they stepped foot on the second floor, Liu Mei and the others realized that this place was filled with countless rank 5 pills and medicinal herbs.

The pills and medicinal herbs on this floor were actually even more numerous than those on the first floor.

Even pills that were extremely hard to find in the Holy sect like the ’Barrier-piercing pill ’, were sold in bulk here.

However, Quan Lin didn ’t pay any attention to the pills and medicinal herbs on the second floor either, as he headed straight for the third floor instead.

And yet, the moment that they stepped foot on the third floor, Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the others were all stunned when they noticed that something was different compared to the previous 2 floors of the ’Myriad pills pavilion ’.

The moment that Shun Long ’s eyes landed on this stunning scene in front of him, a creepy smile that oozed of greed subconsciously formed itself on his lips.

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