702 Chapter 702 The Grand Elder“s offer

Even though the Grand Elder tried to calm himself down, he still couldn ’t stop the trembling in his voice from coming out as he said the last words, while his eyes were fervently staring at the scroll in Shun Long ’s hands.

The Grand Elder knew that since Shun Long had taken out this cultivation technique, it was very likely that he was willing to trade it with something elder

No matter what he wanted, the Grand Elder was willing to give it to Shun Long in exchange for this cultivation technique.

After all, the Grand Elder had been searching for an immortal-grade cultivation technique for far too long, and this Ice Kingdom was even an ice element cultivation technique.

Shun Long smiled as he looked at the Grand Elder and said calmly

’ ’In that case, I hope that senior can help me with a few things.
First, I hope that senior can allow Liu Mei, Xie Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen to the King ’s Palace along with us a year from now.

Secondly, I am in need of high-grade spirit stones.
The more the better.
I hope that these 2 requirements aren ’t too hard for senior. ’ ’

The Grand Elder looked at Shun Long and nodded his head without any hesitation, as he waved his hand and said hurriedly

’ ’The first requirement of yours is easy.
Even if these kids haven ’t reached the peak of rank 9 of the Nascent Soul by then, I will still bring them along to the King ’s Palace.
As for the second one… ’ ’

A somewhat troubled expression appeared on the Grand Elder ’s face in the next moment, before he took out a spatial ring from his white robes and handed it to Shun Long as he then said

’ ’I only have 200.000 high-grade spirit stones.
Although this may not be enough to trade for this immortal-grade cultivation technique of yours, you can consider it as me, Kang Wen, owing you a favor in the future. ’ ’

Kang Wen stared at Shun Long solemnly as he said the last sentence, while in his heart, he was afraid that Shun Long would decline, which was why he added in the last thing in his offer.

A favor from a peak Dao Emperor realm expert who was on the cusp of breaking through to the Sovereign realm was no small thing.

Experts at the Grand Elder ’s level of cultivation would very rarely owe someone else a favor, let alone someone much younger and weaker than they were.

Even if Shun Long asked the Grand Elder something absurd, such as the eradication of the powerful family in the Holy sect ’s territory, or have the Grand Elder kill another Dao Emperor for him, as long as it wasn ’t something that would harm the Holy sect or it would bring certain death to the Grand Elder, then the Grand Elder would do his best to satisfy Shun Long ’s requirement.

After all, the Grand Elder knew, that a normal immortal low-grade cultivation technique could fetch up to 1 million high-grade spirit stones if it was sold in a high-grade auction in the central region where many peak powers would fervently compete for it, but the Grand Elder only had 200.000 high-grade spirit stones on him.

Of course, the Holy sect could take out 1 million high-grade spirit stones from its treasury under normal situations, but this time it was different.

The Grand Elder had already gone all-out previously, handing out 1.500.000 high-grade spirit stones in total to the disciples in the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor, to help them increase their strength before the City of Immortals opened.

Thus, the Grand Elder knew that the finances of the Holy sect would be strained if he took out another million high-grade spirit stones in such a short amount of time.

Besides, this was a cultivation technique that the Grand Elder was planning to keep for himself, which was why the 200.000 spirit stones that he gave to Shun Long was what he had left in his possession right now.

Of course, earning high-grade spirit stones wasn ’t too hard for a peak Dao Emperor like the Grand Elder.

But 200.000 high-grade spirit stones wasn ’t a small sum even to him.

Shun Long thought seriously for a while, before a smile appeared on his face as he nodded his head towards the Grand Elder who heaved a sigh of relief.

200.000 high-grade spirit stones were equal to more than 200.000.000 middle-grade spirit stones.

Right now, Shun Long only had a little more than 2 million middle-grade spirit stones inside the ’Stone of Time ’, and he was uncertain if it would be enough until he reached the absolute peak of the Nascent Soul stage.

After all, not only did he have to reach the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul, but Shun Long also knew that he would be spending an enormous amount of spirit stones to purify all 81 of his balls.

Relieved, the Grand Elder handed Shun Long the spatial ring in his hands that was filled with 200.000 high-grade spirit stones, before he received the scroll with the immortal-grade cultivation technique, the ’Ice Kingdom ’!

Liu Mei and the others saw the Grand Elder tremble with excitement as he unfurled the scroll in his hands and took a look at the cultivation technique in front of him.

The more he read, the more excited the Grand Elder seemed to become, to the point that he could no longer sit still.

Turning his eyes away from the scroll, Kang Wen looked at Shun Long and said hurriedly

’ ’Kid, I will take my leave now.
Remember, that if you want to find me, you can use my personal token to come to the inner court.
As long as you inject your qi inside it, you can come straight to my courtyard. ’ ’

Waving his hand, the Grand Elder then opened a space tear, before he entered inside and disappeared from Shun Long ’s courtyard.

Shaking his head, Shun Long didn ’t pay any more attention to the Grand Elder who had already left his courtyard, as he turned around and looked at Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, and said 

’ ’Jiang Chen, now it ’s your turn. ’ ’

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