As this voice was heard, 2 young men, followed behind a huge burly man.
They were all wearing brown robes, indicating that they were disciples from the ’Iron-hardened sect ’.

The burly man in the front was over 2 meters(6.5ft) tall and his fingers were dripping with blood, while the other 2 behind him, also had blood all over their robes.

At that moment, the young man behind the huge burly man shouted

’ ’Look boss, they even prepared food for us ’ ’

’ ’Ah you are right Xiao Li, what a good first day we had.
First we killed those ants from the ’floating cloud sect ’ and gathered so many survival points, and now there is food and even beauties to keep us company ’ ’

’ ’The boss is right, there are 3 of us and there are just 3 beauties, one for each of us HAHAHAHA ’ ’

’ ’Little beauties, you should obediently listen to our boss, or you won ’t be the first women to die by his hands today ’ ’

’ ’That ’s right.
If you are obedient, our boss will definitely let you live ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes slightly narrowed while the 3 girls rushed to hide behind him and Yong Ru.

Yong Ru faced the burly man as he said in a bold tone

’ ’Who do you think you are to dare speak to us like this? ’ ’

The man named Xiao Li then looked at Yong Ru mockingly as he replied

’ ’Punk, who do you think you are to talk to boss like that? If you are sensible, you will quickly hand over your survival points before scramming. ’ ’

The boss though looked at the other young man beside him as he said

’ ’Xiao Wan, Xiao Li, just take care of these punks quickly! ’ ’ After he gave this order, the burly man started walking towards the food.

’ ’Of course boss ’ ’

Both Xiao Wan and Xiao Li immediately responded as they slowly walked towards Shun Long and Yong Ru.

’ ’Senior brother!! ’ ’ The 3 girls shouted but Yong Ru looked at them and said

’ ’Just stay back, you can ’t help here ’ ’

Yong Ru had noticed that these two men ’s auras were at the same level as him, the early rank3 in earth grade, that ’s why he just told the 3 women to stay back.

Xiao Li didn ’t immediately start to fight and instead looked at Shun Long as he said

’ ’You will be the 3rd person I kill today.
Too bad that you didn ’t cherish the opportunity to give up your survival point and flee while you had the chance kid.
But you can still be considered lucky to be killed by me.
If the boss had decided to kill you guys, you wouldn ’t be dying as easily, while I will make sure to give you a quick death in return ’ ’

Xiao Wan and Xiao Li then, both unleashed their auras at the early stage of rank 3 earth grade.

Xiao Wan fought with Yong Ru while Xiao Li was holding a saber as he rushed towards Shun Long with a big smile on his face.

Shun Long immediately activated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ followed by the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as everything around him went still.

In a sphere around Shun Long, time was frozen.
Inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, Shun Long was king.
Unless the discrepancy in cultivation was too big or a person had some kind of secret technique, no one could move inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

Not just Xiao Li, but even Xiao Wan and Yong Ru along with the 3 girls, everyone was now in a frozen like state.

It wasn ’t just their bodies that couldn ’t move, even their thoughts were all frozen.
The ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ had grown even stronger after Shun Long had advanced into the 8th rank in qi condensation.

The boss was the only one who could somewhat move his body and thoughts, but even he was extremely slow under the suppression of the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, as he turned his horrified eyes towards Shun Long.

Shun Long who was now at the early rank 8 in qi condensation, could render an early rank 3 earth grade cultivator, absolutely helpless.

Even their boss who was at the middle of rank 3 in earth grade was heavily affected by the suppression.

Xiao Li ’s face was still frozen with that smile on his face as Shun Long walked towards him.

Shun Long had arrived in front of him as he spoke in a low voice, even though he knew that Xiao Li couldn ’t hear him

’ ’Unfortunately for you, I won ’t be the third person that you kill today. ’ ’

After that, Shun Long ’s hand was clenched in a tight fist as he punched ferociously towards Xiao Li ’s abdomen.
That was the place where a person ’s dantian was at..
the place where Xiao Li held all his qi and cultivated from.

Shun Long ’s heavy punch went through Xiao Li ’s body as it completely shattered his dantian.

Then he turned his head to look at the boss who was still struggling under the heavy suppression of the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as he said

’ ’Although I don ’t consider myself some kind of hero, thanks to you I can now see the truth.
This is just a survival test and a dog eat dog world after all.
You have killed people on your first day here just because you wanted to do so.
I was so immersed in the mentality from earth, that I had almost forgotten that people attacked me outside of the ’Blue Forest ’ that day.
I almost forgot that, that punk Xiao Shitou threatened to break my limbs inside the imperial palace.
Threatening to kill me again and again, I guess this is the true ’cultivation world ’. ’ ’

After Shun Long finished speaking, he walked towards this man step by step as he slowly approached him.

’ ’That ’s right master.
This is the world of cultivation after all.
When I was born, people tried to kill me again and again, just because they were stronger than me.
While you shouldn ’t become like those people, you still shouldn ’t be afraid of killing those that threaten your life. ’ ’

Little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s mind.

Shun Long looked at the man in front of him whom these people called the boss, and his eyes narrowed as he told him

’ ’From the first moment I saw you walking here, I knew what kind of person you are.
You walked with your hands filled with blood, acting so proud while you boasted of the disciples that you had just killed before you stole their survival points.

Don ’t misunderstand, I am not doing this for justice or because I care about those that you have killed.
It ’s simply because in my eyes, sc.u.m like you just doesn ’t deserve to live. ’ ’

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