678 Chapter 678 Liu Mei vs Song Yahui

Liu Mei was surprised by Song Yahui's speed, but even after seeing his sudden attack that was about to hit her stomach, she didn't attempt to defend and instead she closed her eyes, as she kept her full focus on maintaining the black hole open so more of her undead creatures would arrive.

Liu Mei knew that if she lost focus even for a while, the black hole would close and her undead creatures would stop pouring out.

Of course, it wasn't that Liu Mei didn't want to defend or that she thought that Song Yahui was weak, but Song Yahui was simply too fast, causing her to not have enough time to defend.

Less than 200 skeletons had come out from the black hole by now, and they had barely managed to slow down Song Yahui for a single moment before he effortlessly tore through their defenses and arrived in front of Liu Mei to land his attack.

Of course, Liu Mei wasn't entirely to blame for this either.

After all, this was the first time that someone had managed to cross the distance between them so quickly and manage to land a hit on her ever since she had started training in her Dao of Death.

In her previous fights in the Martial Roll of Honor, no one was as fast as Song Yahui who seemed to specialize on speed.

As for the personal missions that she had completed in the past 5 months, every time that Liu Mei had a target that she wanted to fight, she would summon her undead army before she begun the fight.


Shun Long's eyes flashed with a dangerous light the moment he saw Song Yahui's attack landing on Liu Mei.

The moment that Song Yahui's punch landed on Liu Mei's stomach, a bright light suddenly covered Liu Mei's entire body, before the faint outline of a translucent armor appeared on her body.

Runes and patterns lit up as they covered the entire area of the translucent armor in the blink of an eye, before Liu Mei's body was sent flying backwards like a cannonball.

Liu Mei could feel a sharp pain on her stomach, but surprisingly, there was no visible wound on her body nor did she cough out any blood.

Although the pain was indeed intense, it was still within the limits of what Liu Mei could bear.

Shun Long heaved out a sigh of relief when he saw this scene and realized that Liu Mei was truly uninjured, while Liu Mei had a surprised look on her face.

She had nearly forgotten about this translucent armor that she was wearing.

She remembered that this was the same armor that Shun Long had snatched back from the core region of the 'Dragon Lord's villa' in the Night star continent, a peak 1-star rank armor!

At that moment, it wasn't just Song Yahui who was staring at Liu Mei with a gaze mixed with incredulousness and disbelief, but the rest of the outer court disciples in the top 1000 as well, including even those monsters who were ranked in the top 100.

They could clearly see that Liu Mei was wearing a star-rank armor, but none of them could actually believe their eyes.

But this was understandable.

Although most of those disciples who were ranked in the top 10 possessed star-rank weapons, there was not a single outer disciple who had a star-rank armor.

After all, star-rank armors were simply too rare and valuable.

A piece of star-rank armor was simply much more rare than a star-rank weapon at the same level.

Even Liu Mei's master was staring at her disciple with wide-open eyes.
She had never given Liu Mei a star-rank armor, which meant that she had most likely obtained it from someone else.

However, Liu Mei was only a rogue cultivator prior to coming to the Holy sect.
How could she possibly obtain a piece of star-rank armor?

''Oh? This little girl actually has a star-rank armor? And it's even at the peak of 1-star.
How interesting.''

The Grand Elder rested his hand on his beard as he stared at the translucent armor on Liu Mei's body that had managed to negate most of the power behind Song Yahui's attack.

Of course, to someone like the Grand Elder, procuring a piece of a 1-star armor, even a peak 1-star like Liu Mei's armor was practically effortless.

After all, star-rank weapons and armor could only be made by powerful formation masters who were at least rank 6 Dao Emperors.

However, although it was easy for the Grand Elder who had lived for countless years and knew many powerful Dao Emperors, for the families in the Holy sect's territory it was an extremely difficult task.

After all, in the central region, star-rank formation masters were at the same level as the powerful star-rank alchemists and star-rank beast tamers.

Asking those formation masters to create a piece of a star-rank armor, especially a peak 1-star, was at the same level as asking a powerful star-rank alchemist to create a high-grade or even a top-grade rank 7 pill, and an exceedingly difficult rank 7 pill at that.

High-grade and top-grade rank 7 pills were simply too difficult to produce, and the same went for star-rank armors.

Song Yahui stared disbelievingly at his right fist that was now bloodied.
The moment that his punch had landed on the translucent armor covering Liu Mei's body, Song Yahui felt more than half of his energy being negated by the toughness of the armor, while the mysterious runes and patterns on the armor's surface had somehow made 30 percent of his attack to be directed back to him.

Of course, this was the special effect of the translucent armor that Liu Mei was wearing.

Although it didn't empower Liu Mei's strength directly, once Liu Mei was struck by a physical attack, it reflected back more than 30 percent of the attacker's strength back to him.
Just this effect was enough for it to be called a peak 1-star armor.

Caught completely unprepared, Song Yahui felt a powerful force assaulting him, especially his attacking right arm that was jerked back violently and was now dripping with blood as it was clearly wounded.

And yet, the remaining 20 percent of his power was still more than enough to send Liu Mei flying back like a cannonball.

At that moment, the silence in the arena was suddenly broken, as a furious roar could be heard from the black hole on the floor of the platform, before the figure of an enormous, hideous magic beast more than 30 meters(100ft) tall emerged from it, followed by the silhouette of a beautiful young woman in black robes.

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