674 Chapter 674 The top 1000 2

The surrounding outer disciples that had fallen silent just now seemed to have suddenly woken up, as they stared at the figures that had appeared in the arena at the same time before they started clamoring in excitement

''Look at that bald man in the first arena! That's Mao Lim who is ranked 7th in the Martial Roll of Honor! I heard that in the last tournament he was an early rank 3 Dao King! I wonder if he has reached the middle of rank 3 this time.
Perhaps he will even be able to reach the top 5.''

''Wait! The person next to him is actually Luo Zhelan who is ranked in 5th place! He is even stronger than Mao Lim and even Dong Cheng who is ranked 6th!''

''The person ranked 2nd, Goddess Qiao Min has also appeared! That red-haired man next to her…
is he Zheng Zihao who is ranked 4th?''

Suddenly, the people in the crowd all turned their attention towards a stunningly beautiful blue-haired young woman and a red-haired young man who was standing close to her.

This was the same person who was talking about Shun Long just a few moments ago, the person ranked 4th in the Martial Roll of Honor, Zheng Zihao.
As for the gorgeous blue-haired young woman next to him, she was the faction leader of the second strongest faction within the outer court, the person ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor, Qiao Min.

And yet, the playful look that Qiao Min had in her eyes a few moments ago had vanished, as she stared at the figure of a brown-haired young man not too far away from her.

This time, the look in Qiao Min's eyes had turned as cold as an ice block as she looked at this person, but the handsome brown-haired young man who seemed to have sensed her gaze merely smiled as he looked at her.

The disciples in the crowd who followed Qiao Min's gaze also noticed this brown-haired young man who was standing in the platform with a smile on his face, before they bursted in excitement barely a moment later

''That's the person ranked 1st in the Martial Roll of Honor, the number 1 genius of the Yang family, Yang Hui! Even goddess Qiao Min wasn't strong enough to defeat him the last time.
He is truly the strongest person in the outer court.
I heard that Yang Hui's power is even comparable to some of the inner court disciples.''

''Yang Hui's talent is said to be even higher than the 2 inner court disciples from the Yang family.
Only the strongest family in the sect's territory, the Yang family would be able to produce 2 inner court disciples and a monster like Yang Hui.''

Shun Long, Jiang Chen, and the others, all heard the discussion of the crowd as well, as they stared at the outer court disciples who had appeared in the arena.

Shun Long's eyes in particular landed on the person who was rumored to be the strongest outer disciple in the entire Holy sect, Yang Hui.

This person was around 1.8meters (5.10ft) tall, with short brown hair and bright red eyes.
However, what shocked Shun Long wasn't the fact that Yang Hui's aura was completely retracted, but that the pupils in his eyes were extremely peculiar.
The shape of his pupils seemed to have formed a triangle, while the bright red color of his eyes gave others a peculiar feeling.
And yet, his eyes didn't seem out of place, but instead, they looked completely natural.

A moment later, Shun Long's lips curved up as he thought to himself

''No wonder this guy is ranked first in the Martial Roll of Honor.
Just his eyes are enough to let him completely eclipse everyone else around him.''

Shun Long was about to move his gaze from Yang Hui to the rest of the geniuses in the top 10 of the Martial Roll of Honor, when Sun Wen suddenly took a step forward and said in a serious voice

''This time the rules will be the same as the previous years.
Those of you who have entered the top 1500 will be allowed to challenge those at the top 1000 and replace them in the Martial Roll of Honor if you win.
However, every one of you will only have a single chance so choose wisely.
Once someone has been successfully challenged, no one else can challenge that person again.
Naturally, if you don't want to challenge anyone then you can simply forfeit.''

Most of the disciples nodded their heads calmly since they already knew the rules.

Indeed, the previous fights were meant to choose the strongest 500 outer court disciples who would be allowed to challenge those in the top 1000.

Shun Long stared at the white-robed Elder's, Sun Wen's figure in the sky as he understood the rules, before he turned his eyes towards his sect identifying token.

The words 'Shun Long, Martial Roll of Honor ranking: 1245' had appeared on it after he had defeated the young man with the long saber.

As Sun Wen finished speaking, he threw one last look at the disciples below him, before he soared in the sky above the arena once again allowing the fights to continue.

At that moment, the geniuses from the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor turned their attention towards the disciples in the audience seats as well, as a stifling silence soon filled the arena once again.

A moment later however, a young man with long black hair was the first one to move, as he shot out from the audience seats like a black blur, arriving at the only platform that wasn't occupied.

The disciples in the top 1000 had filled 7 of the 8 platforms, but they had left a single one of them empty.

The long-haired young man stood at the center of the platform and took out his sect identifying token that had the words 'Zhao Yun, Martial Roll of Honor ranking: 1001, before he pointed his hand towards a young man who was carrying a sword on his back and said coldly

''Feng Hao! Roll over here!''

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