’ ’B-BO-BOS-S! H-how? How is this possible? ’ ’

Xiao Wan ’s eyes had turned frantic, as despair started gripping his heart.

He knew that even if he was stronger than Yong Ru one versus one, he couldn ’t win against him combined with the 3 girls that surrounded him.
As for wondering how his brother got crippled and his boss died? He had no idea, while his frame of mind just couldn ’t process that information right now.
His only goal was to escape as far as he could.

He turned his eyes to look at Yong Ru as he said in a pleading tone

’ ’Please, let us leave.
We will give you our survival points and everything else we have.
Please! ’ ’

Xiao Wan was practically begging at this point, and Shun Long who had just heard him, opened his eyes from the distance as he watched this scene coldly.

Yong Ru looked at Xiao Wan with cold eyes.
Although he didn ’t want to kill a man who was begging for his life, he didn ’t have many options right now.
These people didn ’t just want to take their survival points earlier, they also wanted to kill them, and even r.a.p.e his junior sisters.
He simply couldn ’t allow people like them to live, now that they are in a bad spot, even if they are begging for their lives.

’ ’Kill! ’ ’

Yong Ru shouted as he and the 3 girls attacked Xiao Wan.

Yong Ru who was brandishing his sword was enough to keep Xiao Wan at bay, however, now that the 3 young women were also added into the mix, Xiao Wan quickly found himself caught in a bad situation.

Yong Ru ’s attacks were all powerful and his sword was extremely sharp, while each one of the girls was holding a small dagger as they looked for opportune moments to attack.

Xiao Wan quickly found himself riddled with injuries as Yong Ru ’s sword had left deep cuts in his body.
His arms, legs, and even his face were already injured.

After an incense stick of time, Xiao Wan could no longer keep up against the heavy barrage of attacks and finally turned to retreat.

As he parried away Yong Ru ’s sword with his own and looked to escape, a dagger was suddenly plunged in his back, as it reached all the way inside him until it pierced his heart.

Blood filled Fei Fang ’s hands as she pulled the dagger out of Xiao Wan ’s body.

Xiao Wan ’s eyes turned dull and unfocused, as his breathing grew weaker and weaker.
He couldn ’t even turn his head to look at the face of his killer, as he collapsed on the ground, a pool of blood forming underneath his body.

Yong Ru threw a last look at Xiao Wan ’s body, before turning his head to look at Xiao Li whose screaming had just stopped after he heard a loud *bang* and saw his brother ’s body fall to the ground.

Shun Long was watching everything from the distance as he saw Yong Ru walking towards Xiao Li step by step.

Xiao Li wanted to speak but his fear had overtaken his reason.
His mouth made inaudible sounds as he saw Yong Ru raising his sword and slashing it towards his neck.

His head rolled off from his body as a fountain of blood spurted from his neck.
The headless corpse rolled on the ground before it finally stopped moving.

Shun Long watched everything as he observed the cruelty of this world and mumbled in his head

’ ’I was right.
It won ’t matter if you beg, it won ’t matter if you cried, it won ’t matter if you are right or wrong, t won ’t even matter if you are good or evil…
in the end, the only thing that matters is who will be stronger.
The ’floating cloud sect ’ is stronger than its disciples, so it can afford to take everything for them without an explanation, and just give them ’sect points ’ if they want to.
These people too thought that they were stronger, so they decided to rob everything from us, including our lives, without an explanation.
Yet now that the situation changed, Yong Ru who was stronger than them got to decide the 2 brothers ’ life and death.
There isn ’t even a need for explanations or reasoning.
The strong live and prosper while the weak kneel and get stepped on or…
they die. ’ ’

’ ’Master, do you think that ’s cruel? ’ ’

’ ’No, I understand this world now.
There is only one rule if you don ’t want to get trampled on…
become stronger.
If Wong Huo was stronger than me, I also would have died. ’ ’

After Shun Long finished speaking to little Black, he stood up as he walked towards Wong Huo ’s body.

There was a red jade just like his own ’sect identifying jade ’ near Wong Huo ’s chest.

Shun Long grabbed it and sent his spiritual strength inside it, only to be extremely surprised.

There were 13 survival points inside it.
Aside from the survival points, he also found two early rank 2 magic beast cores inside a small bag.

After absorbing them inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long walked towards Yong Ru and the 3 girls.

Seeing the fresh blood in his right hand and robes, the 4 of them were perplexed and Yong Ru couldn ’t help asking

’ ’Are you okay brother Shun, what happened to you? ’ ’ Noone of them could understand how Shun Long had suddenly got injured.

’ ’I ’m fine, how about you guys? ’ ’ Shun Long shook his head as he responded.

’ ’Thankfully, no one got hurt! ’ ’ Yong Ru exclaimed.

Yong Ru still thought that Shun Long had somehow gotten hurt but he didn ’t want to explain it so that he wouldn ’t embarrass himself.

Yong Ru tacitly stopped mentioning it, but after turning his head to look at the headless corpse of Wong Huo, his voice started trembling as he asked with dread evident in his eyes

’ ’Brother Shun, do you have any idea what happened earlier? How is it possible for their boss to have been killed in a split second, and for that Xiao Li to be also crippled? ’ ’

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