695 Chapter 695 Yang Hui“s strength

Yang Hui smiled as he looked at Qiao Min, and under the eager and excited gazes of the disciples in the crowd, he took a step forward as he appeared above the fighting platform almost instantly.

Many outer disciples gasped at this speed.

Even Zheng Zihao who was ranked 4th in the Martial Roll of Honor and was famed for his speed narrowed his eyes when he saw this scene.

He knew that Yang Hui was even faster than he himself was.

Yang Hui ’s body was engulfed in orange flames as he stood in the sky above the platform, his eyes peering down on Qiao Min who was waiting for him in silence.

’ ’Uncle Mo, is this the kid you were talking about? Indeed his speed at least can be considered above average even among peak rank 4 Dao Kings.
However, just this isn ’t enough to allow him to follow after me in the City of Immortals.
If that ’s all he has then I will be disappointed by this Holy sect. ’ ’

The purple-robed old man nodded his head without saying anything, while the Grand Elder ’s eyes twitched when he heard Bai Liuxian ’s words.

One of the things that the Grand Elder didn ’t want to see, was the Yang clan striking up a relationship with the Bai clan.

The Yang clan was already the undisputable strongest clan among the powerful families and clans in the Holy sect ’s territory.

If Yang Hui really followed Bai Liuxian, then once the Yang clan obtained the protection of the Bai clan, even the sect master would have to think twice about offending them.

However, the Grand Elder knew that there was nothing he could do about this either, so he could only remain silent.

With a smile on his face, Yang Hui looked at Qiao Min and said a moment later, with that same unchanging smile on his face

’ ’Junior sister Qiao, do you really intend to challenge me again? I thought you learned your lesson the last time. ’ ’

Qiao Min snorted as she looked at Yang Hui in the sky who was arrogantly looking down on her as if he was a flame god who could easily decide her life and death, before she answered coldly

’ ’Yang Hui, you are too arrogant.
Do you think that you are actually invincible? I did lose the last time but don ’t think that things would remain like that forever! ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Qiao Min allowed her cultivation base to surge wildly, while snakes made from water started to appear in the air around her.

However, the peculiar thing was, that these water snakes seemed to have been formed from a type of black water.

’ ’Eh? Something is wrong with senior sister Qiao ’s snakes…
Don ’t they seem too real? It ’s almost as if they are actual magic beasts. ’ ’

’ ’Idiot! Look at senior sister ’s cultivation base instead! She has broken through once again! ’ ’

Surprised exclamations filled the arena when people saw the black water snakes, while those disciples in the top 10 were actually even more surprised when they sensed Qiao Min ’s cultivation.

Even Yang Hui was stunned briefly before he looked at Qiao Min and said in surprise

’ ’You broke through to the early rank 4 of the Dao King realm? Hah, how interesting.

It also seems like your water snakes are a bit different from the last time.
Perhaps this will be a bit fun then. ’ ’

Although Yang Hui was slightly surprised, that calm smile hadn ’t vanished from his face even for a single second, as he slowly descended from the sky, landing on the platform and standing opposite from Qiao Min.

Those disciples who were staring at Yang Hui suddenly thought that they saw an evil smile form itself on his lips, before Yang Hui ’s cultivation exploded outwards as well.

The confident smile on Qiao Min ’s face froze in the next moment when she sensed Yang Hui ’s cultivation base that was actually at the same level as hers…
the early rank 4 of the Dao King realm!

’ ’Heh, junior sister, did you think that you were the only one who managed to breakthrough? Even with your unique physique, you should understand that you are no match for me at the same cultivation level.
No, it should be said that at the same cultivation level, no one in the entire sect is my match! ’ ’

Yang Hui sneered as he looked at Qiao Min contemptuously, waiting to see her surrender. 

In his heart, Yang Hui truly disdained to fight against Qiao Min.

Even the inner court disciples of the Holy sect weren ’t enough to catch his attention.

The only people who were his match, were the few core disciples of the sect, or the peak geniuses around the central region who belonged to the superpowers that ruled the central region.

This was why Yang Hui spent most of his time inside the Dao Tower in the Holy city fighting against those geniuses, or he stayed inside his Yang clan, fighting against the Dao Emperor realm experts of his clan.

