654 Chapter 654 Jun Ren and Wu Tao




Zhong Fang's voice trembled as he looked at Xingyi, before he collapsed on the ground barely a moment later with a look of horror in his eyes, as he lost consciousness.


The outer court Elder in front of the platform immediately flew inside and checked Zhong Fang's vitals, and only when he sensed that Zhong Fang was still breathing and that his life wasn't in danger did the white-robed Elder heave out in relief.


Xingyi's dagger had pierced through Zhong Fang's back but it hadn't landed on his heart, so naturally, Zhong Fang wasn't going to die.


After all, although Xingyi knew that Zhong Fang was her enemy, there was no way she was going to kill him in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament.


And yet, facing Xingyi's speed that he couldn't even react to, Zhong Fang had truly felt the sense of death this time.


The white-robed outer court Elder simply shook his head and handed Xingyi's token back to her as he concluded the fight.


For a moment, the Elder had been afraid that Xingyi had actually killed Zhong Fang which had caused him to step on the platform.


But since Xingyi hadn't broken the rules, the Elder didn't care about Zhong Fang's condition at all, as he handed Xingyi's token back to her.


As long as one was alive and wasn't crippled then that was enough.


Xingyi returned back to the audience seats while the fights on the 8 platforms continued.


The level of the fights had actually started to increase, as even the weakest of the disciples who stepped on the platforms were now at the peak rank 5 of the Nascent Soul.


However, Shun Long and his group weren't the only dazzling stars among the disciples who participated in the earlier fights and had an abnormal level of strength.


A short young man with short, spiky black hair who had reached the early rank 7 of the Nascent Soul had also appeared, as well as a burly young man with slanted eyes and a bald head, whose cultivation had actually reached the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul!


Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the rest, actually recognized the short young man with the spiky black hair.


After all, this person had entered the Holy sect at the same time that Shun Long and the rest did, and he was also the only other person outside of Shun Long's group who also had an immortal fate from their batch.


Shun Long remembered that this person's name was Jun Ren.


Although Shun Long didn't know what kind of Dao this Jun Ren trained in, he had actually defeated all 3 of his opponents so far with a single punch.


At the same time, Shun Long heard from the disciples in the crowd around him, that this Jun Ren was also a personal disciple of an inner court Elder.


As for the bald, burly young man with slanted eyes, whose cultivation was at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul, the crowd was even more excited when he stepped onto the arena.


His name was Wu Tao and some people in the crowd even claimed that he would easily enter the top 2000 in this Martial Roll of Honor tournament, and perhaps he could even enter the top 1000, even though his cultivation was only at the early rank 8 of the Nascent Soul.


Shun Long learned that this Wu Tao had actually only entered the sect 2 months before he and the others did, which was why he was also fighting in the earlier fights.


Even Sun Wen, Elder Xuan, and even the white-robed Elder Cao Ling in the sky above the arena were surprised that there were so many geniuses who were participating in the earlier fights in this Martial Roll of Honor tournament.


After all, for a single person or even a second genius to appear was one thing, but just Shun Long's faction alone had 5 of those monsters, while Jun Ren and Wu Tao didn't seem to be any weaker than them either.


This was even more so for Wu Tao, whom many outer disciples acclaimed that he was the strongest genius among this group of monsters.


However, there were plenty of outer court disciples who said that Jiang Chen and even Liu Mei weren't any weaker than Wu Tao.


''Heh, although this Wu Tao is indeed extremely strong and he can probably enter the top 2000, his chances of entering the top 1000 are practically none.
Those kids don't understand how difficult it is to enter the top 1000.
Do they think that just because they are geniuses, those in the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor are weaklings?''


Sun Wen snickered as he heard the discussions of the crowd, while his gaze was focused on the burly young man in one of the platforms who had just sent his opponent flying with a single fist.


This was Wu Tao's fourth opponent so far.


Just like Shun Long's, Jiang Chen's, and Jun Ren's opponents, Wu Tao's own opponents couldn't even take a single punch from him.


The white-robed old man with an unkempt appearance, Cao Ling nodded his head when he heard Sun Wen's words, but almost as if he had suddenly remembered something, he turned his gaze towards the yellow-robed Wu Tao in the arena and said in a solemn tone


''Elder Sun, this Wu Tao isn't as simple as he looks.
He is actually the second son of the Wu family's patriarch!''


Elder Sun seemed to be slightly surprised when he heard this, as he turned to look at Cao Ling next to him and asked


''Are you sure?''


Even Xuan Jiao turned her gaze towards Cao Ling who nodded his head and answered seriously


''There is no mistake.
I heard that this Wu Tao's talent is said to be at the same level as his elder brother's.
If that's true, then it's not completely impossible for this kid to enter the top 1000 this time…''



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