At the same time, Shun Long also nodded his head calmly as he stared at the group of thousands of guards whose eyes seemed to be filled with fighting intent.

Indeed, sparring with the Northern Sovereign ’s guards was probably going to be a good thing for him, as well as Liu Mei and the others, who had all just stepped foot into the Dao King realm a few days ago.

Although in terms of talent most of the guards should be probably inferior to the strongest disciples of the Holy sect, as the Northern Sovereign ’s guards, their actual strength was definitely nothing to scoff at.
Normal Dao Kings wouldn ’t be able to take more than a few punches from them before they collapsed on the ground.

Besides, with so many guards in this place, Shun Long believed that there were going to be plenty of geniuses among them as well, some of whom would probably be even more talented than the strongest disciples of the Holy sect.

After all, the Northern Sovereign ’s city was the most powerful city in the entire northern part of the central region.

How could the Northern Sovereign herself possibly lack talented people?

Even the Holy sect that gathered only the strongest geniuses from around its territory was nothing in front of a behemoth like the Northern Sovereign city!

A few moments later, the golden-robed ’old Lin ’ led Shun Long and his group away from the training grounds, as they headed deeper inside the Northern Sovereign ’s estate.

After walking for a while, a massive red building that was more than 300 meters(984ft) tall and was covered in hundreds of protective formations appeared in Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s eyes, while the scent of medicinal herbs seemed to be continuously wafting out from the wide-open wooden gates of the building, as it entered Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s noses.

The golden-robed old man, ’old Lin ’ looked at Shun Long and the others and smiled, before he said in a proud tone

’ ’Young masters, young ladies, this is one of the most important buildings in our entire Sovereign ’s estate, the ’Earth flame tower ’!

This tower was personally built by the lord of the Tianxuan dynasty countless years ago, and the protective formations around it are said to be on par even with the formations on top of the city walls.

There are 5 earth flames sealed inside the ’Earth flame tower ’, which the alchemists and the formation masters inside our Sovereign ’s estate can use when they need to refine difficult pills, inscribe powerful formations, or refine star-rank weapons.

Naturally, if the young masters and young ladies wish to, you are also free to visit the ’Earth flame tower ’ at any time.
Normally, if someone wants to use the earth flames inside the tower, they will have to pay 50.000 middle-grade spirit stones, but since the young masters and the young ladies are guests of the city lord, you will be able to enter the tower free of charge. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he kept staring at the gigantic red building in front of him.
Of course, he wasn ’t surprised by how heavily the ’Earth flame tower ’ was guarded.
After all, with 5 earth flames sealed inside, the Northern Sovereign would have to be a fool to not protect the tower seriously.

At the same time, after breaking through to the Dao King realm, Shun Long could now identify with just a glance, that most of the formations around the tower seemed to be peak 1-star protective formations, while plenty among them had even reached the 2-star rank.
Additionally, a group of crimson-armored guards were also guarding the wooden gates of the tower, not allowing anyone to step any closer to the entrance without permission.

Every single one of those guards had an aura that was even stronger than the aura of peak Dao Kings, and had clearly reached the Dao Emperor realm already.

And yet, Shun Long was certain that this wasn ’t everything that the ’Earth flame tower ’ had to offer in terms of defense.

Even in the Holy sect, the Refinement Hall was personally protected by Xingyi ’s master, a peak rank 6 Dao Emperor, Elder Mao Jing.
It was very likely, that the defenses inside this tower would be even more terrifying than what was shown on the surface.

’ ’There should be at least a single peak Dao Emperor who is guarding this tower in secret.
Perhaps there could even be a Sovereign realm expert hidden inside, to make sure that nothing goes wrong.
Of course, it ’s unlikely that anyone will dare to cause trouble inside the Northern Sovereign ’s estate in the first place, but it wouldn ’t harm the Northern Sovereign to be careful. ’ ’ Shun Long thought inwardly as he stared at the 6 crimson-armored Dao Emperors who were standing guard in front of the gates.

The golden-robed old man, ’old Lin ’ smiled as he looked at Shun Long who seemed to be intrigued by the ’Earth flame tower ’, before he waved his hand, taking out a pitch-black token from his spatial ring and handed it to him, as he continued a moment later

’ ’Young master, this is my personal token.
As long as you show it to the guards here, you will be able to freely enter inside the tower whenever you want to.
It may also prove to be useful to you when you tour through the city. ’ ’

Shun Long thought seriously for a bit before he cupped his hands at the old man and accepted his token.

No matter what, since he was going to spend the next 6 months inside the Northern Sovereign ’s estate, aside from researching formations, he would also have to refine quite a few pills, so he would have to visit this ’Earth flame tower ’ quite a few times.

Naturally, ’old Lin ’s ’ token would end up coming in handy in such cases.

With a smile on his face, old Lin looked at Shun Long and the others and continued

’ ’Young masters, I will take you to meet commander Quan Lin.
After that, you can go and have a look around the city if you want..
If this is your first time in the Northern Sovereign ’s city, I am sure that you will find plenty of interesting things here.
Hehe, whether you want to have some fun with the ladies inside the ’Hundred flowers pavilion ’, visit the Dao Tower, or just tour through the shops and look for some things to buy, the city will definitely not disappoint you! ’ ’

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