The Northern Sovereign ’s sudden question took Liu Mei and the rest all by surprise.

The Northern Sovereign wanted to recruit Shun Long into the Tianxuan dynasty?

The silver-robed Northern Sovereign stared at Shun Long seriously, and without waiting for him to accept or reject her offer, she then continued

’ ’I will be blunt so listen carefully, because I will only explain this once.

After your Heavenly Tribulation, you are bound to attract the attention of countless people.
Once news start to spread, even those old monsters like ’old freak Gao ’ will start paying attention to you.

It would be one thing if you had actually died during your Heavenly Tribulation, but after surviving it, many of the strong powers in the central region will set their eyes on you, including those who stand at the very peak of the central region, like the 7 ancient clans, the Tianxuan dynasty, and the others.

Those powers will look at you favorably and will try to get you to join them since they will value your talent, but many of them will look at you hostilely as well.

After all, to some of those powers, you will most likely become a threat in the future if you keep on growing.

As far as I know, in the countless years of the central region ’s existence, there has never been a Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had to face crimson lightning during their Heavenly Tribulation.
Even those who faced a set of nine bolts of white lightning, including you, they actually number less than 10.

If you don ’t obtain a backer, it ’s likely that you will be killed by those powers before you get a chance to grow. 

Unfortunately, the Holy sect doesn ’t have the ability to protect you, which is why I am offering you to join my Northern Sovereign ’s city.

Of course, you don ’t have to answer right away.
You can think about it for a few days.
After all, there is at least half a year left until the opening of the City of Immortals. ’ ’

Shun Long simply nodded his head without saying anything, while solemn looks appeared on Bai Longtian ’s and the others ’ faces.

Indeed, after today, there was no way that Shun Long would be able to remain unnoticed, even if he wanted to.

The Northern Sovereign didn ’t bring the matter up again, as she kept flying towards the Northern Sovereign ’s city in the distance.

A few moments later, she had already crossed the distance, as Shun Long and the others had all arrived above the massive city gates.

More than a hundred thousand cultivators along with many luxurious carriages were gathered in front of the city gates waiting to enter the city, but the moment the Northern Sovereign appeared and everyone sensed her aura, the city guards instantly stopped what they were doing and dropped on one knee as they all shouted respectfully

’ ’City lord! ’ ’

The Northern Sovereign nodded her head coolly, as she took Shun Long and the rest and continued forward, entering inside the Northern Sovereign ’s city.

Seeing the Northern Sovereign fly past the city gates, the guards stationed at the city walls started to discuss among themselves in hushed voices

’ ’The city lord is back already? I thought that the King ’s Palace still had half a year left until it closed.
Why is the city lord back already? ’ ’

’ ’Could it be because of those 5 people? The city lord personally led them inside the city! Which power do they belong to? ’ ’

At the same time, the moment she flew past the city gates, the Northern Sovereign slowed down her speed considerably, allowing Shun Long and the others to take a good view of the city.

Thousands of carriages were coming and going from the city gates at all times, while rich-looking merchants or groups of sturdily built cultivators seemed to be gathered around the city gates as well.

Shun Long ’s group attracted quite a bit of attention as they flew inside the city, causing many powerful cultivators to turn their gazes towards them.

However, once those cultivators sense the Northern Sovereign ’s terrifying aura, they immediately turned the other way, no longer bothering with them.

Although people weren ’t allowed to fly inside the city, such a rule naturally didn ’t apply to the city lord.

’ ’What do you think? ’ ’ The Northern Sovereign asked with a smile on her face.

’ ’This city is indeed much bigger than the Holy city of the Holy sect.
No, the two can ’t even be compared. ’ ’ Bai Longtian said as he took a look at his surroundings.

Shun Long nodded his head in agreement. 

It wasn ’t just the size of the city either.

As they flew around the city heading even deeper inside, Shun Long and the rest all noticed that Nascent Soul cultivators and Dao Kings seemed to be present everywhere, while Dao Emperors weren ’t too rare either.

As Shun Long and the rest looked at their surroundings, the Northern Sovereign spoke in a confident voice

’ ’This is the biggest and most prosperous city throughout the entire northern part of the central region, my Northern Sovereign ’s city! 

As long as one has enough spirit stones, they are able to buy almost anything here, including peak rank 7 magic beasts and even some rank 8 ones!

You can take a look at the rest of the city by yourselves later.

For now, let ’s go to my estate. ’ ’

As soon as she finished speaking, the Northern Sovereign suddenly increased her speed, as she flew straight towards the heart of the city.

A minute later, an enormous building that was more than 900 meters(2950ft) tall appeared in Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s vision.

Hundreds of silver-armored guards could be seen patrolling around it, while the words ’Sovereign ’s estate ’ were carved at the top of the building in a meticulous manner, making it seem like a work of art.

As soon as Shun Long ’s group approached within 100 meters from the building, an old man in golden armor shot out from the building like a bolt of lightning, stopping right in front of the Northern Sovereign.

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