698 Chapter 698 High-grade spirit stones

Yang Hui fell silent for a moment as he looked at Bai Liuxian, before he finally cupped his hands a few moments later and said

’ ’Fine then.
I will follow you when you enter the City of Immortals, but you better keep your promise! ’ ’

Bai Liuxian nodded her head calmly and said

’ ’I guess this trip wasn ’t in vain after all.
Although your Dao of Fire is just a common Dao, your strength isn ’t much weaker compared to someone who has comprehended a supreme Dao. ’ ’

’ ’A supreme Dao? Even those who have comprehended supreme Daos aren ’t my match! ’ ’

Yang Hui answered with a look of unrestrained confidence and arrogance as he stared at Bai Liuxian in the sky above him.

And yet, Bai Liuxian simply chuckled in response before she said

’ ’Those with supreme Daos aren ’t your match? Hahaha! Perhaps that is so in your tiny sect but that ’s only because you haven ’t fought against a real genius who has comprehended a supreme Dao just yet. 

When we enter the City of Immortals, you will find out that you are even weaker than some people who have comprehended unique Daos, let alone supreme-level ones! ’ ’

Yang Hui merely snorted inwardly but he didn ’t say anything to rebuke Bai Liuxian.

It was true that outside from the disciples of the Holy sect, he had yet to fight against someone who had truly comprehended a supreme Dao.

Even in the Dao Tower in the Holy city, Yang Hui knew that he would probably have to reach the top levels to fight against the strongest geniuses who had comprehended supreme Daos.

After all, supreme Daos were simply too rare.

Even unique-level Daos were rare in the Holy sect, let alone supreme-level ones.

As for those who had comprehended supreme Daos, in the entire outer court of the Holy sect, there were less than 10 of those disciples.

After all, becoming a Dao King through a supreme-level Dao was extremely difficult.

The more powerful one ’s Dao was, the more difficult it would be to survive the Heavenly Tribulation upon breaking through to the Dao King realm.

Bai Liuxian then turned to look at the purple-robed old man next to her and said calmly

’ ’Uncle Mo, let ’s go. ’ ’

’ ’Yes, princess! ’ ’

The purple-robed old man nodded his head with a gentle expression on his face, before he turned his gaze towards Yang Hui and said coldly

’ ’Brat, come here. ’ ’

The enormous silhouette of a bird that was more than 100 meters (328ft) long blotted out the sky above the arena in the next moment, as it appeared above the Holy sect for the second time.

Sitting on the back of the peak rank 7 ’Hellfire crow ’ with the purple-robed old man sitting next to her and Yang Hui sitting behind him, Bai Liuxian threw one last look at the Holy sect below her, before the enormous silhouette of the ’Hellfire crow ’ suddenly shot into the distance, as it disappeared from everyone ’s eyes.

The Grand Elder wasn ’t angry that Bai Liuxian didn ’t pay him any attention, and instead, he simply heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, before he shot a covert glance towards a certain group of disciples in the audience seats.

Although it was a disaster for the Holy sect to have Yang Hui strike up a relationship with Bai Liuxian, the Grand Elder knew that this wasn ’t something that could be avoided either way.

Instead, the Grand Elder was afraid that Bai Liuxian would also take a fancy to Shun Long and would forcefully take him from the Holy sect.

If that Sovereign realm expert intended to do something like that, even the Grand Elder would be powerless to resist him.

In the Grand Elder ’s eyes, Shun Long ’s importance was much higher than Yang Hui ’s.

After all, Yang Hui came from one of the vassal powers of the Holy sect, and his Yang clan would always hope to usurp power and replace the Holy sect as the strongest power in this region.

But Shun Long didn ’t belong to any of the powerful families and clans around the Holy sect ’s territory.

Additionally, the Grand Elder knew that Shun Long had comprehended 2 supreme Daos, and one of them had never been seen before in the entire central region.

