686 Chapter 686 Shun Long vs Qiu Yun 3

A rain of blood suddenly filled the platform, as tens of rocks that were shooting upwards from the ground quickly pierced through Shun Long's body, instantly filling it with wounds.

The disciples in the audience seats were stunned when they saw this scene.

Had Shun Long decided to give up?

''Long-ge!'' Even Liu Mei, Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, were all stunned when they saw this scene, as Liu Mei exclaimed out in fear for the first time.

None of them could understand why Shun Long had suddenly gone still and let the rocks to bombard his body like that.

Although Shun Long was having trouble escaping this 'Thousand Rocks Array', he could still defend against the rock attacks without too much trouble.
These rocks' attacks were not comparable to the fangs of the 'Winged white tiger', but they were still stronger than the tiger's claws.

Additionally, there were hundreds of rocks, and tens of them had instantly pierced through Shun Long's body.

The Grand Elder in the sky squinted his eyes as if he couldn't understand what was going on either.

However, unlike Liu Mei and the others, the Grand Elder noticed something that made his expression change into one of shock barely a moment later.

Although Shun Long had indeed been injured, and his arms, legs, and even his chest were now filled with wounds from the rocks' attacks, not a single one of the rocks had landed on a vital spot.

It was almost as if the rocks that had landed on Shun Long's body had just happened to miss all of his vitals instead!

Shun Long didn't have the time to pay attention to the crowd.

At the same time that he had gone still, his entire body suddenly emitted a bright blue light as he used his 'Time Siphon'.

Surprisingly, the blue light shot towards Qiu Yun at a speed so fast, that even the peak rank 5 'Winged white tiger' didn't have enough time to react, before the light had completely enveloped its master's body in the blink of an eye.

Qiu Yun suddenly shivered as a horrified expression appeared on his face.

A feeling of dread and terror had filled his heart when he sensed the irresistible power coming from this blue light around him.

Without any hesitation, Qiu Yun decisively abandoned his 'Thousand Rocks Array' as he stopped infusing his qi to sustain it, before an earth armor quickly covered his entire body in the next moment.

And yet, Qiu Yun's face turned pale when he saw that his earth armor was actually disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye, while the blue light was about to touch his body directly.

Qiu Yun could only grit his teeth as he injected more and more of his qi into his earth armor to reinforce his armor's power.
He could feel the scent of death coming from this blue light around his body and wasn't willing to let it touch him.

At the same time, Shun Long could sense the 'Thousand Rocks Array' around him disappear since it was no longer sustained by Qiu Yun's qi.

Although his body was now bleeding heavily after taking on the attacks of tens of rocks, the pain was still within the limits of what he could handle.

Shun Long knew that once he had gotten trapped into Qiu Yun's 'Thousand Rocks Array', it was extremely difficult to escape from it since the array's range covered the entire platform.

Even if Shun Long wanted to attack him while he kept injecting his qi into the array, even if he used his 'Thunderbolt finger' or even the 'Thundergod's slash' to disrupt Qiu Yun's focus, the 'Winged white tiger' would probably take the attack for its master.

This is why Shun Long decided to first use his golden eyes and allow those rocks that would miss his vital spots to hit him, while he focused on activating his 'Time Siphon'.

The disadvantage of the 'Time Siphon' was that Shun Long had to put his full focus on it in order to use it.

This is why he had no other choice but to let those rocks land on his body.

However, the effects of the 'Time Siphon' proved to be lethal even to a peak rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator like Qiu Yun.

As Qiu Yun focused on defending himself using his qi to create even more layers of his earth armor to slow down the 'Time Siphon', the peak rank 5 'Winged white tiger' roared angrily before it shot towards Shun Long once again.

As a magic beast that was just a step away from the Dao King realm, the 'Winged white tiger's' intelligence wasn't any lower than that of a human's.

It knew that the reason why it's master was in a dangerous spot and had to place his full focus on defending himself was because of this blue light that was coming from his enemy's body.

Thus, without any hesitation, the 'Winged white tiger' spread its wings and flew towards Shun Long once again.

Opening its mouth, the white tiger used the sharpest and most destructive part of its body to attack Shun Long, its fangs.

This time, Shun Long didn't hold back either as he took out the pitch black sword from the 'Stone of Time' and held it with both hands, before he started to infuse his qi inside it.

The mysterious runes and patterns on the sword's surface intertwined with each other, as they all lit up at the same time, before sparks of lightning started to crackle around the sword's surface.


Shun Long's eyes narrowed dangerously as he saw the powerful peak rank 5 magic beast arriving in front of him in the blink of an eye, as it opened its mouth and bit directly at his head.

The killing intent coming from the white tiger's body was almost palpable, making even Little Black inside the 'Stone of Time' open his eyes and stare at the tiger, as the black dragon started to emit a dangerous aura.

Little Black could sense that this attack could indeed pose a danger to Shun Long's life.

Slashing his sword horizontally, Shun Long didn't hold back in the slightest as a black sword slash that was crackling with sparks of lightning met the tiger's fangs head-on!

''Thundergod's slash.''

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