677 Chapter 677 Liu Mei“s challenge

Feeling Liu Mei ’s gaze on his body, the long black-haired young man narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, unsure if Liu Mei was indeed planning to challenge him.

And yet, his doubt vanished into a cloud of smoke a moment later, as Liu Mei took out her sect identifying token that had the words ’Liu Mei, Martial Roll of Honor Ranking: 1202 ’ and said in a cold voice

’ ’Song Yahui, come here! ’ ’

Indeed, Liu Mei had challenged him without any hesitation.

Song Yahui narrowed his eyes before his cultivation at the middle of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul burst outwards, as his body turned into a blur as it shot straight towards the arena.

’ ’So fast! ’ ’

Many of the surrounding outer disciples inthe audience seats couldn ’t help but exclaim in their hearts when they saw Song Yahui ’s speed.

His speed was indeed extremely fast, even comparable to some of the peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage outer disciples who were ranked in the top 800.

As for Song Yahui himself, Shun Long already knew that he was actually ranked 831st in the Martial Roll of Honor!

Staring at Liu Mei on the platform in front of him, Song Yahui had an extremely ugly look on his face as he narrowed his eyes into slits and said in a cautioning tone

’ ’Junior sister Liu, are you sure you want to challenge me? I don ’t mind giving you some face and let you change your mind before we begin. ’ ’

Although Song Yahui ’s words were calm, the anger in his eyes wasn ’t concealed at all as he looked at Liu Mei ’s figure in front of him.

Indeed, he had offered to take Liu Mei, Jiang Chen and the rest in his faction a month ago, when he had met Shun Long and the rest at the Golden Treasures Hall, simply because he looked at their strength and future potential favorably, and because all of them were personal disciples of the inner court Elders.

Even after they had refused, Song Yahui wasn ’t bothered in the slightest by it.
They lost the opportunity he had offered them, so be it.
But for Liu Mei to dare challenge him today was an entirely different matter.

Although Song Yahui didn ’t want to offend Elder Xuan and be too harsh on Liu Mei, as long as she insisted on fighting him he wasn ’t going to hold back.

No matter what, this was a fight for the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor.

Even Elder XUan wouldn ’t be able to say anything, even if he ended up seriously injuring Liu Mei.

Liu Mei simply shook her head coldly as she looked at Song Yahui, directly rejecting his proposal to change her mind as she said calmly

’ ’Change my mind? There is no need. ’ ’ Liu Mei then turned her attention towards the outer court Elder responsible for this platform, indicating for him to start the fight.

Shun Long shook his head with a smile on his face when he saw Liu Mei choosing Song Yahui as her opponent, while Jiang Chen calmly nodded his head with a cold look in his eyes, his gaze focused on Song Yahui ’s body as well.

Jiang Chen was planning to challenge Song Yahui himself once his turn to fight came, but unfortunately, Liu Mei ’s ranking was higher than his in the Martial Roll of Honor since she had defeated the person who was previously ranked 1202nd.

Xingyi who was standing next to Shun Long and was absorbing another top-grade rank 5 ’Qi replenishing pill ’, as well as Bai Longtian who was still healing the wounds on his body, both opened their eyes when they heard Liu Mei ’s voice, turning their attention to the fighting platform as well.

The outer court Elder looked at Liu Mei seriously for a moment, before he nodded his head and declared the start of the fight

’ ’Begin! ’ ’

As soon as the outer court Elder ’s voice sounded in her ears, Liu Mei gathered her qi in her hands, creating a large ball of black qi that was hovering in front of her chest.

The black ball of of qi was oozing with a terrifying aura of death, and a moment later, it slowly fell on the floor of the platform in front of Liu Mei, opening a black hole that was emitting endless amounts of death qi.

The black hole wasn ’t too big in size, but tens of jade-white skeletons stepped out from it with every passing moment, quickly filling the area around Liu Mei.

However, Song Yahui wasn ’t going to wait for Liu Mei to summon her entire undead army before he fought her.

He already knew what Liu Mei was capable of.

Although he was confident that he could defeat Liu Mei relatively easily, he knew that it would take some time if he had to get past the figure of that black-robed young woman and the enormous monster that Liu Mei had summoned the last time, whose strength was actually comparable to an early rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivator.

Besides, Song Yahui knew that he could end this fight in the blink of an eye.

After all, he could simply beat Liu Mei before she could summon her undead army.

The reason why nobody had done this before him, was because they weren ’t fast enough to close the distance between themselves and Liu Mei.

But he, Song Yahui, was completely different!

Without holding back, the moment that Liu Mei started to condense the black ball of death qi in her hands, Song Yahui kicked the ground, as he suddenly shot forward.

His entire body was covered with a gust of wind, enhancing his speed even further, as Song Yahui turned into a blur, quickly crossing half the distance between himself and Liu Mei.

In just a few moments, just as the first batches of jade white skeletons started to appear from the black hole on the ground, Song Yahui smashed through their group that was blocking his way, as he arrived in front of Liu Mei in the blink of an eye.

With a cold smile on his face, Song Yahui clenched his right fist, punching Liu Mei on her stomach without holding back.
His cultivation at the middle of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul exploded outwards, as his fist was covered with a layer of wind before it fell on Liu Mei ’s stomach.


Author ’s note: 3 more chapters will come in the next 6 hours

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