666 Chapter 666 The King“s palace 2

The young man next to Jiang Chen turned around and looked at Jiang Chen with a disdainful expression on his face, but the moment he noticed who the person who had asked him this question was, a brilliant smile appeared on the young man's face as he nodded his head and answered smilingly

''Ah, it's senior brother Jiang! Senior brother Jiang, you don't know about the King's palace? Of course I can explain then!

The King's palace is an enormous palace situated near the heart of our central region.
It is actually a miraculous palace that every single Nascent Soul cultivator in the central region wishes to enter.
The reason behind that is because, entering the King's palace will allow a person to become a Dao King much quicker than if they were to train in the outside world.''

''Become a Dao King faster than if they were training outside?''

It wasn't just Shun Long whose interest was piqued upon hearing this, but Liu Mei and the rest as well, as everyone stared at the young man next to Jiang Chen who nodded his head seriously and continued

''But of course, the King's palace isn't a place that anyone can enter just because they want to.
The King's palace opens only once every 10 years and only Dao Emperors or higher realm experts are allowed to bring their descendants or disciples inside.

However, even Dao Emperors have limitations and can't bring with them as many people as they want to.
Every Dao Emperor is allowed to bring with them only a single Nascent Soul cultivator who wants to enter the King's Palace.

Even our Holy sect can only bring 10 Nascent Soul cultivators to enter the King's palace every time the palace opens.
So, only the top 10 strongest Nascent Soul outer disciples will be allowed to enter the King's palace every time.''

The young man then turned to look at Shun Long and continued

''However, sometimes, certain inner court Elders will favor their personal disciples instead, and even if their disciples are weaker and aren't among the top 10 strongest Nascent Soul outer disciples, they would still be allowed to enter the King's palace.

This is why everyone couldn't believe that Shun Long had declined the Grand Elder's offer.
After all, there is only a year left until the King's palace opens again, and although Shun Long is strong enough to beat Dong Ai easily, he is still weaker than the strongest Nascent Soul outer disciples.''

The young man took one last look at Shun Long and the rest before he turned around and started to observe the fights in the 8 platforms inside the arena.

At the same time, Shun Long and the others pondered over what they had just learned.

No wonder people were so jealous of the Grand Elder wanting to take Shun Long as his personal disciple.
Just the King's palace by itself would make virtually every single Nascent Soul outer disciple in the Holy sect agree without any hesitation.

Besides, the Grand Elder's status was above that of most inner court Elders in the first place.
Who would dare to offend the Grand Elder's personal disciple within the Holy sect?

''I'm indeed somewhat curious to check out this King's palace now.
However, that guy wasn't wrong either.
My cultivation is only at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul.
Although I could effortlessly beat someone at Dong Ai's level, the strongest outer court disciples who have reached the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul will definitely be at a completely different level.

If there are any of them have also reached the Dao King realm in terms of their Dao comprehension, then even if they haven't broken through to become Dao Kings just yet, it will be practically impossible for me to win unless I use my 'Black Dragon bloodline'.''

As he came to this conclusion, Shun Long looked forward to the battles for the top 1000 even more.

Only after bringing himself to his limits would he have a chance to breakthrough in his Dao comprehension even further.

Right now, Shun Long had already reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage in terms of his Dao comprehension alone.
However, the difference between the peak of the Nascent Soul and the Dao King realm was too vast.

Others may only need a sudden flash of inspiration to breakthrough from the peak of the Nascent Soul to the Dao King realm in terms of their Dao comprehension, but Shun Long knew that his Dao of Time was different.

It needed both a sudden spark of insight and to spend countless hours pondering the Dao as well.

As the battles on the platforms continued, Liu Mei and the rest also won their fights, but their fights also became increasingly more difficult.

Finally, as Jiang Chen stepped on one of the platforms, a short, spiky-haired young man flew towards that platform as well, immediately attracting the attention of many outer court disciples who were sitting in the audience seats.

After all, this was the person with the lowest cultivation base left, Jun Ren.

''Hah, it's finally Jun Ren's turn to lose! The fact that an early rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivator like him made it this far is already surprising.''

''I heard that Jun Ren is Elder Ying's personal disciple.
If he met a middle rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator he would probably have a chance, but against Jiang Chen, he will definitely lose.''

''Perhaps Jun Ren will beat Jiang Chen! Although Jiang Chen's cultivation is at the peak of the rank 7 in the Nascent Soul, it doesn't mean that Jun Ren will necessarily lose.''

Although the vast majority of the disciples believed that Jun Ren would definitely lose, there were still some people who were rooting for him to win.

As Jun Ren stepped on the stage, his arrogant black eyes landed on Jiang Chen who was similarly staring back at him with a lofty, cold gaze.

Surprisingly, Jun Ren was the first to speak, as he looked at Jiang Chen with a provocative look in his eyes and said

''Jiang Chen huh? I saw your battle when we first entered the sect.
Although you are somewhat strong, in my eyes you are nothing special.
Unfortunately your cultivation is higher than mine, or I would have wiped the floor with you today.''

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