Chapter 704 – 704 Shun Long And Xingyi

Xingyi was stunned, but she still allowed Shun Long's soul sense to enter her spiritual space.

A moment later, an extremely powerful cultivation technique that was no weaker than that of Jiang Chen's and Bai Longtian's appeared inside Xingyi's mind as well, causing her stunningly beautiful face to be filled with surprise and shock.

The name of this technique was 'Hidden Shadows', and Xingyi could easily tell that this was a cultivation technique that far exceeded anything she had ever seen before.

Even the Saint low-grade cultivation techniques in the Barrier of Knowledge inside the Holy sect couldn't be compared with this technique at all.

A few moments later, Xingyi closed her eyes and sat cross-legged on the ground as well, as she started to absorb the knowledge of this cultivation technique.

She could clearly feel that this cultivation technique that Shun Long had just given her was perfectly suited for her Dao of Shadows and her Vanishing Shadows unique physique.

Shun Long closed his eyes and sat on the ground as well, as he replenished his spiritual strength.

Half an hour later, Xingyi opened her eyes and looked at Shun Long, before she said in a grateful, and even somewhat shy voice

''Brother Long…
thank you.''

Shun Long opened his eyes and looked at the beautiful blond-haired young woman in front of him, before he shook his head and said smilingly

''Xingyi, just like Jiang Chen and Longtian, you don't have to thank me.
Besides, I have already told you that you are my woman now, so how could I go back on my word?''

Xie Xingyi blushed as she lowered her head slightly, while her stunning emerald eyes held a myriad of emotions inside them, as she darted them around, involuntarily avoiding Shun Long's gaze.

Her eyes were filled with joy, surprise, panic, fear, excitement, anticipation, and love.
It was the bashful eyes of a kingdom-toppling beauty who was in love.

After all, which woman didn't want to hear such words from the person she was in love with?

Xingyi blushed and looked at Liu Mei from the corner of her eyes, before she said hesitantly


Xingyi had always been on good terms with Liu Mei from the very beginning, but she didn't know how to face her right now.

And yet, as she turned around to look at Liu Mei, Xingyi was suddenly stunned while even her own gaze froze for a moment, when she saw the brilliant smile on Liu Mei's face.

It was the same soul-stirring smile that Liu Mei always had when she was alone with Shun Long, but this time, Liu Mei was looking at Xingyi instead.

Taking a step forward, Liu Mei appeared in front of Xingyi and looked her in the eyes without speaking, before she said calmly with that same soul-stirring smile on her face a moment later

''Xingyi, I wouldn't share Long-ge with anyone else, but if it's with you…
then I think it should be fine.''

Xingyi looked at Liu Mei stunned for a few moments, before an equally beautiful smile blossomed on her face as well as she whispered softly

thank you.''

Shun Long's lips curved up, as he stepped forward and placing his arm around Liu Mei's small waist, pulling her into a hug.

Surprisingly, Liu Mei wasn't ashamed that Xingyi was right in front of them, as she gave Shun Long a kiss that was full of love, making Xingyi's ears heat up and turn red.

Shun Long was surprised, but tasting the sweet scent coming from Liu Mei's mouth made his body heat up even more, as he placed his right hand on Liu Mei's butt and his left hand on her right breast.

At that moment, even Liu Mei herself felt somewhat abashed, as she took a step backward while panting for breath.

Looking at Shun Long with her starry-like black eyes, Liu Mei first calmed herself down before she darted a glance at Xie Xingyi who was standing next to her and said a moment later

''Long-ge should take Xingyi first.
Since it's Xingyi's first time with you, I will wait here this time.''

At that moment, Xingyi raised her head to look at Liu Mei and then Shun Long who was right in front of her, before her face that had already started to blush previously turned even redder.

She understood what Liu Mei meant, and although she was already prepared mentally, she couldn't help but feel her heart speeding up, as it started to beat more wildly.

