697 Chapter 697 Bai Liuxian“s offer

Qiao Min shivered while cold sweat drenched her back when she saw the cruel look inside Yang Hui ’s eyes.

At this moment, Yang Hui didn ’t look like a human but like a hungry magic beast that could barely restrain itself. 

Without waiting for a response, Yang Hui flung Qiao Min to the side, as he sent her flying, and completely ignoring his right hand that was still dripping with the blood from Qiao Min ’s severed arm, Yang Hui raised his head to look at the inner court Elders in the sky above the platform.

The Grand Elder snorted inwardly but he didn ’t say anything about Yang Hui severing Qiao Min ’s left arm.

According to the rules, as long as one didn ’t kill or cripple his opponent, the Grand Elder wouldn ’t say anything.

Although a severed right arm was a problem for someone like Qiao Min who wasn ’t a body refiner, there were plenty of pills and medicinal herbs that could allow her to regrow her right arm.

Of course, those types of pills and medicinal herbs were naturally extremely expensive, but the Grand Elder knew that this was nothing to a big clan like the Qiao clan where Qiao Min came from.

At the same time that Yang Hui raised his head to look at them, Bai Liuxian also nodded calmly, as she looked at Yang Hui and said seriously

’ ’Your name is Yang Hui, right? Although your cultivation is weak, you barely qualify to follow me inside the City of Immortals.
Come with me. ’ ’

A sharp light flashed inside Yang Hui ’s triangle-shaped red eyes when he heard the commanding tone that Bai Liuxian used to speak to him, while the orange flames that had yet to dissipate around his body suddenly burned with even more intensity than before, as he said

’ ’Follow you? What makes you think that I want to follow you? ’ ’

Bai Liuxian narrowed her eyes when she heard Yang Hui ’s arrogant tone that held no hints of respect.

At that moment, the purple-robed old man by her side, ’uncle Mo ’ chuckled as he looked at Yang Hui and said

’ ’Kid, the princess naturally won ’t force you to follow her.
You are merely qualified to do so, but whether you latch on to this chance or not is up to you. ’ ’

Yang Hui toned down his arrogance when he saw that this powerful expert -that even the Grand Elder was wary of- spoke to him, but he didn ’t answer straight away.
Instead, he simply looked at Bai Liuxian who snorted coldly and said

’ ’Yang Hui, isn ’t your Yang clan nothing more than a small clan in the Holy sect ’s territory? In the central region as a whole, you can be considered wholly insignificant.
A small clan that experts can snuff out as they please.

You should understand that as long as a clan doesn ’t have a Sovereign realm expert backing them, they will never be able to gain a footing for themselves in the central region or they will run the risk of being eradicated by others.

Clans like your Yang clan stand at the very bottom of the central region.

However, my Bai clan is different.

If you follow me wholeheartedly inside the City of Immortals, I will give you a chance to reach the Sovereign realm in the future.

Now, think carefully before you give me your answer. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes widened slightly when he heard Bai Liuxian ’s words, while the disciples around him seemed to have gone crazy when they heard the words ’chance to reach the Sovereign realm ’.

The Sovereign realm was the realm above the Dao Emperor, and in the Holy sect ’s territory, only the sect master of the Holy sect had reached this level.

As for the others, the second strongest person was the Grand Elder, who was rumored to be stranded in the Dao Emperor realm for more than 100.000 years.

A chance to reach the Sovereign realm…
forget about Yang Hui, every single one of the patriarchs and the clan leaders of the major clans and families around the Holy sect, including even Yang Hui ’s own father, Yang Tian, would definitely go crazy to obtain this chance.

Countless disciples, including even Qiao Min who had just lost an arm, as well as the rest of those disciples who were ranked in the top 10 in the Martial Roll of Honor, were now all staring at Bai Liuxian with disbelieving looks in their eyes.

At the same time, the Grand Elder ’s eyes twitched when he heard Bai Liuxian ’s offer, but he simply remained silent.

Nobody knew more than him, how alluring an offer to reach the Sovereign realm really was.

Everyone watched as Yang Hui stared at Bai Liuxian with a serious gaze, almost as if he was trying to verify whether she was saying the truth or not.

A moment later, Yang Hui took a deep breath to calm himself down before he asked solemnly

’ ’Are you sure about this? ’ ’

Bai Liuxian simply sneered in disdain as she looked at him and said

’ ’Do you think I would lie to you? Although the Sovereign realm isn ’t easy to reach, as long as you possess the slightest bit of talent and can train in an immortal-grade cultivation technique, then it ’s not impossible for you to reach it.

Of course, that ’s only if you manage to survive the heavenly tribulation.

Your Holy sect doesn ’t have any immortal-grade cultivation techniques, but do you think that my Bai clan is the same? ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Bai Liuxian waved her hand, causing a golden scroll to appear in front of her.

The scroll was folded, leaving only the words at the very top visible to Yang Hui and the rest.

The moment that Yang Hui, the Grand Elder, the 3 inner court Elders, and the outer court disciples close to Bai Liuxian landed their eyes on the words on top of the golden scroll, everyone could feel their heart rates speeding up uncontrollably.

’Immortal-grade cultivation technique, Tree of Immortality ’

Bai Liuxian merely smirked when she saw Yang Hui ’s reaction, before she placed the golden scroll back inside her spatial ring and said calmly

’ ’Now make your choice. ’ ’ 

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