687 Chapter 687 Shun Long vs Qiu Yun 4

The moment that his black sword met the white tiger's all-out attack, Shun Long's hand instantly started to bleed as the black sword was nearly sent flying away from his hand.

The force behind the tiger's attack was truly terrifying.

At the same time however, the tiger's large body was sent flying back uncontrollably barely a moment later.

The arena had fallen completely silent and even Qiu Yun who had barely managed to defend himself against Shun Long's 'Time Siphon', stared at the scene in front of him with eyes filled with shock and incredulity.

Shun Long had actually overpowered his 'Winged white tiger'!

His tiger was a peak rank 5 magic beast, one that stood almost at the peak even among other peak rank 5 magic beasts as far as he was concerned.

Once it matured fully and reached the early rank 6, its potential was enough to compete even with some middle rank 6 magic beasts.

And yet, it had actually been overpowered by Shun Long's attack!

Although Qiu Yun didn't want to accept it, he knew that he couldn't space out, as he prepared himself to activate his 'Thousand Rocks Array' for the second time.

At that moment however, Qiu Yun saw Shun Long's body suddenly vanish, before a sense of danger came from his side a moment later, making all the hair on his body stand on edge.

Indeed, Shun Long wasn't planning to let Qiu Yun use his 'Thousand Rocks Array' for the second time.

Clenching the sword hilt with both hands, Shun Long then slashed his black sword sideways, sending a powerful sword slash towards Qiu Yun's waist.

Qiu Yun immediately gave up on using his 'Thousand Rocks Array', as another layer of earth armor immediately covered his entire body, before he raised both of his arms to hurriedly defend.

Although Qiu Yun had only managed to get rid of the effects of Shun Long's 'Time Siphon' thanks to his earth armor and his understanding of the Dao of Earth that was a level higher than Shun Long's Dao of Time, Qiu Yun already understood how terrifying Shun Long's attacks really were by now.

Even he wasn't confident in taking those sword attacks head-on.

However, he still knew that as long as he could delay for a while until his 'Winged white tiger' came to help him, he wouldn't be in such a precarious position any longer.


As soon as the black sword met with his earth armor, an expression of disbelief appeared on Qiu Yun's face before his earth armor actually started to crack.

A moment later, the terrifying force behind Shun Long's sword only had 30 percent of its original power left as it landed on Qiu Yun's body directly.

Shun Long then saw Qiu Yun stumbling back for more than a dozen steps before he regained his balance.

And yet, Shun Long wasn't too surprised by this.

He hadn't expected that Qiu Yun would be defeated with a single attack.

Although Qiu Yun's advantage lied in the physical defense of his 'Winged white tiger' that vastly surpassed most other disciples at the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul while he himself attacked from the distance with his 'Thousand Rocks Array, in the end, Qiu Yun himself was also a body refiner who had also reached the peak of the fifth stage.

The strength of his body wasn't inferior to any other peak rank 9 outer court disciple.

Thus, it was simply impossible for him to be so weak that he couldn't even take on a 'casual' sword blow like that.

However, Shun Long's sword attack was still enough to destroy his earth armor and even send him stumbling backwards.

From the fact that it had managed to break past Qiu Yun's earth armor alone, one could guess how much power that sword slash was carrying with it.

And yet, as he regained his balance, not only did Qiu Yun not seem panicked in the slightest, but he actually smirked coldly as he said

''I got you! Soul Sword!''

At that moment, a dim purple light that was shaped like a sword suddenly emerged from Qiu Yun's eyes, as it shot towards Shun Long's head at a speed that was impossible to react.

The sword-shaped purple light appeared in front of Shun Long almost instantly, and looking as if it was completely unaffected by material defenses, it effortlessly pierced through the space between Shun Long's eyebrows as it entered his head.

Qiu Yun smiled even wider when he saw this scene.

This was the biggest trump card that he had, a Saint low-grade martial skill that targetted his opponent's soul, 'Soul Sword'!

Qiu Yun's biggest strength didn't lie in his material defenses or his ranged attacks like the 'Thousand Rocks Array'.

It was actually his enormous spiritual strength that easily surpassed most other peak rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivators.

Qiu Yun could confidently claim that among those outer disciples who had yet to enter the Dao King realm, he definitely ranked in the top 3 in terms of the power of his soul!

After all, to become a powerful beast tamer and subdue magic beasts, a beast tamer's soul needed to be strong enough to overpower those beasts as well and force them to submission, or it would be impossible to create a master and servant bond.

Qiu Yun didn't think that he would have to use his strongest trump card against Shun Long but he didn't regret it.

Seeing that Shun Long had suddenly gone still once the purple-shaped sword entered his body made Qiu Yun relax slightly.
He understood that Shun Long had been affected by his 'Soul Sword'.

However, Qiu Yun wasn't willing to take any risks either.
He wasn't going to underestimate Shun Long any longer, so the moment he saw the dazed look in his eyes, he suddenly shot forward at full speed as he sent a powerful punch towards Shun Long's head!

Qiu Yun's fist was covered with an even thicker layer of earth armor, as he crossed the distance between himself and Shun Long almost instantly.

And yet, right before his fist was about to collide with Shun Long's head, Qiu Yun noticed that Shun Long's eyes seemed to have regained their clarity, before 2 words entered Qiu Yun's ears in the next moment, causing his body to suddenly turn rigid

''Time Prison!''

Shun Long could feel more than 40 percent of his qi being sapped from his qi balls in a single instant, as the flow of time around Qin Yun was forcibly halted.

Clenching his right fist tightly, Shun Long let go of his black sword as he gathered the full strength of his 'Monarch's Eternal body', before he sent a powerful punch towards Qiu Yun's ribs without holding back.


The sound of bones cracking resounded throughout the arena along with the sound of Qiu Yun's earth armor crumbling, as everyone saw Qiu Yun who was sent flying, before his body collapsed at the edge of the platform barely a moment later.

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