664 Chapter 664

Bai Longtian's opponent was a young woman with fiery red hair and eyebrows whose body was now covered in injuries.

Although her cultivation had reached the middle of rank 8 and was an entire rank higher than Bai Longtian's, this young woman was in an extremely sorry state the moment that Bai Longtian had revealed his unique physique.

The attacks of her sword could barely pierce through Bai Longtian's defenses since his golden Buddha body was extremely durable.

However, the young woman realized that as soon as he activated his unique physique, it wasn't just Bai Longtian's defense that became stronger.
His power and speed had already surpassed hers as well, causing the young woman to only be able to dodge.

Although she managed to sneak some attacks in every now and then, Bai Longtian didn't fear those attacks at all as he allowed them to land on his golden Buddha body.

Most of those attacks however didn't even manage to pierce through his defense, causing the red-haired young woman to feel despair in her heart.

''What kind of defense is this? Even junior sister Qiu's sword is unable to harm that guy's body!''

''That guy is really strong! How come I have never heard of him? Most likely, even those outer court disciples who have reached the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul will have some trouble piercing through his defenses!''

Some of the disciples in the crowd had also noticed how Bai Longtian held an absolute advantage in his fight against the red-haired young woman, causing many people to turn their attention towards him.

After all, his golden Buddha body was truly too eye-catching, so it was only natural that it would attract attention.

''Hah, that buddhist idiot is really enjoying himself.
After consuming the 'five-elements awakening pill', his body really got even stronger than before.
I am curious to see which of us is stronger right now.''

As Jiang Chen said this, the look in his eyes was filled with fighting intent as he stared at Bai Longtian's figure.

Indeed, after consuming the 'five-elements awakening pill', Bai Longtian's unique physique had gotten much stronger than before.

Shun Long and Liu Mei simply smiled when they heard this, while Xingyi turned to look at Shun Long with a bright smile on her face.

After all, it wasn't just Bai Longtian's body that had gotten stronger after consuming the top-grade 'five-elements awakening pills' that Shun Long had made.

Jiang Chen's unique physique had also become much stronger, while the same could be said for Xie Xingyi as well.

If it was the Bai Longtian from before, he would most likely have some trouble taking on the attacks of a middle rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator like the red-haired woman head-on, but now…
most likely only the attacks of a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul outer disciple would be able to threaten him.

Of course, if he really allowed the red-haired young woman to attack him freely, then after tens or perhaps a hundred of consecutive attacks he would be injured, but Bai Longtian wasn't dumb enough to do that.

A few moments later, the red-haired young woman could no longer resist Bai Longtian's palm attacks and finally collapsed on the ground.

At the same time, 2 white blurs streaked through the sky of the outer court, as they appeared above the arena barely a moment later.

Xuan Jiao and the bald Cao Ling both turned their attention towards the 2 newcomers, before their attention was focused on the tall old man with long white hair standing next to Sun Wen.

Xuan Jiao and Cao Ling both bowed as they called out in a respectful voice

''Grand Elder!''

Naturally, the Grand Elder's arrival hadn't just attracted the attention of the 2 inner court Elders, but the 8 outer court Elders as well, along with the disciples in the audience seats.

Although many of the disciples had never even seen the Grand Elder before today, after seeing the inner court and the outer court Elders in front of the 8 platforms greet him respectfully, everyone immediately understood this old man's identity, causing many of the disciples in the audience seats to suck in breaths of cold air.

This was a true legend in the Holy sect's territory, the second strongest person after the mysterious sect master himself!

''What is the Grand Elder doing here? Don't tell me that he has come to watch the fights for the Martial Roll of Honor! It's even rare for the head Elder, Sun Wen to come.''

''Perhaps the Grand Elder heard about Elder Xuan punishing Dong Chen and decided to intervene.
After all, Dong Cheng isn't just a genius ranked 6th in the Martial Roll of Honor, he is also the heir of the Dong clan.
Perhaps the Grand Elder doesn't want him to be too displeased.''

''Idiot! The head Elder had left the arena long before Shun Long's fight with Dong Cheng! How would he know about Elder Xuan punishing Dong Cheng then? Besides, even if he knew do you really think that the Grand Elder would care about someone like Dong Cheng so much to personally come here?''

The outer disciples had all started to wildly speculate why the Grand Elder had come here.

At that moment however, the Grand Elder simply nodded at Xuan Jiao, Cao Ling, and the 8 outer court Elders, before he turned his attention to Sun Wen next to him and spoke in a hurried voice

''Sun Wen, where is this kid?''

Sun Wen's eyes were scanning the arena already, and he quickly found Shun Long's group in the audience seats.

The Grand Elder followed Sun Wen's line of sight, and soon, his gaze also landed on Shun Long's figure among the crowd.

''It's him?! How is this possible?''

The Grand Elder's eyes widened as he looked at Shun Long with a look of disbelief on his face.

Actually, he had already investigated Shun Long before asking him to become his personal disciple a month ago, but he hadn't found anything else other than Shun Long having comprehended the Dao of Space and possessing an immortal-grade bloodline.

At the same time, Shun Long and the rest had also noticed the Grand Elder's arrival.
Sensing the Grand Elder's heated gaze that had landed on him, Shun Long was somewhat surprised but he still nodded his head at him.

Although he was also curious as to why the Grand Elder had come here, Shun Long was still thankful to the Grand Elder for intervening with the matter regarding Xingyi's master and even giving him his Elder token.

After staying silent for quite a while, the Grand Elder suddenly started laughing, his booming laughter shaking the entire arena.

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