679 Chapter 679 Liu Mei“s full strength

The black-robed young woman who was clearly at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul stood in front of Liu Mei and looked at Song Yahui with her emotionless eyes, while the Death Eater was emitting an aura of unrestrained hunger and killing intent as it faced the only enemy it could sense on the platform.

Liu Mei understood that the Death Eater and her powerful reanimated corpses should be the first ones to come out from the black hole when she summoned her undead creatures from now on.

After all, she may not necessarily be fast enough to summon her entire undead army in the future if she summoned her skeletons first, since her opponent may specialize in speed like Song Yahui and launch a sudden attack right from the start.

After the roar of the Death Eater had broken the silence in the arena, the outer court disciples in the audience seats who were previously watching the battle calmly, finally exploded in excitement

’ ’Is this really a star-rank armor? Don ’t tell me that Elder Xuan gave her disciple a star-rank armor! ’ ’

’ ’Of course! Who else aside from an inner court Elder would be able to obtain this? How many millions of spirit stones would one have to spend to buy something like this? Although some star-rank weapons could occasionally appear in the auctions of the Holy city, I haven ’t heard of a single star-rank armor appearing in any of the auctions. ’ ’

’ ’Look! Song Yahui is actually injured.
His hand is dripping with blood even though he was the one who attacked! ’ ’

At the same time that the crowd burst in discussions, Song Yahui had a cold look on his face as he stared at his injured right fist, before he took out a high-grade rank 5 healing pill from his spatial ring and placed it in his mouth.

He had actually been injured!

The wound on his hand started to slowly heal, but it still seemed like it would need some time to heal the internal injuries as well.

And yet, Song Yahui didn ’t seem to be in a hurry, as he stared at Liu Mei, allowing her to keep summoning more of her undead creatures while he focused on healing the wound on his arm instead.

In his eyes, Liu Mei ’s undead creatures were nothing to him.
Healing his injured right fist was much more important.
At most, he would need to spend a few more seconds destroying those useless things that blocked his way.

Even the Death Eater and the black-robed woman who were comparable to early rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivators in strength when their power was increased by Liu Mei ’s Death Chant, could only slightly delay Song Yahui for a while, but he would only need a bit more time to take care of them.

’ ’Hahaha, I didn ’t expect that you would have a piece of star-rank armor on you, especially one so peculiar as this.
It even managed to redirect some of the power behind my attack back to me.
It seems that Elder Xuan favors you quite a bit. ’ ’ Song Yahui said calmly as he focused on fully healing his arm, seemingly not in a hurry to make a move right away.

Liu Mei stared at the young man in front of her coldly without responding.

Although Song Yahui ’s tone was calm, Liu Mei could clearly sense the hints of envy in his voice as he stared at her translucent armor.

Even the top 10 disciples in the Martial Roll of Honor were now moved by a treasure like this and were staring at Liu Mei seriously, let alone someone like Song Yahui who was ranked in the bottom of the top 1000.

Of course, Liu Mei had no reason to explain to Song Yahui that this translucent armor was something that Shun Long had snatched by himself under the noses of 2 peak stage Dao Kings.

In just a few moments, an army of 1000 jade white skeletons that were wielding their bony swords and 60 black-armored undead knights who were holding their gigantic black greatswords had appeared in front of Liu Mei, while the Death Eater had gone all the way to the back of the undead army as Liu Mei sat on its back.

And yet, this didn ’t seem to be the end just yet, as the black hole on the floor of the platform had yet to disappear.

Surprised, Song Yahui turned his attention towards the black hole, before the figure of a middle-man dressed in a silver armor slowly emerged from it.

A smile appeared on Shun Long ’s face when he saw this scene, while Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian weren ’t surprised either as they looked at the figure of the stout middle-aged man who had appeared from the black hole.

They knew that Liu Mei had another powerful puppet that she had yet to reveal.

The reason why Liu Mei had decided to sacrifice the corpse of the black-robed old man at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul during her previous battle, was because she was unwilling to reveal this trump card of hers and keep it for this battle.

This was the most powerful puppet that Liu Mei had managed to obtain during the past 5 months, the corpse of a middle rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator.

Indeed, the look on Song Yahui ’s face changed in the next moment as he stared at the silver-armored middle-aged man with an extremely solemn look.

Although Song Yahui hadn ’t paid any attention to Liu Mei ’s undead army previously, this was because he knew that even when the black-robed young woman combined her strength with the Death Eater, she still wouldn ’t pose a threat to him.

Song Yahui had also paid attention to Liu Mei ’s black-armored undead knights previously, but he knew that even when Liu Mei used her Death ’s Chant to strengthen them as well, the strength of the 60 undead knights combined would barely be at the same level as the Death Eater.

Naturally, Song Yahui had no reason to fear them.

In his eyes, they would just be a bit more troublesome to deal with, which was why he decided to take Liu Mei out in the very beginning.

However, Song Yahui now knew, that this corpse of the middle-aged man who had just appeared was an entirely different matter.

If Liu Mei used her Death Chant on him, the silver-armored middle-aged man would probably be comparable to a middle rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator.

Although that wasn ’t strong enough to threaten Song Yahui by itself, when it was combined with the black-robed young woman, the 60 undead knights, and even the hideous Death Eater, Song Yahui ’s face couldn ’t help but turn pale.

Author ’s note: 4/5

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