662 Chapter 662 Fighting inten


Raising his head, the look on Dong Cheng's face had turned exceedingly ugly as he stared at Elder Xuan's figure in the sky above him.


Dong Ai mumbled in a voice filled with disbelief and even some hints of anger as she stared at her master above the arena.

Elder Xuan had really attacked Dong Cheng and had even destroyed his Dao Emperor protective artifact while forcing him to kneel in front of her.

Dong Cheng had been confident that Cao Ling wouldn't have dared to destroy his protective artifact which was why he was acting so unbridled.

Even if Cao Ling had decided to punish him for breaking the sect rules and attacking Shun Long, considering Dong Cheng's status as someone ranked in the top 10 in the Martial Roll of Honor and the heir of the Dong clan, it was unlikely that Cao Ling would dare to go too far.

But Dong Cheng knew that Elder Xuan was completely different from Cao Ling.

Her status was already many times higher than Cao Ling's, and even among the rest of the inner court Elders of the Holy sect, Xuan Jiao ranked within the top, just below the Grand Elder and the head elder of the inner court Sun Wen!

Even in terms of strength, Xuan Jiao herself was on a completely different level compared to Cao Ling and was rumored to have reached the late stages of the Dao Emperor realm long ago.

Even Dong Cheng's father, the clan leader of the Dong clan was inferior to her.

Thus, Dong Cheng knew that Elder Xuan wouldn't be afraid of his Dong clan nor would she have any reservations in acting against him.

Elder Xuan had a cold look in her eyes as she looked at Dong Cheng and said

''It seems that all of you, the descendants of the big clans and families around my Holy sect's territory have really grown bold.
Consider this your punishment this time.

However, if you dare to break the sect rules in front of me again, it won't matter if you are a descendant of the Dong clan or the Yang family, I promise you that I won't be so merciful next time!''

Dong Cheng narrowed his eyes, but he didn't dare to meet Elder Xuan's piercing gaze head-on as he lowered his head angrily a moment later.

Although he had a bellyful of anger in his heart after having his protective artifact destroyed and even being forced to kneel in front of nearly every single outer disciple in the arena, Dong Cheng didn't dare to lash out at Elder Xuan as he turned around and flew towards the audience seats without saying a word.

However, in his heart, Dong Cheng muttered

''Xuan Jiao! Once I become a late-stage Dao Emperor as well, I will personally take revenge for today's humiliation!''

Elder Xuan's words had even made some of the outer court disciples in the audience seats who belonged to those powerful clans shiver, while a few of them stared at her with serious looks in their eyes.

However, in front of a late-stage Dao Emperor like her, not a single outer disciple, regardless of which powerful clan or family they came from, dared to speak loudly or question her words.

They all understood that Elder Xuan was different from Cao Ling.

It didn't matter which family or clan they came from as Elder Xuan didn't have to give them face at all.

Even if she killed Dong Cheng for breaking the sect rules, the Dong clan leader would only be able to swallow his anger.

But of course, Xuan Jiao wouldn't kill someone at the top 10 of the Martial Roll of Honor for breaking the sect rules.

The current punishment he had received was already enough in her eyes to teach him a lesson.

Shun Long also understood that there was nothing else that Elder Xuan would do to Dong Cheng today, but Shun Long still stared at the golden-haired young man's back with his golden eyes narrowed.

Even if Dong Cheng had lost a Dao Emperor level protective artifact and was forced to kneel for breaking the sect rules, Shun Long wasn't going to simply forget about Dong Cheng's actions against him.

Even Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, were all staring at Dong Cheng's figure with eyes filled with killing intent from the audience seats.

Dong Cheng's actions today had long since crossed their bottom lines.

Turning her gaze towards Shun Long, Elder Xuan then smiled lightly, her beautiful smile immediately capturing the hearts of countless outer disciples sitting in the audience seats.

Shun Long cupped his hands at her, as he saw Elder Xuan nodding her head at him in response, before she once again flew high above the arena.

The bald, white-robed Elder Cao Ling threw one angry look at Dong Cheng who had already returned back to the audience seats, before he followed Elder Xuan as well.

No matter what, an early stage Dao Emperor like Cao Ling would naturally be furious after being looked down upon by an outer court disciple, regardless if he was ranked in the top 10 of the Martial Roll of Honor or not.

Receiving his sect identifying from the outer court Elder responsible for his platform, Shun Long then flew back towards the audience seats, under the attentive eyes of the rest of the outer court disciples around him.

Shun Long could feel the curious and even the heated gazes of the disciples around him, who were either curious to find out what kind of Dao he had comprehended or they even wanted to fight against him.

Even the short, spiky-haired Jun Ren who had entered the sect at the same time that Shun Long, Jiang Chen and the rest did, was now also paying attention to Shun Long with a serious look in his eyes, while the burly giant who had attracted everyone's attention previously, the early rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator Wu Tao had a heated gaze as he stared at Shun Long with eyes filled with fighting intent.

It wasn't just them, as many powerful outer court disciples, even some who were in the top 1000 rankings of the Martial Roll of Honor were now staring at Shun Long's figure that flew back to the audience seats.

Although Shun Long had showed that he was strong enough to fight most peak rank 9 Nascent Soul experts, how could those geniuses be afraid of him?

They would naturally look forward to fighting him themselves!

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