696 Chapter 696 Fire Qilin“s eyes

The Fire Qilin!

Stunned looks appeared on Jiang Chen ’s and the rest ’s faces when they heard the words ’Mythic rank magic beast ’.

They had already heard from Shun Long about the classification of magic beasts in the Immortal Dimension, so they all had a general idea of how rare a ’Mythic rank ’ magic beast was considered to be, even in the Immortal Dimension.

Virtually every single magic beast in the cultivation world was considered a ’common rank ’ magic beast, with an exceedingly low number of ’rare rank ’ beasts existing among them.

As for ’elite rank ’ magic beasts, these magic beasts were rare even in the Immortal Dimension, and most of them were exceedingly difficult to capture.
Even high-leveled experts in the Immortal DImension would have a hard time getting their hands on an ’elite-rank ’ magic beast.

As for ’Mythic rank ’ magic beasts…
those were top-rate magic beasts at the same level as the ’Demonic Crow of Darkness ’ where Jiang Chen ’s bloodline originated from.
Even an entire immortal city may perish if it was attacked by a single ’Mythic rank ’ magic beast.

From this fact alone, it was enough to understand how terrifying ’Mythic rank ’ magic beasts really were.

Although there were other disciples who possessed Immortal-grade bloodlines within the Holy sect, possessing the bloodline of a ’Mythic rank ’ magic beast was an entirely different matter altogether.

After all, it wasn ’t just the bloodlines of magic beasts that cultivators could inherit.

There were other types of immortal-grade bloodlines as well.

If one ’s ancestor was an extremely powerful expert who had even become an immortal and had managed to have a child in the cultivation world right before ascending to the Immortal Dimension, then that expert ’s bloodline would also be considered an immortal-grade bloodline.

This was the most common type of Immortal-grade bloodlines in the Immortal Dimension as well.

Of course, those situations were extremely rare in the cultivation world, but they still existed nonetheless.

A moment later, Liu Mei was the first one to reign in her surprise as she looked at Shun Long and asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, then, does this Yang Hui also have an immortal-grade bloodline from a ’Mythic rank ’ magic beast? ’ ’

Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, all looked at Shun Long as well.

The same question had appeared in their minds at the same time, while Shun Long was the only one who seemed to have any knowledge regarding those mysterious bloodlines and the powerful magic beasts from the Immortal Dimension.

From the moment that Yang Hui had shown his face, everyone had seen that those triangle-shaped red-colored eyes of his hadn ’t disappeared at all.

The one who was the most curious about this was actually Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen knew that his own body and even Shun Long ’s body would both change when they activated their immortal-grade bloodlines, but once they stopped activating them or their blood essence ran out, their bodies would go back to normal as they needed to replenish their lost blood essence.

But Yang Hui didn ’t seem to have any issue like that.

Was it possible for someone to use their immortal-grade bloodline for so long?

Shun Long shook his head confidently as he looked at Liu Mei and answered

’ ’He doesn ’t have the bloodline of a Mythic rank magic beast in his body but he doesn ’t need it either.
In a certain sense, the strength that he gets from the Fire Qilin ’s eyes isn ’t any weaker than the strength that he would get from any powerful unique physique.

The Fire Qilin ’s eyes allow one to control the element of fire to an astonishing degree.

This is why those orange flames around Yang Hui ’s body are so strong.
Although Qiao Min ’s Blackwater unique physique is also rare, it can ’t compare to the eyes of a Mythic rank magic beast. ’ ’

Little Black nodded his head after hearing Shun Long ’s explanation to Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and Xingyi, about the Fire Qilin ’s eyes and said calmly

’ ’Master is right.
Although the Fire Qilin isn ’t the strongest among other Mythic-rank magic beasts of the fire element, in terms of its control over fire, very few magic beasts can actually compare with it. ’ ’

At the same time that Little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s mind, on the fighting platform in the arena, Qiao Min looked at Yang Hui with a frosty look in her eyes, before the outer court Elder responsible for the platform signaled for the fight to begin.

Qiao Min then waved her hands, causing a dozen of her black water snakes, each of them more than 10 meters (33ft) long, to fly towards Yang Hui who was leisurely standing there, almost as if he was waiting for her to attack first.

It wasn ’t until the water snakes arrived right in front of him that Yang Hui finally moved.

Yang Hui ’s demeanor suddenly changed at that moment, as his triangle-shaped red eyes were suddenly filled with a bloodthirsty look, almost as if he was a hungry magic beast that was craving blood.

At the same time, the orange flames around his body burned with even more intensity than before, and before Qiao Min ’s water snakes could even have a chance to touch his body, they were instantly evaporated.

The crowd in the audience seats was filled with excitement as they watched this fight in the arena.

This was the power of the strongest outer court disciple of the Holy sect, the person ranked 1st in the Martial Roll of Honor, Yang Hui!

Qiao Min gritted her teeth as she waved her hands, causing more and more of her water snakes to lunge themselves towards Yang Hui.

And yet, Yang Hui simply started walking forward as he approached closer towards Qiao Min, completely ignoring those water snakes that failed to even get past his flame armor.

Every time that a black snake would approach his body, Yang Hui ’s eyes would only stare at it for a moment, before the flames around him would attack it directly.

This was the power of the ’Fire Qilin ’s ’ eyes!

It was almost impossible to attack Yang Hui while he was covered in his flame armor!

A look of despair appeared on Qiao Min ’s face when she saw this scene.

She knew that each one of her water snakes that was created through her Blackwater unique physique was enough to severely injure and even kill an average early rank 4 Dao King realm cultivator, and yet a dozen of those snakes weren ’t enough to even break past Yang Hui ’s defenses.

Just as Qiao Min decided to grit her teeth and give up, Yang Hui ’s body suddenly blurred, arriving in front of her almost instantly, and before Qiao Min could even respond, a violent look flashed inside Yang Hui ’s eyes as he chopped his right arm downwards without holding back.

Blood spurted through the air like a fountain, as Qiao Min ’s left arm was severed from her body under her disbelieving gaze.

A deathly silence filled the arena in the next moment, as everyone watched Yang Hui clutch Qiao Min ’s throat and raise her in the air with his left hand, before he spoke with a bloodthirsty smile on his face that was filled with killing intent

’ ’Junior sister, you are not qualified to stand in front of me.
The first time I gave you face and simply injured you, while today, I only took an arm as a punishment.
However, if you dare to fight against me again in the future…
I will definitely take your life then. ’ ’

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