653 Chapter 653 Xingyi“s opponen


Retrieving his sect identifying token from the outer court Elder in front of the platform, Shun Long had a calm look on his face as he turned around and flew back to his seat.


''That kid! Isn't he the one who shattered the ball of fate those months ago?''


At that moment, the white-robed Elder's, Sun Wen's eyes flashed with a surprised light, as his gaze landed on Shun Long's body that was flying towards his seat in the audience seats.


Sun Wen seemed to have recognized Shun Long with just a glance which had caused a look of surprise to appear on his face the moment he noticed him.


In his heart, Sun Wen was indeed somewhat curious about the power of this person who had destroyed the ball of fate.


''Eh? It's him?'' Elder Cao Ling seemed to have also spotted Shun Long's figure, as he immediately recognized him as well.


After all, Cao Ling had intentionally made things difficult for Shun Long and Jiang Chen during the fourth test of the Holy sect back then, since he had been certain that those 2 were hiding some secrets that had attracted Cao Ling's attention.


And indeed, both Shun Long and Jiang Chen ended up possessing immortal-grade bloodlines! This had even exceeded Cao Ling's own expectations, making him pay even more attention to them.


How could Cao Ling forget about them, when the number of disciples that possessed an immortal-grade bloodline within the outer court of the Holy sect didn't even number more than 10?


Elder Xuan had actually noticed Shun Long's figure in the arena long ago, but she simply smiled without saying anything.


After he returned back to his seat, Shun Long stared at the next few fights without too much interest in his eyes.


What he was eagerly anticipating was the fights in the top 2000 and above.


Additionally, Shun Long was also extremely curious to the reason why the Holy sect had increased the rewards so much this time.


And yet, in the second round of fights, as Xingyi stepped on the fighting platform for the second time, Shun Long's eyes were suddenly drawn into her platform as well, as he stared at the chubby, silver-haired young man whom Xingyi was facing with a surprised look on his face.


''It's actually him?''


It wasn't just Shun Long who was surprised when he saw Xingyi's opponent, but Liu Mei and Bai Longtian, and even Xingyi herself.


After all, her opponent was the 'third strongest genius' from the Night star continent, the young lord of the 'Mercenaries' Association', Zhong Fang.


Zhong Fang also looked at Xingyi with a look of disbelief in his eyes.


In the House of Rankings back in the Night star continent, Zhong Fang had been the publicly acclaimed third strongest expert of the younger generation of the Night star continent, and he was only below Bai Longtian and Sheng Huang, while Xingyi herself was only ranked 5th.


However, after joining the Holy sect, Zhong Fang understood that Sheng Huang, Bai Longtian, and Xingyi, had all been hiding their power while they were in the Night star continent.


Sheng Huang himself had been hiding his Dao of Destruction that he had secretly comprehended, while Bai Longtian had been hiding his Dao of the Buddha.
As for Xingyi, she had been actually hiding a unique physique!


Zhong Fang understood that even Sheng Huang and Bai Longtian would have a hard time competing against Xingyi if she had revealed her unique physique back in the Night star continent.


Most likely, in the Night star continent, Xingyi was the one who would have been ranked first in the House of Rankings if she had revealed her Vanishing Shadows unique physique.


However, Zhong Fang and Sheng Huang both understood why Xingyi hadn't chosen to reveal it either.


No matter what, back in the Night star continent, Sheng Huang's Shengtian dynasty was the unquestionably strongest power.


If they had ended up finding out about Xingyi's Vanishing Shadows unique physique and started to consider Xingyi as someone who would be a threat to Sheng Huang, then considering the Shengtian dynasty's influence in the Night star continent, if they started pressuring her Xie family, it was very likely that the Xie family would cave in to the Shengtian dynasty's power while Xingyi wouldn't have a way to protect herself.


Even if the Xie family wasn't willing to bow their heads to the Shengtian dynasty, there was no way that they would be able to resist if the Shengtian dynasty truly considered Xingyi as a threat and wanted to deal with her.


After all, behind the Shengtian dynasty was one of the strongest experts in the entire Night star continent, the old king of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Jun!


Sheng Jun's power was said to be almost comparable to peak experts like the outer court Elders of the Holy sect or the hall masters of the Demon Emperor palace! How could the Xie family resist him?


Xingyi's eyes narrowed as she looked at Zhong Fang with an extremely cold look in her emerald eyes, before she turned her attention towards the outer court Elder in front of the platform who was about to start the fight.


Xingyi herself didn't hold any positive feelings for Zhong Fang or Sheng Huang.


Since Zhong Fang had chosen to follow Sheng Huang and both of them had even showed their killing intent towards Shun Long, Xingyi and the others were only going to treat them as enemies.


Even Bai Longtian wasn't willing to spare Zhong Fang or Sheng Huang, to say nothing of XIngyi, Liu Mei, and Jiang Chen.


At the same time, the look on Zhong Fang's face had instantly changed into one of disbelief when he saw that Xingyi was the one who stepped on the same platform as him.


Sensing Xingyi's aura that had reached the middle of rank 7 in the Nascent Soul, Zhong Fang's face quickly turned unsightly.


After all, Zhong Fang himself was only at the peak of rank 5 in the Nascent Soul, but Xingyi's cultivation was so terrifying that most likely even the current Sheng Huang wouldn't be a match for her, let alone he himself.


He couldn't believe that Xingyi had actually advanced so quickly, to actually reach the late stages of the Nascent Soul in less than a year ever since they had entered the Holy sect!


Even with the extremely pure qi in the Holy sect, her rate of growth was still too abnormal.


In his heart, Zhong Fang also felt some envy towards Xingyi who had been so lucky to be chosen by an inner court Elder as a personal disciple due to her unique physique.


He had been certain that her horrifying rate of growth was definitely thanks to Xingyi's master, Elder Mao Jing!


Unfortunately, the white-robed outer court Elder in front of the platform didn't give Zhong Fang too much time to think, as he waved his hand downwards and declared in a cold voice




Xingyi's body merged into the shadows barely a moment later, before she appeared behind Zhong Fang in the blink of an eye!


Without any hesitation, Xingyi's hand shot forward like a bolt of lightning at a speed that Zhong Fang couldn't even react to, before a silver dagger actually pierced through Zhong Fang's back.


Bright red blood had stained the silver dagger in Xingyi's hands, as Zhong Fang turned around with some difficulty and stared at the golden-haired young woman with a look of horror in his eyes.


Even the outer court Elder who was responsible for this platform suddenly narrowed his eyes as he looked at Xingyi with an extremely solemn look on his face.

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