The Grand Elder believed that if Bai Liuxian knew about this, then she would definitely do everything in her power to take Shun Long away from the Holy sect, even if she had to bribe him or use force against the Holy sect.

Even if Shun Long couldn ’t enter the City of Immortals with her, the Bai clan would do everything they could to steal him away from the Holy sect.

After all, even in the central region, the number of geniuses who had comprehended 2 supreme Daos was almost nonexistent.

The Grand Elder only knew of one more genius who had done so, and he belonged to one of the absolute strongest powers of the central region, a power that was even stronger than Bai Liuxian ’s Bai clan.

Even if there were others who had comprehended 2 supreme Daos aside from ’that person ’, the Grand Elder knew that those people could be counted on the fingers of 2 hands.

For a genius who had comprehended 2 supreme Daos, his talent would definitely place him in the top 10 of the younger generation throughout the entire central region.

Since his Holy sect was lucky enough to get someone like Shun Long, the Grand Elder wasn ’t going to hand him over to Bai Liuxian no matter what.

Of course, the Grand Elder also knew that Bai Liuxian would be extremely dissatisfied with his Holy sect as well, since it was only a matter of time until word spread about Shun Long having comprehended 2 supreme Daos.

After all, Shun Long had just fought in front of 200.000 outer disciples.

Even if the Grand Elder wanted to keep this news hidden, there was no way that he could do so.

’ ’I hope Ye Hong comes back quickly or we will be in trouble… ’ ’

While countless thoughts flashed inside the Grand Elder ’s mind at this moment, Shun Long who was the main cause of those thoughts was completely oblivious to all of it, as he instead stared at the head of the inner court Elders, Sun Wen, who led Elder Xuan and Cao Ling on the platform below him.

On this platform, Qiao Min was sitting cross-legged, with her severed arm lying right next to her.

She had already consumed a healing pill the moment that her fight with Yang Hui ended, and she was now trying to absorb the pill ’s energy to heal herself.

However, Sun Wen didn ’t care too much about this young woman who was ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor.

His mood was already extremely foul after seeing Bai Liuxian take Yang Hui away.

He knew that in the near future, and perhaps even before Yang Hui returned from the City of Immortals, the Holy sect would have to suppress the Yang clan once again.

A Yang clan that had the support of the Bai clan…
Sun Wen didn ’t know if the Holy sect would be able to deal with their clan without the sect master present.

Shun Long had also noticed the sudden change in the attitudes of the 3 inner court Elders, along with everyone else in the audience seats who had also noticed it, but Shun Long didn ’t care about it either.

Instead, he was looking forward to the 1000 high-grade spirit stones that he would be getting now.

Although he didn ’t know how much his cultivation speed would increase after he started to cultivate using high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long was certain that the effects would be incomparable to when he used middle-grade spirit stones.

Indeed, Sun Wen then called the outer court disciples who had made it to the top 1000 and started to distribute their rewards.

Shun Long noticed that Sun Wen seemed to have a peculiar look in his eyes as he looked at him, before he handed him a yellow-colored spatial ring.

Of course, Shun Long wasn ’t too surprised by this either.
He knew that the inner court Elders would probably start paying attention to him now that he had revealed his Dao of Time along with his Dao of Space.

Sending his soul sense inside the spatial ring, Shun Long noticed the 1000 pure-white spirit stones that formed a small mound.

Each of these spirit stones was more than 10 times bigger than a normal middle-grade spirit stone.

’ ’High-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

Shun Long could feel his heart rate rising when he saw these high-grade spirit stones.

To any Nascent Soul stage cultivator, high-grade spirit stones were priceless treasures.

After throwing a few more looks at the 1000 pure-white, high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long turned his gaze towards a golden token that was placed right next to them inside the spatial ring.

He understood that this was the token that he could use to enter the Dao Tower inside the Holy city without paying any middle-grade spirit stones.

As for the complete Saint low-grade cultivation technique or martial skill that he could also choose, Shun Long decided to wait until he visited the second floor of the Golden Treasures Hall first.

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