673 Chapter 673 The top 1000

Although the young man in front of Shun Long staggered after taking on the illusionary, purple-colored blade ’s attack, he soon regained his balance a moment later and raised his head to look at Shun Long.

Before the man could react however, Shun Long ’s body disappeared from the spot he was standing on, appearing next to the yellow-robed young man once again.

The young man raised his saber in reflex as he saw Shun Long bringing down his spatial blade towards his chest for the second time.

This strike was even more terrifying than the first, as the young man barely had enough time to raise his saber and block the attack from the spatial blade, before a sharp pain filled his hand.

The web on his hand finally tore apart completely a second later, unable to resist the force behind the illusionary purple blade, before the large saber was sent flying out of his hand.

At that moment, Shun Long had a rare smile on his face as he faced the young man in front of him, before he said calmly

’ ’You lose. ’ ’

The young man ’s lips twitched when he saw the smile on Shun Long ’s face, but he still shook his head a moment later as he sensed the illusionary purple blade that was still on his chest.

He knew that if this blade could deflect the attack of his peak rank 3 gold grade saber head-on, there was no way that the toughness of his body could possibly resist it.
If Shun Long pushed it in just a bit more, it could effortlessly tear through his defenses and pierce through his chest, before it destroyed his heart.

With an unresigned look on his face, the young man turned around and retrieved his token from the outer court Elder before he returned back to the audience seats.

Of course, the reason behind Shun Long ’s good mood was that he could test the full strength of his body right now.
Although it wasn ’t a fight against a peak rank 5 magic beast, Shun Long could still accurately judge the extent of his improvement after exchanging blows with the young man in front of him.

’ ’Master, your body is now comparable to most peak rank 5 magic beasts ’.
Aside from some extremely powerful peak rank 5 magic beasts, only rank 6 magic beasts and above could pose a threat to master right now. ’ ’ Little Black ’s voice was filled with unconcealed pride as the black dragon had also observed Shun Long ’s fight just now.
Naturally, Little Black was extremely happy with every advancement Shun Long made in his cultivation as well.

Shun Long nodded his head with that same satisfied smile on his face as he heard Little Black ’s joyous voice, before he flew towards the outer court Elder responsible for the platform and retrieved his sect identifying token.

As the crowd clamored in excitement and disbelief while they stared at Shun Long who was flying back towards Jiang Chen and the others in the audience seats, a young man with bright red hair was also staring at Shun Long ’s figure from a spot not too far away from Shun Long ’s seat, as he exclaimed in a calm but somewhat surprised voice

’ ’This kid is extremely strong.
Both he and Chen Fen are in the middle of the fifth stage in body refinement, but he managed to win without using the slightest bit of his qi.
The strength of his body alone is probably comparable to some peak fifth stage body refiners… ’ ’

The young man ’s bright yellow eyes were staring deeply at Shun Long ’s figure as he gave out his evaluation.

The young woman by his side seemed to have heard this as well, as she looked at the red-haired young man next to her and smiled as she asked playfully

’ ’Junior brother Zheng, could it be that you want that kid to join our faction? Hehe, I won ’t object to it. ’ ’

The red-haired young man looked at the gorgeous young woman by his side whose hair were a deep blue color that were matching her bright azure eyes, but he still shook his head and said seriously

’ ’I ’m just a bit interested in his Daos, that ’s all.
For someone who dared to set a supreme Dao like the Dao of Space as the foundational Dao for his body refinement, it will naturally attract a bit of my attention.
As for the Dao that he has set for his qi foundation, although I have some guesses I am not completely certain.

However, he only qualifies to attract some of my attention, that ’s all.
Whether he manages to breakthrough to become a Dao King in the future or not, that ’s a completely different story.
Someone who isn ’t even a Dao King naturally isn ’t qualified to join our faction.
Even if he did join, he would be nothing more than dead weight until he breaks through. ’ ’

The beautiful blue-haired young woman nodded her head smilingly, while a playful glint could be seen deep in her eyes as she stared at Shun Long ’s figure.

Indeed, for someone who wasn ’t even a Dao King, he wouldn ’t possibly be qualified to join one of the strongest factions in the entire Holy sect.

Although Shun Long ’s potential was immense and he was strong enough to defeat normal peak rank 9 Nascent Soul cultivators with the strength he had revealed so far, someone like that was useless to the strongest factions of the Holy sect if he didn ’t manage to breakthrough to the Dao King realm.

After all, both the red-haired young man and the blue-haired young woman knew clearly, that the stronger that Dao you have comprehended and set as a foundational Dao was, the breakthrough to become a Dao King would be even more difficult instead.

As Shun Long flew out of the arena, the rest of the battles in the surrounding platforms also ended at the same time, before the white-robed head Elder, Sun Wen slowly descended from the sky as he stood right above the 8 platforms.

The buzzing arena instantly fell silent as the outer disciples all noticed this as well.

Shun Long saw Sun Wen sweeping his gaze past all of the disciples in the audience seats, before his calm voice echoed throughout the arena a moment later, as it entered Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s ears

’ ’Most of you can probably guess that this Martial Roll of Honor tournament has a much higher significance than the previous ones.
However, I won ’t explain this right now.
All I will tell you is that you should do your best to enter the top 1000.

Now, those of you who are ranked in the Martial Roll of Honor…
step forward. ’ ’

As Sun Wen finished speaking, Shun Long ’s eyes widened slightly as he noticed 1000 yellow-robed figures who flew inside the arena like blurs, as all of them stepped on the 8 platforms.

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