’ ’One wrong step in there and our entire group is dead. ’ ’

Although the Demonic Mountain Region covered a vast distance of over 5000 miles, the biggest problem was the many magic beasts that were increasing in strength as they walked deeper inside the region, so they had to proceed with caution.

The 3 girls sucked in a cold breath while Shun Long had already estimated that even without Yong Ru ’s warning.

’ ’Senior brother, are the magic beasts in the inner region that much stronger compared to the outer region? ’ ’ Fei Fang asked nervously

’ ’The outer region could only be considered a playground if you compared it with the inner region.
Not only are most of the beasts at the middle stage of rank 2 or higher, but there is a possibility that we will even meet rank 3 magic beasts in there ’ ’

’ ’Then, senior brother, how about we don ’t- ’ ’

Yong Ru cut her off as he said

’ ’Even though it ’s dangerous, the deeper we go inside the Demonic Mountain Region, the bigger the benefits we will be able to obtain from the qi eruption of the central mountain.
Don ’t worry, there is also a safe place in the inner region as well. ’ ’

The 3 girls ’ eyes darted between each other as they looked at Yong Ru pleadingly, who then sighed as he asked

’ ’Why did you even want to come along if you are that afraid? You can just stay in the outer region if that ’s the case.
Me and brother Shun can just go to the inner region by ourselves.
But it ’s true that there is a safe place.
Almost every disciple who makes it to the inner region will probably gather there to rest and take shelter as they wait for for the qi eruption to start. ’ ’

The 3 girls hanged their heads low in embarrassment.
Yong Ru had probably seen through their intentions already.

’ ’We… ’ ’

Before they entered the Demonic Mountain Region, the 3 girls had insisted on following Yong Ru inside, in order to form a better relationship with him and hopefully, rely on him when they returned back to the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’.
But now, after hearing about the dangers in the inner region, and after they were almost killed twice in the first day in the outer region, these girls no longer had the courage to follow Shun Long and Yong Ru inside.

Shun Long sighed inside with disappointment.
No matter what, in the end not only did the 3 girls forget that Yong Ru had fought for them twice already today, but they also chose to abandon him now that they learned of the dangers inside.

’ ’Master don ’t be disappointed.
Such is human nature.
Not many people are willing to do things that will put their lives in danger. ’ ’

’ ’I understand.
Yong Ru needs to search for a ’hell flower ’ and he also wants to absorb the qi from the central mountain, while these girls only wanted to rely on him.
Now that their goals don ’t align, or should I say, now that they don ’t consider the benefits good enough to risk their lives over, they decided to abandon him. ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head as he left that scene and climbed atop of a tree to cultivate for the night.

Yong Ru had a ridiculing smile on his face as he said

’ ’I was such a fool to not understand earlier the reason that you wanted to travel together.
You truly understand a person only when you are in a difficult situation.
After all, everyone can add flowers to a brocade, but few people will actually send charcoal during the snow.
Let us part ways here then. ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother Yong! ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Yong Ru walked in the distance as he too climbed on a tree near Shun Long and closed his eyes.

Dejected, the 3 girls didn ’t have any reason to stay around as they left towards the outskirts of the region.
Yong Ru opened his eyes as he saw them walking away and thought that if they were lucky, they would find a place to peacefully wait out the period of one month, until the sect examination ends.

After a few hours, the sun soon rose and the morning rays warmed Shun Long ’s body as he opened his eyes.
His cultivation was slowly advancing towards the middle of the rank 8 in qi condensation.
It would probably take a few days to advance, but fighting in the Demonic Mountain Region was also helping him get accustomed to the rapid increase in his strength.

Yong Ru seemed to have just opened his eyes as well as he greeted Shun Long.

After eating some fruits from a few nearby trees, their group of 2 started walking towards the inner region.

Traveling by just the 2 of them, Shun Long and Yong Ru didn ’t waste much time in their journey.
Shun Long had little Black constantly scan the way, so he could avoid any situations that they couldn ’t deal with.

They traveled during the day while they cultivated during the night.

Their second day proved to be relatively uneventful.
Aside from meeting one early rank 2 magic beast and a few rank 1 beasts, nothing notable happened.

The central mountain was estimated to erupt in around 15 days since the disciples had first entered the region, but it could still erupt earlier or later than the 4 sects ’ original estimations.
Hence, it was better to get to the inner region earlier.

On the third day however, as Shun Long and Yong Ru were heading towards the inner region, they were ambushed by a big group of people.

There were more than 15 people in this group as they threateningly surrounded the two of them.

The disciples in this group belonged to the ’Flying sword sect ’ and surprisingly, the ’floating cloud sect ’.

A woman in yellow robes as well as a man dressed in white with a red sword strapped on his waist walked out from the front of the group.

The woman was around 16 years old with a pretty face and beautiful blonde hair as she looked at Shun Long and Yong Ru before saying in a commanding tone

’ ’Hand over your ’sect identifying jades ’ and we will allow you to pass ’ ’

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