693 Chapter 693 Seen through?

Sun Wen seemed to have also realized what the Grand Elder ’s intentions were, but just as he was about to declare the start of the fights between the top 100, the purple-robed old man next to Bai Liuxian frowned and said coldly

’ ’Wait! ’ ’

Sun Wen, the Grand Elder, and Liu Mei ’s master, all turned their gazes towards him, before Bai Liuxian asked curiously in the next moment

’ ’Uncle Mo, what ’s wrong? ’ ’

The purple-robed old man threw a look at the disciples on the platform below him before he answered seriously

’ ’Princess, you are probably thinking that no one below the top 100 is important to you.
After all, those who are talented would already be ranked in the top 100, right? ’ ’

Bai Liuxian nodded her head somewhat hesitantly.

She didn ’t understand what ’uncle Mo ’ was hinting at, but she knew that there was probably a reason for him to suddenly ask this question.

Indeed, the purple-robed old man sighed when he received Bai Liuxian ’s answer before he shook his head and said 

’ ’Princess, you are too inexperienced.
Could it be that you really think, that no one below the top 100 can be talented enough to be of help to you? Perhaps there will be a few geniuses who were only restricted by their cultivation bases and couldn ’t enter the top 100 just yet. ’ ’

The Grand Elder ’s eyes twitched while Sun Wen ’s face turned slightly pale.

Sun Wen knew that the reason why the Grand Elder was moving up the fights, was to avoid exposing a few certain disciples like Shun Long.

However, the purple-robed old man seemed to have already seen through this plan, as he pointed directly at the crux of the matter.

A look of realization flashed past Bai Liuxian ’s bright green eyes as she turned her gaze towards the Grand Elder in the next moment and said coldly

’ ’In that case, let ’s continue with the fights between the top 1000.
It ’s just a few more fights left, I can afford to wait this long. ’ ’

Although the Grand Elder felt angry at the commanding tone that Bai Liuxian had used when she spoke to him, almost as if she was ordering around a servant, he still didn ’t flare up once he remembered the Sovereign realm expert who was traveling by her side.

The disciples on the platform were all surprised when they heard these 2 newcomers ordering around the Grand Elder and even having a say in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament.

Even Yang Hui and the other high-ranking disciples from the powerful families were stunned upon seeing this scene.

They had originally thought that Bai Liuxian and the purple-robed old man just happened to come to the Holy sect today, and they were simply interested in spending some time watching the fights between the top 100 in the Martial Roll of Honor since they were here.

However, there seemed to be an even more important reason behind that instead, since the purple-robed young woman seemed to be looking for some people to help her.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, the Grand Elder looked at this princess of the Bai clan who was standing next to him and said calmly

’ ’Princess, I do admit that there are some talented outer court disciples who haven ’t yet entered the top 100 in the Martial Roll of Honor.

However, only those who are ranked in the top 100 can possibly catch your attention.
Of course, if you really want to, I don ’t mind having those at the top 400 and above fight as well.

You should understand that only those in the top 400 and above have entered the Dao King realm, and most of them are rank 1 Dao Kings as well. 

As for those below the top 400, they are all at the Nascent Soul stage.
I ’m sure that the princess isn ’t interested in Nascent Soul stage outer disciples. 

After all, no one below the Dao King realm can enter the City of Immortals in the first place. ’ ’

As he said the last sentence, the Grand Elder had turned his eyes towards the purple-robed old man next to Bai Liuxian.

The old man stared at the Grand Elder seriously without responding straight away.

He could feel that something was off about all of this, but the Grand Elder ’s words had merit as well.

No matter what, the princess wouldn ’t be interested in Nascent Soul stage outer disciples whom she couldn ’t bring with her to the City of Immortals.

Although the purple-robed ’uncle Mo ’ wanted to argue, in the end, he decided to stay silent, or it would seem like a Sovereign realm expert like him was trying to steal a bunch of Nascent Soul stage outer disciples from the Holy sect.

