650 Chapter 650


''1000 high-grade spirit stones!'' The disciples in the crowd sucked breaths of cold air when they heard this, as they looked at the white-robed Elder Sun with unconcealed shock in their eyes.


After all, high-grade spirit stones were simply too rare.
Usually, only the top experts would possess high-grade spirit stones and would use them they cultivated, like those inner court Elders of the Holy sect.


As for those outer court disciples and the inner court disciples, most of them would only use middle-grade spirit stones while only those who came from extremely powerful backgrounds would have some high-grade spirit stones in their possession.


Although 1000 high-grade spirit stones were only equal to 1 million middle-grade spirit stones, no one would possibly exchange 1000 high-grade spirit stones for 1 million middle-grade ones.


For the Holy sect to promise to give 1000 high-grade spirit stones to every single disciple who would reach the top 500, it meant that they would have to give out at least 500.000 high-grade spirit stones.


This equaled 500 million middle-grade spirit stones!


Even Shun Long was stunned when he calculated this enormous figure.


''Most likely, even late-stage Dao Emperors would feel extremely strained taking out 500.000 high-grade spirit stones.
Only Sovereign realm experts like the sect master would be able to take out such a sum easily.''


While he came to this conclusion, Shun Long's attention was still focused on the white-robed Elder Sun in the sky whose gaze scanned the disciples below him before he added in a moment later


''As for those who reach the top 100, they will all obtain 2000 high-grade spirit stones instead.


As for those who reach the top 5…
each of them will obtain a star-rank weapon as well!''


As soon as Elder Sun finished speaking, the arena instantly exploded in shock and excitement!


''Did I just mishear? Did Elder Sun really say that everyone in the top 5 will obtain a star-rank weapon?''


''Has the Holy sect gone crazy? How is this possible? Last time, the reward for the top 5 was only 1000 high-grade spirit stones! How can they give 5 star-rank weapons like that?''


At the same time, the eyes of countless disciples, especially those who were in the top 100 rankings, all lit up with a bright light when they heard the words 'star-rank weapons'.


The number of disciples in the outer court who possessed star-rank weapons barely exceeded the number of fingers a person had in both hands.


Among 200.000 outer court disciples in the outer court, most likely less than 20 of them possessed star-rank weapons!


Since most of those disciples in the top 100 rankings of the Martial Roll of Honor came from extremely powerful backgrounds, one could understand how rare star-rank weapons truly were.


Although those in the top 5 were rumored to already have star-rank weapons in their possession, they wouldn't mind obtaining more and selling them back to their respective clans.


Perhaps the weapon they obtained from the Holy sect would even be better than their current weapons, and if it was compatible with them, they could use it instead.


''This is probably fate.
We haven't even reached the peak of the Nascent Soul, let alone the Dao King just yet.
It's impossible for us to compete against those at the top 100 rankings right now, let alone the top 5.''


Bai Longtian spoke in a low voice as he stared at the white-robed Elder Sun Wen, while Jiang Chen and the rest nodded their heads.


Even Shun Long couldn't help but agree in his heart that it was impossible for any of them to challenge those at the top 100 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor right now.


In the past 5 months, Shun Long and the rest had all heard that those in the top 300 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor were said to have all reached the Dao King realm! Additionally, none of them were weak on their own, otherwise, how could they reach the top of the rankings in the Holy sect?


Although Shun Long didn't care too much about the star-rank weapons of the Holy sect since his black sword and Liu Mei's translucent armor were already peak rank 1-star weapons, he still wanted to obtain one for Bai Longtian and Xingyi if he could.


However, he knew that reaching the top 5 rankings this time was most likely going to be impossible.


''Long-ge, what I am more curious about is the reason why the Holy sect is doing this.
It's not just master, but even this Elder Sun and Elder Cao Ling who are present today, and the rewards are also enough to even attract peak Dao Kings, let alone outer court disciples like us.
Something big is probably going on.''


Hearing Liu Mei's voice, Shun Long nodded his head in agreement, while Xingyi's, Jiang Chen's, and Bai Longtian's eyes had also turned serious .


There was no way that the Holy sect had increased their rewards to this level for no reason.


After all, even many peak Dao Kings didn't have star-rank weapons, including the outer court Elders of the Holy sect.


For the Holy sect to give 5 star-rank weapons to those who reach the top 5, there was definitely a reason behind it.


Seeing that the 8 platforms in the arena had been fully raised, the previously silent white-robed Elder Cao Ling finally took a step forward and waved his sleeve, causing a gust of wind to fly out as it covered the entire arena.


As it sweeped through the bodies of the disciples sitting in the audience seats, those disciples noticed in their horror that they were unable to make sounds any longer.


It was almost as if they had suddenly lost their ability to speak.
Although they opened their mouths, not a single sound would come out!


Cao Ling ignored the horrified gazes of those outer court disciples, as he said in a calm voice


''The Martial Roll of Honor tournament…
will begin now!''


As Cao Ling's words rang out, 8 white-robed figures flew inside the arena at the same time, before they landed in front of every single one of the 8 platforms.



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