Chapter 718 – 718 Entering The King ’s Palace

As the bolts of purple lightning around the entrance of the King's Palace disappeared, the figure of a beautiful woman dressed in silver robes appeared in the sky above everyone else, before the Northern Sovereign's cold voice entered everyone's ears in the next moment

''The King's Palace is now open! Since all of you are already familiar with the rules, I won't explain anything this time.
Remember that you only have 1 year to stay inside the palace.
Let's go!''

The surrounding experts from the many powers throughout the central region all nodded gravely when they heard the Northern Sovereign's warning.

They all knew that a year after the opening of the King's Palace, they had to leave the palace whether they were in the middle of a breakthrough or not, or their lives would be in danger.

The lightning around the King's palace would definitely reach its peak state a year after the opening of the palace, and by then, even experts who were just a step away from becoming true immortals could lose their lives if they forcefully stayed inside the palace instead of leaving.

Even the Northern Sovereign who was a peak level Sovereign realm expert didn't have any confidence in surviving these bolts of purple lightning.

Shun Long and the rest of the disciples of the Holy sect had already heard about this matter from the Grand Elder, and knew that they could only spend a year inside the King's palace.

As soon as she finished speaking the Northern Sovereign threw one last look at the experts below her, before her figure shot towards the entrance of the King's Palace at an astonishing speed.

However, to the experts below her, it was clear that this wasn't the Northern Sovereign's full speed, as she was still wary of the random lightning bolts that would descend from the sky every now and then and strike the area around the palace.

Although the King's Palace would no longer be considered a sealed region for the next 1 year that would follow, the danger of the purple lightning bolts wasn't any lower than before and was still enough to instantly kill even Sovereign realm experts, forcing even the Northern Sovereign to tread carefully.

After all, it was only because of the lowered intensity of the purple lightning bolts, that the many powers throughout the central region dared to step foot inside the King's Palace and even bring their disciples and descendants along with them.

The Grand Elder turned to look at the outer court and the inner court disciples of the Holy sect behind him, before he said in a serious and somewhat solemn tone

''The Elders will protect you all until we enter the King's Palace, but after that, you will have to rely on yourselves.
If your luck isn't good enough and you end up being struck by the purple bolts of lightning, you can only blame yourselves.''

The outer court and the inner court disciples all nodded gravely in response, while a serious look had appeared on Shun Long's face as he looked at the Grand Elder.

Everyone understood that the inner court Elders wouldn't stay by their sides to protect them after they entered the King's Palace.
If someone was unlucky enough to get struck by one of the purple lightning bolts, then that person would surely die without question.
Even the inner court disciples who were already at the peak of the Dao King realm weren't exceptions to this rule, since they wouldn't be able to react in time and protect themselves.

Only Dao Emperor realm experts like the inner court Elders could possibly save them from those purple lightning bolts.

However, the inner court Elders needed to comprehend their own Daos as well after entering the King's Palace.
How could they find the time to babysit these outer court and inner court disciples?

After a moment of silence, the Grand Elder suddenly threw a glance at Shun Long who was standing next to him before he continued

''There are no specific rules that you need to follow after entering the King's palace.
Whether you want to stay in the outer region or try to approach the inner region, it is up to you.
Of course, the deeper inside the palace you head, the better you will be able to sense the existence of the Daos around you.
There is only one thing that you need to take note of after entering that place…
no matter what, don't try to reach the core region of the palace!''

Shun Long and the rest, as well as the other outer court disciples around them, were all stunned when they heard the Grand Elder's solemn warning, while the inner court disciples and the Elders of the Holy sect all nodded their heads seriously as they looked at the Grand Elder.

For those inner court disciples who had been to the King's Palace in the past, as well as the inner court Elders, this was already common knowledge.

Even the inner court Elders wouldn't dare to approach the core region of the King's Palace, and they would only stay in the inner region instead along with the inner court disciples.

Seeing that everyone had heard his warning, the Grand Elder nodded and looked at the inner court Elders behind him before he said calmly

''Since everyone is ready, follow me!''

Without saying another word the Grand Elder then shot to the sky before he waved his hand, causing a wave of his qi to surround Shun Long's body, as well as Liu Mei's, Xingyi's, Jiang Chen's, and Bai Longtian's bodies, before the 5 of them started to fly towards him uncontrollably.

Without any hesitation, the Grand Elder carried the 5 of them, as he flew towards the dilapidated black palace in the distance.

Author's note: Apologies.
I have been very sick the past few days which was why there were no chapters..
I will make it up to you guys with a few mass releases very soon.

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