Besides, in the last 5 months, the old man had already visited plenty of places with Bai Liuxian but the number of geniuses he had found was pitifully low.

It would already be a miracle if he could find a single person in this Holy sect who could be worthy enough to follow his princess, let alone more of them.

Seeing that the purple-robed old man didn ’t disagree, Bai Liuxian looked at the Grand Elder and spoke calmly

’ ’In that case, let ’s start with the fights between the top 400. ’ ’

The Grand Elder nodded his head, while inwardly he heaved a sigh of relief without showing any of it in his expression, afraid that the purple-robed old man would change his mind.

The Grand Elder then ordered those below the top 400 to return to the audience seats while those in the top 400 would remain in the surrounding platforms.

Shun Long had an odd look in his eyes as he looked at the Grand Elder and the purple-robed young woman in the sky next to him, before he led Liu Mei and Jiang Chen back towards the audience seats where Xingyi and Bai Longtian were waiting for him.

Shun Long was paying attention to this powerful Sovereign realm expert from the very beginning, and it wasn ’t hard to guess, that he and the purple-robed young woman by his side had come to the Holy sect with a certain goal in mind.

Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, all understood this as well, but they decided to remain silent.

Although they were all interested in this City of Immortals as well, they knew that even reaching the Dao King realm in a couple of years when the CIty of Immortals opened was extremely difficult, nearly downright impossible.

Since the Grand Elder had said that only disciples with a cultivation at the Dao King realm or above would be allowed to enter, no one doubted his words.

As for the sudden visit from this green-haired young woman from the Bai clan, naturally, it had nothing to do with any of them.

Even Shun Long who had the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ wasn ’t confident in his chances of reaching the Dao King realm in just 2 years.

After all, Shun Long knew that the hardest part when breaking through wasn ’t the process of gathering sufficient qi to purify his qi balls, but increasing his comprehension in the Dao of Time even further.

Just to increase his Dao comprehension from the peak of the Spirit realm to the Nascent Soul stage, Shun Long had spent nearly 2 years in the ’Ten thousand beasts mountain range ’ in the Night star continent, and most of that time had been spent inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ which equaled to almost 20 years. 

As for the breakthrough to the Dao King realm, he was certain that it was going to be even more difficult.

Shun Long could sense that there would be tremendous changes in his Dao of Time once he broke through to become a Dao King.

A few minutes later, the fights between the top 400 started.

Indeed, every single disciple who stepped on the platform had reached at least the early rank 1 of the Dao King realm, and Shun Long understood that each of them was strong enough to easily fight many average Dao Kings at the same level.

At least an average early rank 1 Dao King from the powers around the Holy sect wouldn ’t be able to last more than a few exchanged against these outer court disciples who were ranked in the top 400.

And yet, the purple-robed princess of the Bai clan had a dark look on her face, feeling as if she had been wasting her time.

It was obvious that none of these disciples had managed to attract her attention.

Time soon flowed by and in the blink of an eye, 2 hours had passed.

Although Bai Liuxian wasn ’t interested in these fights, the situation among those disciples sitting in the audience seats was completely different as excitement had filled the arena.

Of course, this was only natural.

Most of the disciples in the top 400 were either at the early rank 1 or the middle rank 1 of the Dao King realm, but as the fights continued, the disciples who stepped on the platform were even stronger than those before them.

As those disciples fought, Shun Long finally found their true level of strength.

Those in the top 300 were almost all at the peak of rank 1 or the early rank 2 of the Dao King realm, while those in the top 200 were either middle rank 2 or peak rank 2 Dao Kings.

As for those at the top 100, they were all at the early rank 3 of the Dao King realm at the very least!

Even when the top 50 stepped on the platform, Bai Liuxian was still uninterested and unmoving, as if she was a block of ice.

It was only once the top 10 stepped on the platform, that Bai Liuxian finally showed a change in her expression.

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