642 Chapter 642 The Grand Elder“s favor


The Grand Elder's words were like a bomb that exploded on everyone's minds, making not just Liu Mei, Jiang Chen, and the others, but even the white-robed Mao Jing stare at him with eyes filled with incredulity and disbelief.


The reason why he had come here today was to actually accept Shun Long as his disciple?


Nobody knew how to react to this.


Even Shun Long stared at the white-robed Grand Elder in front of him with a stunned expression on his face.


In the past 10 months, not a single one of the inner court Elders had been willing to accept him as their disciple, even after Shun Long had revealed his bloodline during the fourth test of the Holy sect.


This had left Shun Long completely baffled.


Even without showing his Dao of Time, just his Dao of Space or his immortal-grade bloodline should have normally been enough for at least a few of the inner court Elders to accept him as their disciple.


However, even though Shun Long had been surprised that no Elders of the Holy sect seemed to be interested in him, since Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian had all found their own masters, it didn't make too much of a difference to him either.


After all, the main reason why Shun Long had been willing to accept a master was to obtain some backing within the Holy sect in the first place.


''Grand Elder, you…
are you serious?''


Mao Jing's shrill voice resounded throughout the private room, but the white-robed old woman didn't seem to care about it as she stared at the white-robed old man who was leisurely drinking his wine.


And yet, the Grand Elder didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to her, as he kept staring at Shun Long with a smile on his face.


He could see that Shun Long had been pondering his offer seriously, which made the Grand Elder extremely happy.


Silence had filled Mao Jing's private room as everyone waited for Shun Long's answer.


Even Liu Mei had no idea what Shun Long was going to choose.


A few moments later, Shun Long looked at the white-robed old man in front of him and smiled brightly as he cupped his hands and bowed towards him, before his voice resounded throughout the silent private room


''Grand Elder, thank you.
However, I don't plan to accept a master right now.
I hope the Grand Elder understands.''




''What?'' The white-robed old woman, Xie Xingyi's master, Elder Mao Jing, looked at Shun Long with an expression of disbelief on her face, before her gaze was hurriedly turned towards the Grand Elder.


This was the Grand Elder! He was the second strongest person in the entire Holy sect other than the sect master himself.
And yet there was an outer disciple who would dare to refuse him?


Mao Jing couldn't believe this scene in front of her!


However, Jiang Chen and the others all nodded their heads calmly as they looked at Shun Long.


After all, this was within their expectations from the beginning.


''Haha, although that old man is indeed strong for a Dao Emperor, he is still too far off if he wants to accept master as his disciple.
Perhaps master would have agreed before I had woken up…
but now? Hmph! Who else is more qualified than me to protect master?'' Little Black's calm voice resounded throughout the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time', as the black dragon watched this scene with a smile on his face.


Naturally, with Little Black's current strength, there was virtually no Dao Emperor who would be able to threaten Shun Long! Only Sovereign realm experts would have that ability.


But would a Sovereign realm expert really lower themselves to deal with someone like Shun Long?


As for Little Silver, the black panther seemed to have fallen asleep, not caring at all about Shun Long's choice.


At the same time, the Grand Elder was actually stunned as he looked at Shun Long who was still bowing towards him.


Finally, a moment later, the Grand Elder sighed and waved his hand as he looked at Shun Long and said in a somewhat disappointed tone


''Sigh, let's not force it then.
If you are unwilling, then so be it.
Perhaps it wasn't meant to be.''


The Grand Elder then waved his hand, taking out a golden-colored token from his spatial ring and tossing it towards Shun Long.


The token slowly floated towards Shun Long, before it came to a halt in front of him, as the Grand Elder smiled and said kindly


''I only have accepted 2 disciples in my life.
Although you are not my disciple, with this token your status will be no different than that of a personal disciple of mine.
Haha, don't refuse it.
Consider it as a gift from this old man.''


Staring at the Grand Elder's deep black eyes and the kind smile on his face, Shun Long actually nodded his head before he extended his hand, taking the golden-colored token in his hand and throwing a look at it.


The token only had a single word on it.




Mao Jing's heartbeat had started to rise as she looked at the young man in yellow robes who had just received the golden-colored token in his hands, as well as the white-robed Grand Elder who was smiling towards him.


It was obvious how favorably the Grand Elder looked at Shun Long that he would even give him his personal token even after Shun Long had declined his offer to become his disciple.


Mao Jing understood, that with this token in his hands, Shun Long's status couldn't be considered inferior to any inner court disciple within the Holy sect.


With a smile on his face, Shun Long placed the golden token in his spatial ring, before he waved his sleeve, causing a medium-sized wooden barrel to appear in front of him.


Looking at the Grand Elder, Shun Long then waved his hand for a second time, causing a wave of his qi to completely envelop the barrel, before the wooden barrel actually floated towards the Grand Elder, stopping right in front of him.


The Grand Elder looked at the wooden barrel with a curious look in his eyes, before Shun Long's calm voice sounded in his ears a moment later


''I hope the Grand Elder will accept my gift as well.''


Without waiting for a response, Shun Long bade farewell to the elder, before he turned around and led Xingyi and the rest out of Mao Jing's private room, leaving behind only the Grand Elder and the wooden barrel in front of him, as well as Mao Jing herself.

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