667 Chapter 667 Jiang Chen vs Jun Ren

Jun Ren's words instantly attracted the attention of the crowd, as everyone stared at him with excited looks in their eyes.

Jun Ren was actually provoking Jiang Chen!

Everyone who knew a few things about Jiang Chen would confidently say that Jiang Chen was a true madman that very few people would dare to provoke!

In the faction wars, he had even dared to charge against the enemy faction leaders alone, even when those faction leaders had a higher cultivation base than him and they were even protected by 3 or 4 of their faction members.

Although Xingyi's assassination attacks were also feared by the enemy faction leaders when Shun Long's faction participated in the faction wars, Jiang Chen's nature that was like a magic beast was even more terrifying.

When Jiang Chen fought he barely showed any mercy, beating most of his opponents to an inch of their death.

And yet Jun Ren dared to provoke him?

Liu Mei and Xingyi were both puzzled as the 2 young women turned their eyes towards Shun Long, as Xingyi asked in a low voice

''Brother Long, is this Jun Ren an idiot?''

The way Xingyi saw it, trying to anger Jiang Chen when Jun Ren was already weaker than him was no different from having a death wish.

Although Jiang Chen wouldn't dare to kill him, he would definitely beat him without holding back.

Liu Mei had a curious look on her face as well as she stared at Shun Long, while a calm smile had appeared on Bai Longtian's face.

At the same time, Shun Long smiled as well, as he turned his attention towards Liu Mei and Xingyi and said

''Jun Ren is actually smart.
After all, this is his only hope of beating Jiang Chen.
Although his tactic is so simple that even a fool would see through it, Jiang Chen will definitely walk right into it even though he knows it's a trap.''

Shun Long's lips curved up when he saw the looks of disbelief on Liu Mei's and Xingyi's faces, as the 2 peerlessly beautiful women both turned their eyes towards the platform at the same time.

Although Liu Mei and Xingyi both understood what Jun Ren was trying to achieve, they didn't think that he would really manage to rouse Jiang Chen since this tactic of his would only work on idiots or extremely arrogant people.

But Liu Mei and Xingyi had both forgotten that Jiang Chen by nature was extremely arrogant.

It was only when he was around Shun Long and the others that he would show his warm side.
In his heart however he was extremely arrogant.

Why would he let someone like Jun Ren step on him?

Indeed, an extremely evil smile was formed on Jiang Chen's lips as he looked at Jun Ren in front of him, before Jiang Chen suddenly started to laugh

''Hahaha! You would have wiped the floor with me if we were both at the same cultivation base? Fine then! I also wanted to fight you when we entered the Holy sect 10 months ago.
Today I will make you suffer!''

As he finished speaking, under the astounded gazes of the crowd, Jiang Chen actually started to suppress his cultivation base until it reached the early rank 7 of the Nascent Soul, the same level as Jun Ren's.
Unless Jiang Chen intentionally broke this 'seal' of his, his power would be no different from an early rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivator.

Jun Ren's eyes lit up when he saw this scene before a mocking smile slowly formed itself on his lips.

Indeed, Jiang Chen was just as arrogant as he himself was.

Of course, only someone who had extreme confidence in himself and his own strength would intentionally lower his cultivation base to fight his opponent evenly.

The Grand Elder who was leisurely drinking from his wine flask suddenly turned his eyes towards Jiang Chen's platform, before a smile appeared on his face as well.

''Haha, Jiang Tianfang's son isn't any less arrogant than his father.
This will be interesting.
That Jun Ren brat isn't weak either.''

The white-robed Sun Wen and Xuan Jiao both nodded their heads, while Cao Ling stayed silent.

He had both watched Jun Ren and Jiang Chen when they entered the sect, but although he had seen Jiang Chen's limits, Cao Ling had no idea what Jun Ren's limits were.

Shun Long calmly watched as Jiang Chen lowered his cultivation base at the same level as Jun Ren, before he mumbled to himself

''Although this Jun Ren is strong, unless he has something else to rely on aside from his Dao, there is no way for him to win.''

As Shun Long saw it, for Jun Ren to have managed to breakthrough to the early rank 7 in the Nascent Soul so quickly all by himself, he most likely had a secret of his own.

After all, Jiang Chen and the others had consumed a second rank 5 'Barrier piercing pill' that Shun Long himself had refined, but Jun Ren had almost caught up to them.

However, in terms of strength, although Shun Long had already seen that Jun Ren had comprehended an extremely rare and powerful Dao, he was still inferior to Jiang Chen who also had the Eternal Darkness unique physique.

Even if they were at the same level of cultivation, Shun Long knew that Jiang Chen would win even before he had strengthened his physique with the 'five-elements awakening pill'.

''Begin!'' The outer court Elder responsible for the platform said in a loud booming voice.

A pair of black wings that were burning with dark red flames sprouted from Jiang Chen's back at that moment, as Jiang Chen shot towards Jun Ren without any hesitation.

Jun Ren smiled when he saw this and without any hints of panic on his face, he stretched out his hands in front of his chest, before an earthen yellow ball of qi appeared in the air in front of him.

Soon, a second, a third, a fourth…
and in just a few moments, as Jiang Chen had managed to cross only half the distance between them, more than 1000 balls of qi were hovering in the air in front of Jun Ren.

With a mocking look on his face, Jun Ren looked at Jiang Chen's incoming figure before he shouted in a booming voice


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