656 Chapter 656 Shun Long“s opponen


The look on Bai Longtian's face instantly changed while a murderous look flashed inside Shun Long's eyes.


Although there was a distance between his seat and the platform where Sheng Huang and Bai Longtian were standing, since Shun Long was paying attention to it and Sheng Huang didn't care about others hearing him, Shun Long clearly heard this naked threat.


''Sheng Huang! I will kill you!'' Xingyi's voice was filled with boundless killing intent as she stared at Sheng Huang's figure, while Liu Mei and Jiang Chen had furious looks on their faces.


To dare threaten Bai Longtian and Xingyi that he would deal with their families if Shun Long didn't agree to hand over the treasures of the 'Dragon Lord's villa' had truly made them angry.


Bai Longtian took a step forward while his cultivation at the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul exploded out from his body without restraint.


The Elder had already told them to begin the fight a while ago, but Bai Longtian had waited to hear what Sheng Huang wanted to say.


This time however, Bai Longtian didn't have any intentions to chat with Sheng Huang any longer, as a golden aura immediately enveloped his entire body a moment later, before he shot towards Sheng Huang at full speed.


The look on Sheng Huang's face turned serious, as a metal armor covered his whole body in the blink of an eye, while at the same time, a bronze warhammer also appeared in his hands.


Staring at Bai Longtian's figure that was flying towards him, Sheng Huang smirked when he noticed that Bai Longtian hadn't taken out his weapon, before he suddenly swung the bronze warhammer towards Bai Longtian at full strength.


A black aura had covered Sheng Huang's body and spread towards the bronze warhammer in his hands, as the warhammer fell towards the incoming figure of Bai Longtian.


Sheng Huang hadn't held back at all as he used his strongest attack right away!


The black aura was the aura of his Dao of Destruction that increased the might of his bronze warhammer even further, while the strength of his body that had reached the early fifth stage also augmented his attack even further.


Paired with his peak rank 3 gold-grade warhammer, as long as Bai Longtian didn't go all-out, Sheng Huang was confident that he could injure him heavily despite the difference in their cultivation bases.


Unfortunately for him, the scene that followed made his eyes instantly bulge out in disbelief as Bai Longtian punched the bronze warhammer that was descending towards his head with a furious look on his face before he shouted out


''Sheng Huang!''


Sheng Huang couldn't believe it but he still felt a terrifying force when Bai Longtian's bare hand that was covered with a layer of golden light met his bronze warhammer head-on.


''How is this possible?''


Bai Longtian hadn't even drawn his weapon but he had actually blocked the attack of his bronze warhammer with his bare hand.


Of course, Sheng Huang didn't know that even though his Dao of Destruction had extremely strong offensive abilities, Bai Longtian's Dao of the Buddha had an extremely strong innate defense as well.


In terms of comprehension in his Dao of the Buddha alone, Bai Longtian was also just a step away from reaching the peak of the Nascent Soul stage as well!


Shun Long watched as Sheng Huang's strongest attack had only managed to stop Bai Longtian for a single moment, before Bai Longtian continued forward, and barely a moment later, he had actually arrived in front of Sheng Huang.


Bai Longtian's palm was covered with a layer of golden light as he thrust it forward without holding back.


A look of horror appeared on Sheng Huang's face when Bai Longtian's palm touched his chest, before the irresistible force hidden behind Sheng Huang's palm entered his body, sending him flying back uncontrollably!


The outer court Elder responsible for the platform saw Sheng Huang's body collapsing on the ground, while Bai Longtian walked towards him.


It was clear that Sheng Huang hadn't lost consciousness yet, but he was unable to fight any longer.


The Elder's eyes narrowed and he prepared to intervene in case Bai Longtian really tried to kill him.