Turning around, Shun Long didn't notice Xingyi's ever-increasing heartbeat, but he could see the look in her eyes that was filled with love, fear, and some anticipation.

Taking a step forward, Shun Long tasted the sweet scent from Liu Mei's rosy red lips once again, before he looked at Xingyi who had her head lowered and grabbed her hand, as he whispered in her ear

''Xingyi, are you ready?''


Xingyi raised her head and looked at Shun Long with her reddened face, before she nodded slightly as she let out a muffled sound of acknowledgment.

Shun Long smiled as he swept her off her feet and flew towards the main room.

Inside the room, Shun Long placed Xingyi on the bed, before he lowered himself to have a taste of her lips as well.

He could sense that Xingyi's lips had a different taste from Liu Mei's, and yet their sweet scent was just as intoxicating as Liu Mei's.

Shun Long could feel that Xingyi had no prior experience with this, as her mouth was closed tightly in the beginning, but as he led her around using his tongue, Xingyi began to respond to him soon after.

Shun Long could see that Xingyi's enchanting green eyes seemed to have been spellbound at this moment, as an expression of unrestrained love and ecstasy filled her face.

With his own chest pressing on hers, Shun Long could clearly feel Xingyi's beating heart that was beating even faster than his own.

Stretching out both of his hands, Shun Long parted Xingyi's robes open revealing her flawless body, before he placed his right hand on her left breast and her pink-colored nipple that was already hard.

Xingyi's entire body suddenly shivered, while an indescribable sensation that she had never felt before, filled her body from head to toe.

It was almost as if Shun Long's touch was electrifying.

And yet not only did Shun Long not stop, but his right hand even started to fondle her breast as he kept tasting the sweet nectar from her mouth, while his left hand slowly moved downwards towards her undergarment.

As soon as his hand reached inside her undergarment and touched Xingyi's private place, Shun Long could feel a wet sensation on his fingers, while Xingyi opened her mouth as she let out a gasp.

Shun Long could feel her irregular, hot breath, while her entire body was trembling from his touch.

His hand touched her secret place for a few moments before his finger entered inside Xingyi's body.

A wet and yet tight sensation gripped Shun Long's finger, while the sound of water drops splashing could be heard throughout the entire room.

Soon, it wasn't just Xingyi, but Shun Long who could no longer restrain himself either.

Removing his robes and throwing them to the side, Shun Long placed his hard and erect dragon that was on the verge of exploding, right in front of Xingyi's entrance.

Slowly pushing it inside, Shun Long's body soon connected with Xingyi's.

At this moment, Shun Long could feel a gripping sensation on his lower body as well, while the expression on Xingyi's face was filled with love and satisfaction, as she looked at him with her stunning emerald eyes.

A few moments later, Shun Long after he made sure that Xingyi was alright, Shun Long no longer held back as he moved his body back and forth without stop.

Shun Long's ragged breaths and Xingyi's moans filled the room in the next few moments, along with the sound of Shun Long's body connecting with Xingyi's own over and over again.

During this time, Xingyi could also feel a nourishing energy coming from Shun Long's body and enter inside her, while Shun Long could also feel the same.

This was the dual cultivation technique that Shun Long had gotten from Cui Guoliang's treasury, back in the Vermilion realm.

Although Shun Long understood by now that this was only a common dual cultivation technique, this cultivation technique could also benefit Xingyi as well.

It was only 3 hours later that the sounds of moans and hard breaths coming from the room finally stopped, as Xingyi's body collapsed on Shun Long's while gasping for breath herself.

Shun Long could see the lovestruck look on Xingyi's face that was filled with tenderness and affection, even though her energy was spent and she was all out of breath.

A few moments later, a peerlessly beautiful yellow-robed young woman entered the room as well, her stunning black eyes staring at Shun Long and Xingyi, before Liu Mei stepped towards the bed.

Soon, a year had gone by since the day the Martial Roll of Honor tournament had ended.

Author's note: Mass release tomorrow

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