657 Chapter 657 Shun Long vs Dong Ai


The pretty young woman in front of Shun Long laughed joyously as soon as she saw him, but it was clear that her laughter carried obvious hints of mockery with it.


At the same time, Liu Mei's brows furrowed when she saw Shun Long's opponent as a look of displeasure appeared on her face.


That pretty young woman in yellow robes was no one else but Liu Mei's own senior sister, Dong Ai.


At that moment, Liu Mei's hands involuntarily touched the pendant on her neck as her eyes kept staring at her 'senior sister' on the center of the platform.


Liu Mei still remembered how back in Elder Xuan's residence, Dong Ai had thrown a fit of rage the moment she saw that her master had given her personal pendant to Liu Mei.


Of course, it was natural to feel some envy in one's heart, since, according to her master, the pendant on her neck was a true treasure that could block an attack from even a late-stage Dao Emperor two times.


What had made Liu Mei utterly furious however, was that Dong Ai had tried to vent her anger and jealousy on Shun Long and had even told him to leave Liu Mei.


Dong Ai's laughter quickly attracted the attention of plenty of the outer disciples among the crowd, and it even drew the attention of the 3 white-robed inner court Elders in the sky.


''Haha, Elder Xuan, isn't that your disciple?'' It looks like she is fighting against that little monster, Shun Long.
Hehe, I am really curious to see who is going to win!'' The white-robed Elder with an unkempt appearance, Elder Cao Ling spoke with a hint of amusement in his eyes.


Even the head Elder, Sun Wen had also turned his attention towards Shun Long's platform with a look of curiosity on his face.


Up until now, Shun Long had yet to reveal his true strength, utilizing only the strength of his body refinement cultivation, as well as his Dao of Space.


And yet, although he had only used 'blink' so far, none of his opponents had been able to react to it, as all of them were unable to take even a single punch.


''Ai will probably lose! Even that Ma Ming, Mao Jing's personal disciple couldn't take a single punch from Shun Long when they fought a month ago.
Although Ai should be slightly stronger than Ma Ming, she still shouldn't be able to last more than a few exchanges.'' Elder Xuan declared in a cold tone but her brows were furrowed as well.


Elder Sun Wen and Cao Ling were both surprised when they heard that as they turned to look at Elder Xuan next to them, but the 2 of them noticed that Elder Xuan's eyes were still staring at Dong Ai's figure at the center of the platform.


Naturally, the fight between Shun Long and Ma Ming had even reached the ears of some of the inner court Elders like Elder Xuan herself.


After all, for 2 outer court disciples to dare fight in the inner court was extremely rare.


Thus, although Elder Xuan could see that Shun Long's cultivation was inferior to Dong Ai's, she still understood that Dong Ai would probably lose this time.


''How is this possible??''


Indeed, Dong Ai's laughter was cut short a moment later when she suddenly sensed Shun Long's cultivation at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul.


It was almost as if an explosion had gone off inside her mind, as the pretty young woman stared at Shun Long with a gaze filled with disbelief and asked


reached the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul from the early rank 3?''


IT wasn't surprising that Dong Ai would be shocked by Shun Long's rate of advancement.


After all, to reach the late stages of the Nascent Soul from the early stages in just 10 months was practically unheard of!


This had caused even Dong Ai herself to involuntarily feel some dread, as her eyes stared at Shun Long with an extremely serious look inside them!


Even those monsters from the strongest families and clans within the Holy sect's territory, who had access to the best pills and even high-grade spirit stones, would find it difficult to reach the rank 7 of the Nascent Soul from the early rank 3 in just 10 months!


In these past 10 months, Dong Ai's cultivation had also increased, but from the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul it had only reached the early rank 9 instead!


Although it was true that the higher one's cultivation reached, the more difficult it became to advance further, Dong Ai understood that her rate of advancement in front of Shun Long's was truly nothing in comparison.


And yet, a moment later, Shun Long noticed that Dong AI seemed to have regained her bearings as the same mocking smile was formed on her lips.


''So what if you are at the middle of rank 7 of the Nascent Soul? DO you really think that you can fight against an early rank 9 Nascent Soul stage expert like me?''


As she came to this conclusion Dong Ai seemed to have found her confidence again, as she looked at Shun Long with her mocking gaze and spoke loudly, in a voice that even those disciples that were sitting in the audience seats could clearly hear


''Haha, didn't you say that you would squash me like a bug once you reached the late stages of the Nascent Soul? Why don't you show me how you will squash me now? Let's see if a rogue cultivator like you dares to fight against me.''


As she finished speaking, Dong Ai's cultivation at the early rank 9 of the Nascent Soul exploded from her body, as she looked mockingly at Shun Long who was staring back at her with his cold golden eyes.


A cold look also appeared on Liu Mei's face as she looked at this 'senior sister' of hers, while she understood that this was only happening because of the pendant on her neck.
Otherwise, why would Dong Ai look to mess with Shun Long?


Hearing Dong Ai's words, Shun Long simply nodded his head calmly as he kept flying towards the platform inside the arena.

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