663 Chapter 663 Supreme Dao

The battles in the arena quickly resumed and in the blink of an eye, an hour had passed before only the top 3000 strongest outer disciples were left.

The excitement that the disciples in the crowd were feeling was slowly reaching its peak as the battles in the arena became even more intense.

Even some of the more powerful outer court disciples had finally started to take the stage, and soon, everyone understood that even the top 1000 outer disciples would show themselves in the arena as well.

At the same time that the battles in the arena continued, in the depths of the Holy sect, the white-robed head of the inner court Elders, Sun Wen, had a worried look on his face as he waited outside of the Grand Elder's residence.

Although he had informed the Grand Elder through his sect identifying token that he had arrived, an hour had already passed but the Grand Elder had yet to come out and meet him.

''This is weird.
Even when the Grand Elder is cultivating in seclusion, he will still have his token by his side and will respond whenever there is an important matter.
Don't tell me that something has gone wrong with the Grand Elder's cultivation session this time!''

Sun Wen shivered as he thought of this possibility, but he quickly shook his head a moment later, immediately rejecting it.

The Grand Elder had already reached the peak of the Dao Emperor realm long ago.

Although Sun Wen knew that taking the final step from the Dao Emperor to the Sovereign realm was extremely dangerous and could even kill a peak Dao Emperor, if the Grand Elder had really attempted his breakthrough, there was no way that Sun Wen and the other Elders would have missed the tribulation lightning that would have descended from the heavens.

''Haha, Sun Wen you little brat, why have you come to see me?''

A joyous laughter resounded in the sky as it suddenly interrupted Sun Wen's train of thought, causing Sun Wen to hurriedly raise his head, only to see the figure of a tall old man with long white hair who was flying towards him from the distance with a smile on his face.

Sun Wen hurriedly bowed when he saw the familiar figure of the white-robed old man, before he called out in an excited voice

''Grand Elder!''

Although Sun Wen was surprised when he saw that the Grand Elder wasn't coming out from his own residence, he quickly understood that the Grand Elder had probably ended his cultivation session a while ago.

The Grand Elder nodded his head with that same smile on his face as he looked at Sun Wen and asked

''Speak you brat.
Why have you come to see me? Is there something in the sect that you can't handle by yourself?''

Sun Wen shook his head and answered seriously

''Grand Elder, there is an important issue that made me to come and see you today.''

''Oh? An important issue?''

Sun Wen nodded his head and answered seriously

''An outer court disciple who joined the sect recently has comprehended an extremely rare Supreme Dao!''

''A supreme Dao? Haha, Sun Wen, you little brat, tell me, how many outer court and even inner court disciples have comprehended supreme Daos? Although they aren't common, there are at least 10 of them.''

Sun Wen shook his head vehemently and stared at the white-robed old man in front of him whose aura was like a mountain before he answered in a hurried tone

''No, Grand Elder, this time it's different! This kid's Supreme Dao is really terrifying! At the same time, he hasn't simply gained insights into a single Supreme Dao but he had actually comprehended 2 of them!''

''2 Supreme Daos?'' The Grand Elder's eyes suddenly narrowed as he looked at Sun Wen seriously, causing Sun Wen's body to tremble slightly.

Indeed, Sun Wen clearly understood what having comprehended 2 Supreme Daos meant.

Even among the geniuses of the central region, those who had comprehended 2 Supreme Daos were extremely rare.

Even Sun Wen himself had only heard of a single person who was rumored to have comprehended 2 Supreme Daos, and he was an absolute genius whose strength was even stronger than Sun Wen's!

''Grand Elder…
the main reason why I have to see you today isn't just this.
Both of those Daos that this kid has comprehended are extremely rare Daos even among Supreme Daos, but one of them is a Dao that has never been seen before!

Grand Elder…
I am certain that it's the Dao of Time.''

The Grand Elder's eyes had a look of disbelief as he stared at Sun Wen, before the Grand Elder then said seriously

''Take me to see this kid!''

Sun Wen nodded his head as his figure shot towards the arena in the outer court at full speed.

Sun Wen understood why the Grand Elder was so excited!

A genius who had comprehended 2 Supreme Daos, one of which has never even been seen before…
that was truly terrifying!

In terms of the rarity of the Daos that he had comprehended, Shun Long was without a doubt ranked first within the entire Holy sect.

''Unfortunately, he is simply too weak…
If only there was enough time…
his results there would have been truly stunning.''

As Sun Wen thought of this, he kept flying towards the arena in the outer court at full speed with the Grand Elder trailing right behind him.

Meanwhile, in the sky above the arena, the white-robed Xuan Jiao and Cao Ling were staring at the fights in the arena with smiles on their faces.

Nodding his head, Cao Ling looked at the figure of a golden Buddha that was more than 10 meters(33ft) tall and spoke in a suprised voice

''Even this brat has a unique physique? He Kun's disciple really hid himself well!''

Xuan Jiao nodded her head as they both saw Bai Longtian's eye-catching figure that was standing tall at the center of the platform.

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