The arena that had yet to calm down from Qiao Min ’s surprising breakthrough before it was filled with clamor once again, as the disciples sitting in the audience seats excitedly cheered

’ ’Senior brother Yang Hui has broken through as well! He is now a middle-stage Dao King just like senior sister Qiao! ’ ’

’ ’Sigh.
After seeing senior sister ’s Qiao ’s breakthrough, I actually thought that she would take first place in the Martial Roll of Honor this time, but who would expect that senior brother Yang would breakthrough as well? Is senior sister doomed to stay in second place forever? ’ ’

’ ’Tsk! What do you know? Senior sister Qiao is only 40 years old and she is already a middle-stage Dao King! She even became a Dao King when she was just 35 years old! Her talent is truly at the top of the entire sect, and perhaps even when it ’s compared to the central region as a whole.
Even if there are stronger geniuses out there, I doubt that they will be faster in their cultivation speed by much. 

As for senior brother Yang, he is already 70 years old.
Although he is very fast as well and he is extremely young, he is much older than senior sister Qiao herself.
In the future, senior sister will definitely be the strongest person in the sect. ’ ’

Some disciples nodded while others fell silent when they heard this.

There were many disciples in the sect who debated whether Yang Hui or Qiao Min was more talented.

Without a doubt, Qiao Min ’s cultivation speed was faster than Yang Hui ’s, but in the last Martial Roll of Honor tournament, both Qiao Min and Yang Hui were at the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm, and yet Yang Hui had effortlessly defeated her.

This time, things didn ’t seem to go any different, since both of them were at the same cultivation level again.

Few people believed that the result would actually change.

Shun Long shook his head when he heard the discussions of the crowd around him, while Jiang Chen simply snorted coldly when Yang Hui arrogantly said that he is invincible at the same level of cultivation.

’ ’Just wait until we reach the middle stages of the Dao King realm as well.
We will then see if that guy is really invincible at the same level of cultivation. ’ ’

Xingyi then turned her bright emerald eyes towards Shun Long and asked curiously

’ ’Brother Long, is there something special about that Yang Hui? ’ ’

Liu Mei and the others all looked at Shun Long curiously.

They could see that he had a look of interest in his eyes as he stared at Yang Hui.

Shun Long nodded his head and answered with a calm smile on his face

’ ’That guy is strong.
Both he and Qiao Min are at the same level of cultivation, but even though Qiao Min has consumed a ’five-elements awakening pill ’ to increase the strength of her unique physique even further, she still isn ’t a match for Yang Hui just yet. ’ ’

Bai Longtian and the others were stunned briefly when they heard this, but they still regained their bearings soon after.

Although they were surprised that Shun Long would be able to see through something like Qiao Min consuming a ’five elements awakening pill ’, they knew that it wasn ’t too crazy considering his level of talent in alchemy.

In their eyes, since Shun Long was able to concoct top-grade rank 6 pills like the ’five-elements awakening pill ’ that even star-rank alchemists only had a 40 percent chance to concoct successfully, his level of talent probably exceeded that of a star-rank alchemist already.

If it wasn ’t because Shun Long was still a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, Bai Longtian and the others all believed that Shun Long would even be able to concoct rank 7 pills if his spiritual strength was strong enough.

Since Shun Long had been able to see through Jiang Chen ’s and Bai Longtian ’s unique physiques when they were intentionally hiding them, it was only natural in their eyes that he would be able to see through Qiao Min ’s secret of consuming as ’five elements awakening pill ’ as well.

With a deep look in his eyes, Shun Long stared seriously at Yang Hui and Qiao Min who were both about to fight, before he continued

’ ’Although Qiao Min ’s unique physique isn ’t weak, it ’s different compared to Jiang Chen ’s, Xingyi ’s, or Longtian ’s unique physiques.
Her unique physique is called the ’Blackwater unique physique ’ and it doesn ’t enhance her combat strength as much.
Instead, it allows her to cultivate more quickly.

As for that Yang Hui, he is strong because of that pair of triangle-shaped eyes of his.
After all, those eyes come from a ’mythic rank ’ magic beast, the Fire Qilin! ’ ’

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