665 Chapter 665 The King“s palace?

Sun Wen and the other inner court Elders turned their head to look at the Grand Elder in surprise, but the Grand Elder had a bright smile on his face, as his body abruptly disappeared on the spot.

The Grand Elder's speed was simply terrifying, and before anyone could even react, the Grand Elder had suddenly appeared in front of Shun Long's group like a gust of wind, surprising Shun Long and even the other nearby outer court disciples.

However, the Grand Elder didn't pay attention to anyone else, as his eyes were staring at Shun Long in front of him, and after he placed his hand on Shun Long's shoulder, the Grand Elder laughed joyously and said

''You little brat, you really hid your power deeply.
Quick, let me have a look!''

''Don't tell me that the Grand Elder has come here for Shun Long? How can this be?''

''Could it be because of Shun Long's Dao? It's actually able to attract the attention of the Grand Elder?''

''I don't believe this! Even if Shun Long's Dao is a Supreme Dao, it shouldn't be enough to make the Grand Elder come here personally!''

Previously, there were still some outer disciples who hadn't paid any attention to Shun Long, especially those who were ranked in the top 100.

After all, in their eyes, Shun Long was nothing more than a middle rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivator.

Even if he was strong enough to defeat Dong Ai in a single punch and even if he could really fight against peak rank 9 Nascent Soul outer disciples, in their eyes, Shun Long wasn't a threat.

After all, which person in the top 100 of the Martial Roll of Honor rankings wasn't an extreme genius with absolute confidence in themselves?

But now, virtually everyone, including those monsters ranked in the top 10, were now paying attention to him.

To cause the Grand Elder to personally come here, this meant that even among supreme Daos, Shun Long's Dao was most likely extremely rare.

But of course, even if one had comprehended an extremely rare Dao, it wouldn't mean that they would necessarily be strong.

At the same time, Shun Long's eyes widened when he heard the Grand Elder's words, but a moment later, a wry smile appeared on his face.

''So the Grand Elder came here because of my Dao of Time.'' Shun Long had actually expected this long ago so he wasn't too surprised.

After all, he knew that as long as he revealed his Dao of Time in front of a Dao Emperor like Xuan Jiao or Sun Wen, it was very likely that that person would be able to sense the changes in the flow of time around him and realize that he had comprehended the Dao of Time.

Indeed, even though Sun Wen had never seen someone who had comprehended the Dao of Time before, how could he as a Dao Emperor not sense the changes around Dong Ai's body earlier when Shun Long had fought with her?

With a smile on his face, Shun Long circulated his 'Monarch's Hourglass', causing his eyes to instantly turn a deep golden color.

The invisible figure of an hourglass immediately expanded from Shun Long's body, only enveloping Shun Long's group and the Grand Elder as Shun Long activated his 'Monarch's Domain'.

The Grand Elder had a dazed look in his eyes, but a moment later, he actually started to laugh as he said

''Wonderful! Hahaha!''

Then, almost as if he had suddenly remembered something, the Grand Elder's expression changed slightly as he looked at Shun Long and said

''Sigh, kid, I really wanted you to become my disciple…
but if you aren't willing, then so be it.
In the Holy sect, you are no different from my own disciple anyway.''

Amidst the silent arena, the Grand Elder's words were akin to a bomb that exploded in everyone's minds, completely stunning not just the outer court disciples, but even the inner court Elders in the sky like Sun Wen, Cao Ling, and Xuan Jiao.
Nobody could believe what they had just heard.

''The Grand Elder wanted to take Shun Long as his personal disciple but Shun Long actually refused?''

''That kid, is he crazy? Even the heirs of the big families and clans would go crazy if the Grand Elder wanted to accept them as his personal disciples!''

''Hmph! It doesn't matter! This Shun Long is definitely an idiot.
Since he dared to refuse the Grand Elder, he will have no backer in the future inside the sect.
If he had accepted the Grand Elder's offer, perhaps he would even have a chance to enter the King's palace in the future…
but now? His rate of growth will slow down dramatically after reaching the Dao King realm.''

Many others nodded their heads when they heard this, while at the same time, looks of fervor had appeared in the eyes of the outer disciples who heard the words King's palace.

And yet, the faces of most of those disciples who had mocked and cursed Shun Long just now didn't hide their envy in the slightest.

Shun Long smiled at the Grand Elder while the words King's palace also entered his ears.
Unfortunately, Shun Long had no idea what the King's palace was nor what significance it had.

The Grand Elder simply smiled before his figure suddenly turned blurry, disappearing on the spot and appearing in the midst of Sun Wen, Xuan Jiao, and Cao Ling in the next moment.

Little Black narrowed his eyes inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time' as he stared at the Grand Elder, but the enormous black dragon simply closed his eyes a moment later, not paying any more attention to him.

At the same time, the Grand Elder sat cross-legged in the sky above the arena as the fights finally continued.

Although the appearance of the Grand Elder had disrupted the tournament for a while, most of the disciples only threw one last look at Shun Long before they turned their attention to the fights in the arena.

Naturally, what mattered most today was the Martial Roll of Honor rankings!

Especially considering that the rewards this time were simply incomparable to the previous times.

At the same time that the fights in the arena resumed, Jiang Chen turned his attention towards a young man sitting next to him and asked

''Hey, you, what is this King's palace that you were talking about?''

Author's note: 3 more chapters will come in the next 5 hours.

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