Stopping right in front of the collapsed Sheng Huang, Bai Longtian bent down slightly, but the look on his face had lost any signs of its usual warmness as he said in an emotionless voice that seemed to have been barely suppressing his fury


''Sheng Huang, you have crossed my bottom line today.
Although your Shengtian dynasty is considered strong, if you dare to attack my father's White city or the silver mountain of the Xie family, you will definitely pay a big price for it.
I am curious if your Shengtian dynasty really dares to do so with the Demon Emperor palace about to attack the Night star continent any time now.


And even if you attack them and you manage to destroy the White city and the Xie family, I don't believed that your Shengtian dynasty will be bold enough to touch my father or junior sister Xie's family! Otherwise, forget about the Demon Emperor palace, your Shengtian dynasty will be wiped out by the Elders of the Holy sect itself!''


Sheng Huang knew that Bai Longtian was right, while his face quickly turned red from anger.


In the first place, Bai Longtian's father was someone at the same level as his grandfather.


How difficult would it be for the Shengtian dynasty to really kill such a powerful peak Dao King?


Although destroying the White city wasn't too difficult, killing the White Lord was an entirely different matter.


Even if they went all-out, their chances of success would be extremely low!


Besides, even if they could really kill him or the Xie family, would the Shengtian dynasty really dare to do so now that Bai Longtian and Xingyi were disciples of the inner court Elders?


Sheng Huang knew the answer in his heart.


They wouldn't dare.


Although the Holy sect wouldn't meddle if the Shengtian dynasty simply destroyed the White city or the SIlver mountain, touching Bai Longtian's or Xie Xingyi's family members would incur the anger of the inner court Elders!


By then, his Shengtian dynasty would be truly finished!


Sheng Huang hadn't thought too deeply before he spat out his threat towards Bai Longtian earlier either.


After all, he hadn't expected to be matched against Bai Longtian in the first place, while the jealousy that he felt every time that he thought of Shun Long holding 'his star-rank sword' while Bai Longtian and the rest were following him as well, had made Sheng Huang's mind go black from anger, which had led him to spit out that threat.


Bai Longtian only threw one last look at the collapsed prince of the Shengtian dynasty in front of him, before he turned his attention towards the white-robed outer court Elder and received his sect identifying token, as he then flew towards Shun Long and the rest.


At the same time, as Xingyi turned her gaze towards him, Shun Long noticed that Xingyi's body was brimming with killing intent as she looked at him and lowered her head before she said in a low but murderous voice


''Brother Long, I will kill Sheng Huang!''


Shun Long wasn't surprised when he heard this while Liu Mei simply nodded her head in agreement.


Indeed, Sheng Huang's threat was too big.


Even 10 months later, he still hadn't changed his mind.


His heart was set on obtaining the treasures from the 'Dragon Lord's villa' from Shun Long's body.


Shun Long nodded his head as he looked at Xingyi, before he turned his eyes towards Bai Longtian who had just arrived.



Half a day passed, and soon, only the top 5000 were left.


Taking a look at his sect identifying token, Shun Long could see that his ranking was 4986th.


At this point, the battles in the platforms all had experts step in the arena, as only the most powerful outer disciples were left! Disciples who were at the middle stages of the Nascent Soul had already all lost.


Even those at the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul were rare, while those at the early and middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul were practically nonexistent.


Aside from Shun Long, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian who were the only middle rank 7 Nascent Soul cultivators left, and the short, spiky-haired Jun Ren who was still at the early rank 7 of the Nascent Soul, the rest of the outer court disciples in the arena had either reached the peak of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul or even the rank 8.


Naturally, Shun Long had started paying more attention to the battles as well.


At that moment, as Shun Long saw the bald genius, Wu Tao deal with another early rank 8 Nascent Soul cultivator with a single punch, Shun Long suddenly felt his sect identifying token lighting up.


With a calm smile on his face, he then soared in the sky, flying towards the platform where his sect identifying token was guiding him.


But the moment he arrived in front of the arena and saw his opponent, Shun Long's body suddenly froze, while his opponent seemed to be staring at him with a look of disbelief in her eyes as well.


''It's you? Hahahaha!''



Author's note: 2/5

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