669 Chapter 669

Even Shun Long and Liu Mei stared at this scene with stunned looks on their faces.

Shun Long had originally believed that the 1000 warriors in the earthen yellow armor was his full strength, but now it was obvious that he had been holding back in his previous fights.

A gigantic humanoid creature with blurry, indistinct facial features appeared in front of Jun Ren, as it stared at Jiang Chen with its blurry golden eyes.

This giant was more than 30 meters tall and was clad in a bright golden armor that covered both his chest area, as well as his arms and legs, while on his back he was carrying a large heavy sword.

Although this giant's aura was only at the early rank 7 of the Nascent Soul, the same as Jun Ren and the current Jiang Chen, everyone could feel that this giant was much stronger than the average early rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivator.

The look on Jiang Chen's face turned cold when he sensed this giant's aura, as he slashed his golden saber horizontally at full strength, creating an enormous saber slash that destroyed the bodies of more than 20 of Jun Ren's warriors in an instant.

The earthen yellow warriors however didn't have any fear of death, as they quickly closed the gap that had appeared in their midst and moved to attack Jiang Chen again.

The arena itself once more started to tremble, as the golden-armored giant only stared at Jiang Chen for a single moment, before his body moved towards him like a blur.

The golden-armored giant's speed was even faster than the earthen yellow warriors, and in just a few moments, he had appeared in the sky above Jiang Chen before he drew his gigantic heavy sword and slashed it at Jiang Chen!

The sky above Jiang Chen seemed to have been blotted out, as the enormous sword descended towards him at a terrifying speed.

Jiang Chen slashed his golden saber against the attacks of the surrounding warriors who seemed to have attacked him at the same time as the golden giant, before he sent a punch of his own towards the sky, as his left fist met the giant's sword head-on!

However, Jiang Chen's body slightly trembled, before he was actually sent flying backward like a meteor under the disbelieving eyes of thousands of outer court disciples!

Jiang Chen spat out a mouthful of blood, while his left arm that was covered in blood now had a wound so deep, that those disciples could clearly see Jiang Chen's bones.

Silence had filled the arena before those disciples in the audience seats erupted in discussions

''That golden giant is too terrifying! Jiang Chen has clearly reached the middle of the fifth stage in his body refinement, but that golden giant's attack was strong enough to destroy his arm! If he was slightly weaker he may had even died!''

''Don't tell me that Jiang Chen will actually lose! Could it be that Jun Ren is actually stronger than him?''

''No way! Jiang Chen still has his unique physique! He is definitely strong enough to fight this golden giant.''

Some of the disciples in the crowd were excited to see Jun Ren show his true strength that had even managed to send Jiang Chen flying and injure him heavily, but many of them knew about Jiang Chen's unique physique and were even more eager to see Jiang Chen go all-out.

Shun Long had a deep look in his eyes as he stared at the wound on Jiang Chen's arm, as he mumbled in a low voice

''Indeed, this Jun Ren is even stronger than he looks.
This golden giant is probably not much weaker, even when compared to Mei'er's Death Eater.''

Liu Mei nodded her head in agreement, before a terrifying dark aura suddenly erupted from Jiang Chen's body, immediately silencing the surrounding outer disciples.

This aura brought chills down to most of those outer disciples' hearts, while even Jun Ren involuntarily took a step back when he sensed this, as a feeling of dread suddenly overcame him.

Jiang Chen had a cold look in his eyes as he stared at Jun Ren, as he no longer held back any of his strength, as a veil of darkness suddenly expanded from his body, immediately enveloping the entire platform in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Chen's and Jun Ren's figures, along with the 1000 earthen yellow warriors and even the 30 meters(100ft) tall giant, were all covered by Jiang Chen's veil of darkness in an instant.

Even the outer court Elder responsible for the fights in the platform felt his body being covered by the dark veil.

At the same time, the Grand Elder in the sky suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Jiang Chen's 'Kingdom of Darkness', as his lips curved up into a smile.

At that moment, Jun Ren had a feeling as if he had suddenly turned blind, while he could clearly feel that even his soul sense was restricted inside Jiang Chen's 'Kingdom of Darkness'.

Jun Ren however didn't panic, since he could still feel the position of his earthen yellow warriors and the golden-armored giant that weren't too far away from him.

Without any delay, Jun Ren called for his army of 1000 warriors and the golden-armored to rush towards him at full speed.

Whether it was in terms of offense or defense, Jun Ren was confident that he was among the top of the Holy sect among those at the same level of cultivation.

Even back in his own continent, he was the undisputed strongest genius with no one else coming close to him.

The only reason he was weaker than others inside the Holy sect was his lower cultivation base.

Jun Ren was confident that upon reaching the Dao King realm, even the top 100 in the Martial Roll of Honor would be easy to accomplish!

Staring at the 1000 warriors and the golden-armored giant that had completely surrounded Jun Ren, protecting him from any possible sneak attack, Jiang Chen simply wiped the hint of blood on his lips.

At that moment, the darkness around Jiang Chen's body started to swirl, turning into an enormous black fist that hovered above his head.

This fist of darkness was even bigger than the 2 fists of the golden-armored giant, as it suddenly moved towards Jun Ren's direction.

Although Jun Ren couldn't see anything and his soul sense was completely restricted, he could feel the vibrations in the air around him and could feel that something was approaching him at a terrifying speed.


Jun Ren shouted loudly before the golden-armored giant took a step forward and drew his heavy sword once again, before he slashed it towards the enormous fist of darkness.

The air itself trembled the moment the gigantic black fist and the golden giant's sword met, before the golden giant was actually pushed back for more than a dozen steps.

The look on Jun Ren's face changed when he sensed this.

The golden-armored giant was truly his strongest trump card but it was actually unable to fully resist Jiang Chen's attack!

And yet, before Jun Ren could react, he could suddenly feel the air around him tremble once more, as another black fist that was even bigger than the previous one descended above his head.

''War god's guard!''

Jun Ren's voice was cold as he shouted at his 1000 earthen warriors around him while the qi around his body exploded outwards.
He could feel that the golden giant that had been pushed back more than a dozen steps just now wouldn't be able to make it in time, so Jun Ren could only use his strongest defensive skill, the 'War God's guard'.

The 1000 earthen yellow warriors all flew to the sky before they created a human-shaped wall, as they brandished their swords and spears at the enormous incoming black fist.

Author's note: Chapters were a bit late today (yesterday's 2 more chapters).
We are getting another mass release today however so look forward to it (5 more chapters).

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