689 Chapter 689 Sudden visitors

The purple-robed old man opened his eyes and looked at the young woman by his side who had just called him ’uncle Mo ’, before he answered with a light smile on his face

’ ’Princess, although this Holy sect is a medium-sized sect in our northern region and it can only be considered as small in the entire central region, their sect master Ye Hong isn ’t weak, so you shouldn ’t underestimate this sect. ’ ’

’ ’Oh? Uncle Mo, you seem to hold that person in high regard.
Is he even stronger than you then? ’ ’

The young woman teased with a smile on her face.

Much to her surprise however, the purple-robed old man, ’uncle Mo ’ nodded his head seriously as he continued

’ ’Indeed, that Ye Hong can be considered to be slightly stronger than me, princess.
Although it ’s not by much, I do have to admit that I would probably be in a passive position if we really fought seriously against each other.

Additionally, I heard that in this Holy sect of his there is also a so-called genius named Yang Hui.
Since the princess is looking for suitable talents to help her, perhaps that kid can prove to be of help as well once the princess enters the City of Immortals in the future. ’ ’

The purple-robed young woman nodded her head with a somewhat absent-minded look on her face.

She had only been joking earlier when she had said that the Holy sect ’s sect master, Ye Hong was actually stronger than her ’uncle Mo ’, but surprisingly, uncle Mo actually agreed and confirmed this.

Although ’uncle Mo ’ wasn ’t the strongest warrior that she knew, the purple-robed young woman had a very deep understanding of the actual level of strength that her ’uncle Mo ’ was at.

’Uncle Mo ’ was a Sovereign realm expert, and a relatively powerful one at that, otherwise, she wouldn ’t be traveling around the central region with him as her only guard.

In the central region, Sovereign realm experts were extremely powerful experts, who were qualified to rule over a vast expanse of land.

For the Holy sect ’s sect master to be as strong as her uncle Mo, or perhaps even a bit stronger according to uncle Mo ’s words, this wasn ’t something that the purple-robed young woman would take lightly.

As for that genius of the Holy sect called Yang Hui, although the purple-robed woman was a bit intrigued to hear that he was considered talented even by her ’uncle Mo ’s ’ standards, the young woman barely showed some slight hints of interest.

The battles for the top 1000 continued, and at this point, only a few more fights were needed for the top 1000 rankings to be decided.

At that moment however, the Grand Elder who was leisurely sitting cross-legged in the sky above the arena suddenly narrowed his eyes, as he abruptly turned his gaze towards the south.

Sun Wen, Xuan Jiao, and the bald old man, Cao Ling, seemed to have also sensed something as well, as they turned their eyes towards the south barely a moment later.

The figure of a black crow that was more than 100 meters(328ft) tall appeared in the sky above the Holy sect, before a terrifying aura erupted from the crow ’s body which was clearly felt by every single person inside the Holy sect.

It wasn ’t just the outer court disciples who felt suffocated upon sensing the horrifying aura of the black crow.
Even Sun Wen, Xuan Jiao, and Cao Ling were clearly under a lot of pressure as the expressions on their faces had changed into ones of horror.

Even though they had failed to identify what kind of magic beast this crow was, they could clearly sense that the aura of this black crow was even stronger than their own auras.

Although Cao Ling was only an early stage Dao Emperor, Elder Sun Wen and Xuan Jiao were both late stage Dao Emperor realm experts.

For a magic beast to be even stronger than the 2 of them, there was only one explanation.

It had to be a peak rank 7 magic beast!

Sun Wen and the others had already noticed those 2 people sitting on the black crow ’s back as well, before a single question appeared in their minds.

What kind of status did one need to have to travel on the back of a peak rank 7 magic beast?

Even though they were all experienced Elders of the inner court, the 3 of them couldn ’t help but feel some fear as they looked at the 2 purple-robed figures on the black crow ’s back.

Although Sun Wen and the others couldn ’t recognize the magic beast in the sky, Shun Long had a look of surprise on his face as he identified the black bird with a single glance

’ ’A peak rank 7 ’Hellfire Crow ’! ’ ’

Shun Long knew that Hellfire Crows were extremely rare magic beasts that could even reach the eighth rank once they matured.
After all, ’Hellfire Crows ’ were said to have a small hint of the bloodline of the ’Golden Crow ’, a legendary rank magic beast.

Although this Hellfire Crow in the sky was emitting an extremely powerful aura that seemed to want to suppress every single living being inside the Holy sect, Shun Long understood that it was, at most, a peak rank 7 magic beast that had yet to mature.

This was because once a ’Hellfire Crow ’ matured and reached adulthood, not only would it become a magic beast of the eighth rank, but its size would expand to thousands of meters from the mere 100 meters that it covered now, while hellfire would start to naturally swirl around its wings every time the crow flapped them.

At this moment, the previously calm Grand Elder had now narrowed his eyes dangerously as he looked at the 2 purple-robed figures on the Hellfire Crow ’s back, before he asked in a cold voice

’ ’The 2 of you, who are you? What are you doing in my Holy sect? ’ ’

Although the Grand Elder could sense the powerful aura coming from the ’Hellfire Crow ’ in the sky that was enough to even match his own aura, the Grand Elder didn ’t even look at the black crow for more than a few seconds, as his gaze was soon focused on the purple-robed old man on the crow ’s back.

The Grand Elder could sense a terrifying aura coming from that person ’s body, an aura that vastly surpassed his own.

Immediately, the Grand Elder undestood, that this old man was at the same level as the sect master, a Sovereign realm expert!

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