703 Chapter 703 Cultivation techniques

Jiang Chen looked at Shun Long confused, but Shun Long simply closed his eyes.

A moment later, Jiang Chen ’s expression changed as he sensed a stream of information entering his mind.

He knew that Shun Long was using his qi to transmit a cultivation technique to him which left him momentarily bewildered, before a crazy thought appeared in his mind a moment later

’ ’Don ’t tell me that he has another immortal-grade cultivation technique! ’ ’

Indeed, this was the technique that Shun Long had asked Little Black to give him, one that was suited for Jiang Chen.

Shun Long didn ’t write things down on a scroll this time, but instead, he sent the cultivation technique directly into Jiang Chen ’s mind through his soul sense.

Shun Long knew that this cultivation technique that Little Black had chosen for Jiang Chen was named ’Darkness Veil ’!

This cultivation technique was countless times more complicated than the immortal-grade cultivation technique that Shun Long had given to the Grand Elder.

These 2 techniques couldn ’t even be considered to be on the same level with each other, as the ’Darkness Veil ’ was leagues above the Grand Elder ’s ’Ice Kingdom ’.

This was why Shun Long didn ’t write it down on a scroll, and instead, he chose to pass it mentally to Jiang Chen.

Even if he ignored how complicated this cultivation technique was, Shun Long knew that it would take far too long to record this cultivation technique down, and it would need more than a few dozen scrolls to do so.

The always impassive look on Jiang Chen ’s face had turned into a look of astonishment and disbelief as he learned more about this cultivation technique that Shun Long handed to him.

He could sense that not only was this ’Darkness Veil ’ a cultivation technique that was suited towards his Dao of Darkness and his Eternal Darkness unique physique extremely well, but Jiang Chen could even sense hints of the Demonic Dao coming from it as well.

This was a perfect cultivation technique for him, and its level was countless times higher than the Saint middle-grade cultivation technique that he was training in.

Suppressing his astonishment, Jiang Chen looked at Shun Long and said in a solemn tone that was filled with gratitude

’ ’Brother, thank you… ’ ’

’ ’There is no need for thanks between us. ’ ’

Shun Long simply smiled and waved his hand before he turned his gaze towards Bai Longtian.

Bai Longtian could also guess what was going.

Indeed, a moment after recollecting himself, Shun Long closed his eyes before he sent his soul sense towards Bai Longtian ’s mind.

Naturally, Bai Longtian didn ’t put up any resistance either, allowing Shun Long ’s soul sense to enter his spiritual sea.

This was something extremely dangerous that most cultivators would never do.
Only those who trusted another person fully in their hearts would allow that person to enter their spiritual sea without any resistance.

After all, someone who had entered another person ’s spiritual sea could easily destroy one ’s soul if that person didn ’t have his soul defense up.

Bai Longtian had closed his eyes just like Shun Long, but the look on his face was no different from the one that Jiang Chen had just now.

He could sense that the cultivation technique that Shun Long was transmitting to him through his soul sense was extremely profound, and was one that was perfectly suited towards him.

Shun Long knew that the name of this cultivation technique was ’Buddha ’s light ’.

Little Black had already told him that this cultivation technique was perfect for cultivators who trained in the Dao of the Buddha, while those who had comprehended the Dao of Light were also suited to train in this cultivation technique.
For Bai Longtian who also possessed the ’Golden Buddha unique physique ’, it was almost as if this cultivation technique was tailor-made for him.

Shun Long opened his eyes and looked at Bai Longtian, but a wave of exhaustion filled him a moment later, while even his face had turned slightly pale.

Transmitting 2 extremely high-grade cultivation techniques like this in a row was simply too taxing to Shun Long, while more than half of his spiritual strength had already been depleted.

Considering that Shun Long ’s spiritual strength was at the same level or it had even slightly exceeded the spiritual strength of peak Dao Kings, one could guess how difficult of a task this was.

After taking a deep breath, Shun Long looked at Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian and said seriously

’ ’Jiang Chen, Longtian, don ’t let anyone know anything about these cultivation techniques. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s tone was solemn as he said this.

After all, he had already heard from Little Black that these cultivation techniques were considered top-grade even in the Immortal Dimension, and were only slightly inferior to Liu Mei ’s ’Blood Absorption art ’.

Even powerful clans in the Immortal Dimension would do anything to get their hands on such cultivation techniques, let alone the powers from the cultivation world.

Bai Longtian and Jiang Chen both nodded seriously.

They both understood how extraordinary these cultivation techniques were, but Shun Long ’s warning wasn ’t needed to begin with.

After all, none of them was planning to divulge this secret in the first place.

Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian both decided to leave a few moments later, to give Shun Long some time with Liu Mei and Xie XIngyi.

Everyone already knew how Xingyi had felt for Shun Long, and even Shun Long seemed to have accepted her, but due to the Martial Roll of Honor tournament, they never had any time for themselves.

None of the 2 girls spoke, as they allowed Shun Long to sit cross-legged on the ground as he replenished his spiritual strength.

An hour later, Shun Long opened his eyes and turned his gaze towards the beautiful blonde-haired young woman with the bright emerald eyes in front of him and said

’ ’Xingyi, it ’s your turn. ’ ’

Without waiting for Xingyi to speak, Shun Long closed his eyes and sent his soul sense inside her spiritual sea.

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