685 Chapter 685 Shun Long vs Qiu Yun 2

Shun Long's golden eyes suddenly lit up, while he could also feel a sense of lethal danger coming from the sharp rocks beneath him, before he immediately abandoned his attack towards the 'Winged white tiger' without a second thought.

Shun Long could tell that if he really continued, the sharp rocks would pierce through his body the moment that his spatial blade landed on the white tiger's body as well.

Turning his gaze towards the sharp rocks coming from the ground below him, Shun Long's body was then covered with a bright blue light as he activated his second 'Monarch's Domain', augmenting his speed even further.

Qiu Yun was surprised when he saw the explosive increase in his opponent's speed the moment that Shun Long's body was covered with that bright blue light, but he still smirked coldly a moment later.

Shun Long had already fallen into his trap and he wouldn't escape from it that easily.

At this moment, Shun Long didn't pay any attention to Qiu Yun, as his entire attention was fully focused on the countless rocks coming from the earth below him.

The sharp rocks attacked him from every possible angle even after he had shot backwards and opened up the distance between himself and the 'Winged white tiger'.

These rocks were even faster than arrows, as they bombarded Shun Long from every direction, not giving him any chance to leave their radius.

Shun Long's body moved between the rocks' bombardment evading their attacks, while the purple-colored spatial blade in his hands flashed repeatedly as it hacked those rocks that he couldn't avoid.

And yet, even with his golden eyes that were predicting the trajectory of every single rock, Shun Long still had to go all-out, as he hacked the illusionary purple blade in his right hand without stop.

There were simply too many of those rocks, instantly trapping Shun Long in their midst.

''Haha, brat, do you regret challenging me now? Too bad that it's too late.
This is how a real beast tamer fights! Did you think that you only had to deal with a single magic beast and a normal peak rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator if you challenged me? Hahaha!''

Qiu Yun started to laugh madly while his gaze was still focused on Shun Long who was trapped inside his rock array.
Qiu Yun kept using his qi without any restraint in order to keep Shun Long trapped inside, not planning to give him even a single chance to escape.

As soon as the rock array appeared it had immediately started to expand, and in just a few moments, it had actually covered nearly the entire platform.
Even if Shun Long used 'blink' for the second time, he would still be in the radius of the rock array, unless he arrived in the area right in front of Qiu Yun.

This was the terrifying might of a complete Saint low-grade martial skill, the 'Thousand Rocks Array'.

Shun Long's body flashed repeatedly as he dodged the rocks' attacks.
He understood from the power of this rock array, that Qiu Yun had not only mastered it, but he most likely had used the Dao of Earth as his foundational Dao as well, otherwise this 'Thousand Rocks Array' wouldn't be so strong.

At the same time, Shun Long also realized Qiu Yun's battle plan.

It was a simple but extremely effective plan.

Qiu Yun was planning to have his 'Winged white tiger' entangle his opponent before he trapped him inside his 'Thousand Rocks Array'.

Qiu Yun was confident that the number of outer court disciples below the Dao King realm who could escape his 'Thousand Rocks Array' once they were trapped inside was definitely less than 10.

This was why although Qiu Yun was only ranked in the top 600, this time he was confident enough to enter the top 500 of the Martial Roll of Honor instead.

''Shun Long doesn't have a chance.
Who would expect that senior brother Qiu Yun would have mastered the third form of the 'Thousand Rocks Array' as well?''

''Even without the array, his 'Winged white tiger' is simply too strong.
Now that he also has the array and a peak rank 5 magic beast to protect him, he is nearly invincible below the Dao King realm.''

Most of the disciples in the crowd shook their heads, as if the battle was already over.

They could see that even if Shun Long tried to resort to a sneak attack against Qiu Yun to break his focus and disrupt the 'Thousand Rocks Array', the 'Winged white tiger' would definitely interfere and block it.

Even the Grand Elder in the sky frowned when he saw the perilous position that Shun Long was in.

''Is this his limit?'' The Grand Elder mumbled to himself with furrowed eyebrows.

Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, also looked worried as they stared at Shun Long who was utterly trapped inside the rock array.

They could see that although Shun Long wasn't injured, he didn't have a chance to counterattack unless he managed to somehow break the array.

However, with the 'Winged white tiger' standing at the edge of the array as it protected its master, unless Shun Long used the power of his bloodline, it would most likely be impossible for him to win.

Shun Long however wasn't planning on using his bloodline.

In this extremely tense situation where both his mind and body were strained and brought to their limits, he tried to think of any possible way to break Qiu Yun's 'Thousand Rocks array'.

Shun Long knew that although Qiu Yun was using a lot of his qi to sustain this array, even if he waited until Qiu Yun run out of qi, Shun Long would also be left with at most 20 or 30 percent of his qi as well.

By then, although dealing with Qiu Yun himself would be easy, dealing with the 'Winged white tiger' who was still in perfect condition would be extremely difficult.

At that moment, Shun Long stared at Qiu Yun in the distance ahead of him before he suddenly stopped moving, completely stunning the surrounding outer disciples who were watching the fight.

If he stopped moving wouldn't his body be riddled with holes from the sharp rocks of the 'Thousand Rocks Array' from below?

And yet, Shun Long didn't seem to be paying any attention to the incoming rocks that were flying towards him any longer, as he stared at Qiu Yun in front of him and muttered in a low voice

''Time Siphon!''

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