Chapter 716 – 716 Meeting The Northern Sovereign

A moment later, the Grand Elder and the silver-robed woman had already appeared in the sky above Shun Long's group, before the Grand Elder looked at Shun Long and laughed loudly, as he said with a smile on his face

''You little brats, it seems that you were enjoying yourselves while this old man was gone.''

The Grand Elder had caught a whiff of the wine's scent coming from the wooden jars as soon as he arrived, and immediately understood, that this was the same wine that he had gotten from Shun Long as well.

Although the Grand Elder was joking when he spoke just now, he truly felt a little bit of envy in his heart towards Jiang Chen and the others, for being able to enjoy the wine like that.

After tasting Shun Long's wine that night inside the Refinement Hall, the Grand Elder couldn't bear to drink the rest of it, despite having an entire barrel of it.

After all, to an expert like the Grand Elder who could enter seclusion for a few thousand years in one go, a single barrel of wine wasn't going to be enough to last him even for a thousand years, even if he drank it sparingly.

However, before the Grand Elder could speak again, the silver-robed woman by his side took a look at the group of 5 outer disciples in front of her, her gaze eventually landing on Shun Long, as she then asked curiously

''Kang Wen, is this the genius of your Holy sect who has comprehended 2 supreme Daos?''

The stunning silver-robed woman had naturally noticed the changes in the Grand Elder's expression when he had spoken just now.

She could easily notice that although the Grand Elder seemed to be speaking to the entire group of 5 in front of him, his eyes would always end up focusing on the short-haired young man in the middle at the very end.

The Grand Elder was quickly brought back to his senses once he heard the silver-robed woman's voice, as he looked at her and nodded his head seriously, before he answered in a somewhat proud voice

''Senior Northern Sovereign is right.
This kid is the biggest genius that my Holy sect has seen in the last 100.000 years! In terms of potential, I am certain that even Chen Kang can't compare with him!''

''Ohh?'' The Northern Sovereign exclaimed in surprise as she looked at Shun Long with a renewed look of curiosity.

Although she didn't know much about the disciples of the Holy sect, the Northern Sovereign knew of Chen Kang's name.

After all, Chen Kang wasn't a nobody, but an extreme genius who had already reached the Dao Emperor realm a while ago.

Within the northern part of the central region, Chen Kang had already made a name for himself, and he was even rumored to have inherited an immortal-grade cultivation technique that suited him greatly.

Although others weren't clear whether that was just a rumor or not, the Northern Sovereign knew that it was the truth.

Many Dao Emperors and even some Sovereign realm experts from the northern part of the central region also believed, that with an immortal-grade cultivation technique and the supreme Dao he had comprehended, as long as he didn't perish, Chen Kang would definitely become one of the strongest Sovereign realm experts in the northern part of the central region in the future.

Perhaps he could become even stronger than the sect master of the Holy sect himself.

Even the greatest genius of the Yang clan, Yang Hui who was ranked 1st in the Martial Roll of Honor, took Chen Kang to be his only opponent within the Holy sect.

In Yang Hui's eyes, only someone like Chen Kang would be strong enough to fight him in the future.

Unfortunately, Yang Hui didn't have a chance to spar with this greatest genius of the Holy sect just yet, since Chen Kang was already a core disciple whose status was even higher than that of most inner court Elders.

Naturally, Yang Hui who was just an outer court disciple couldn't compare with him.

Besides, Yang Hui himself was just an early rank 4 Dao King!

However, Yang Hui believed that after obtaining an immortal-grade cultivation technique from Bai Liuxian, things would be completely different.

After breaking through to the Dao Emperor realm himself, Yang Hui was confident that even Chen Kang wouldn't be strong enough to defeat him.

The Northern Sovereign already had a general idea of the geniuses in the Holy sect, which was why her interest was so piqued after hearing the Grand Elder compare Shun Long to Chen Kang.

In reality, the Holy sect could only be considered a medium-sized sect within the northern part of the central region, and it wasn't a power that would normally warrant the attention of a powerful figure such as the Northern Sovereign's.

However, the Northern Sovereign had known the Grand Elder for more than a hundred thousand years, which was why she was familiar with the inner workings of the sect.

After hearing that a genius who had comprehended 2 supreme Daos had appeared in the Holy sect, the Northern Sovereign had decided to come and take a look personally.

Shun Long and the rest were also surprised when they heard that the silver-robed woman next to the Grand Elder was actually the Northern Sovereign.

They had all heard from the Grand Elder about the Northern Sovereign and understood, that this beautiful silver-robed woman in front of them was truly considered to be the overlord of the northern part of the central region.

Of course, Shun Long wasn't surprised that the Grand Elder admitted so readily that Shun Long had comprehended 2 supreme Daos.

Shun Long was already prepared for it after revealing his Dao of Time in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament.

He knew that sooner or later, people would find out about him, and something like that was effortless for a figure like the Northern Sovereign.

The Northern Sovereign had a profound look in her eyes as she looked at Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the rest, as she suddenly said a moment later

''I heard from Kang Wen that you are planning to enter the City of Immortals after breaking through to the Dao King realm.''

Shun Long looked at the Northern Sovereign and nodded his head calmly, before he cupped his hands and answered

''Senior is right.
We are indeed planning to enter the City of Immortals after we finish our breakthroughs.''

At that moment, the Northern Sovereign took a step forward and appeared in front of Shun Long so fast, that it looked like she was even faster than Shun Long's 'blink', before she said in an extremely grave voice

''Forget about the City of Immortals! Stay inside your Holy sect and cultivate for a few thousand years! By then, as long as you are sufficiently talented, you will even have a chance to become a Dao Emperor without too much trouble.

I can guarantee you that, if you enter the City of Immortals before reaching at least the late stages of the Dao King realm, it won't matter if you have comprehended 2 supreme Daos or not, you will definitely die before even reaching the 'immortal trials'!''

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