’Old Lin ’ had a knowing smile on his face as he looked at Shun Long, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, and said the words ’Hundred flowers pavilion ’.

In his eyes, every single young master who visited the Northern Sovereign ’s city, as long as they had enough spirit stones with them, would definitely visit the ’Hundred flowers pavilion ’ at least once.

Aside from the company of the beautiful women that those young masters could enjoy there, the ’Hundred flowers pavilion ’ was said to be the best restaurant in the entire city as well.

Additionally, the wine sold in that place, the ’Hundred flowers wine ’, was also the best wine in the entire city, while its recipe was only something that the owner of the pavilion had in her hands.

Sensing Liu Mei ’s and Xingyi ’s gazes landing on his back, ’old Lin ’ smiled and coughed dryly before he led their group deeper inside the estate.

An hour later, ’old Lin ’ finally stopped walking, as he brought Shun Long and the others in front of the gates of a massive courtyard.

’Old Lin ’ then turned around to look at Shun Long and the others and said in a confident manner

’ ’Young lords, young ladies, other than the city lord ’s own courtyard, this is the best courtyard in our Sovereign ’s estate, the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard.

To enter the courtyard you can just use my personal token.
All you have to do is simply inject some of your qi inside it, and the barriers around the courtyard will be lifted, allowing you to enter inside.
Of course, other than the young masters, no one else will be able to step foot inside the courtyard without your permission, including peak Dao Emperors and even Sovereign realm experts. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head after hearing ’old Lin ’s ’ words, before he sent some of his qi inside the pitch-black token that he had received from him earlier.

The token in his hands didn ’t seem to have any particular reaction after Shun Long injected his qi inside it, but the restrictions around the courtyard started to retreat a moment later.

Even without old Lin saying anything, Shun Long could clearly see that the protective formations around the courtyard were either peak 1-star or even 2-star protective formations.
Although they couldn ’t compare to the protective formations around the city walls or the ’Earth flame tower ’, they were enough to easily keep even a peak Dao Emperor like the Grand Elder of the Holy sect at bay.

Unless a 2-star formations master or an expert at the Northern Sovereign ’s level attacked it, it would be almost impossible for the protective formations around the courtyard to break in a short amount of time!

Turning around, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei and the others and said calmly

’ ’Since the Northern Sovereign has prepared this courtyard for us, let ’s have a look inside. ’ ’

Taking a step forward, Shun Long then pushed the courtyard ’s iron gates open, as he led Liu Mei and the rest inside.

As soon as their group stepped past the gates and entered the courtyard, a wave of extremely pure qi assaulted Shun Long and his group, momentarily stunning them all for a few seconds.

The qi inside the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard was so pure and dense, that even the courtyards of the inner court Elders ’ back in the Holy sect couldn ’t compare to it in the slightest.

’ ’This…
how can the qi in this place be so pure? ’ ’ Xingyi mumbled in a voice filled with disbelief as she stared at her surroundings with a stunned look.

Indeed, it wasn ’t just the qi in the air itself, but even the trees around Shun Long and the others, and even the blades of grass on the ground, that had clearly been imbued with the pure qi inside this courtyard.

Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, Xingyi, and even Liu Mei, all took a deep breath as they absorbed the qi around them.

’ ’A peak 2-star ’Qi gathering formation ’ that was most likely set up by a 3-star formation master and is constantly using high-grade spirit stones…
no wonder that old man said that this courtyard is the best after the Northern Sovereign ’s own courtyard. ’ ’

Shun Long said to himself as he stared at the nearly transparent runes that were engraved on the ground below him.

As an alchemist, Shun Long had a general idea of how rare 3-star alchemists and formation masters really were.

A 3-star formation master…
even if such a person was slightly inferior to the Northern Sovereign in terms of direct strength, their status would most likely not be inferior to the Northern Sovereign ’s in the slightest.

’ ’The cost of inviting that person to create this ’Qi gathering formation ’ and even use so many high-grade spirit stones…
the Northern Sovereign really didn ’t hold back. ’ ’

Of course, although the qi inside the Southern Dragon ’s courtyard was ideal for Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and Xingyi, who all needed pure qi to advance faster now that they were cultivating in ’immortal-grade cultivation techniques ’, Shun Long didn ’t hold it in high regard.

Even though the ’Qi gathering formation ’ in this place was created by a 3-star formation master according to what Shun Long could see, the qi in this place was still much inferior compared to the qi produced by the Heaven Swallowing vine when it absorbed high-grade spirit stones.

After taking a look around the courtyard for a while and seeing that there were more than 10 large rooms, Shun Long was about to turn around and head back to the entrance of the courtyard, when he suddenly sensed the black token in his hands tremble before an image appeared in his mind.

Outside the courtyard ’s gates, a silver-armored middle-aged man with short spiky hair seemed to be waiting next to ’Old Lin ’, as he stared at the courtyard in front of him with a curious gaze.

The silver-armored middle-aged man ’ looked at ’old Lin ’ next to him a moment later and asked in a bewildered tone

’ ’General, is there a reason why you summoned me here? ’ ’

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