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The hooked-nose young man didn't seem to mind Xingyi's disgusted expression as he took a step forward and tried to grab Xingyi's hands, but Xingyi simply snorted before her cultivation at the middle of rank 7 of the Nascent Soul exploded out of her body, as she then took a few steps backwards opening up the distance between herself and the hooked-nose young man.


Xingyi's cold voice then resounded in the young man's ears as she said


''Senior brother Ma, I tried to be polite with you but you still don't want to listen to me.
I don't want you to talk to me ever again!''


This time, as she spoke, Xingyi didn't have the usual friendly aura that she had while she talked to Shun Long and the rest, and instead, her body was radiating an aura of anger and killing intent, while the shadows from the ground beneath her feet seemed to have covered her body like thin tentacles.


'Senior brother Ma's' steps halted while the expression on his face finally changed.
The smile that he had on his face instantly disappeared as his eyes kept staring at Xingyi in front of him, before his angry voice resounded in her ears barely a moment later


''Junior sister Xingyi, why are you so insistent on refusing me? You clearly know how I have been feeling for you ever since the first time I saw you, ever since that day when master accepted you as her disciple, and yet you always reject me!


Why? What do I lack?


Power? Status? Background?


I am a peak rank 8 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, a genius in the top 2000 rankings in the Martial Roll of Honor before I even became 200 years old!


My faction is ranked in the top 300 within the sect and I am even a personal disciple of an inner court Elder! TELL ME! WHAT DO I LACK?''


The more the hooked-nosed young man spoke the angrier he seemed to become, while his aura at the peak of rank 8 in the Nascent Soul exploded outwards without any more restraint.


It was obvious that he wasn't willing to leave today without getting an answer.


Although the Refinement Hall didn't have many disciples who were entering inside it compared to the other important buildings within the Holy sect, like the Administration Hall, the Assignment Hall, or the Golden Treasures Hall, it still had 2 white-robed elders standing guard in front of its entrance.


The 2 elders responsible for guarding the Refinement Hall were instantly stunned when they saw the hooked-nosed young man getting so angry when he was clearly the one harassing the young woman in front of him, causing the 2 Elders to turn and look at each other.


Normally, the 2 Elders would intervene if anyone was bold enough to start making trouble in front of the Refinement Hall, but this time, they clearly hesitated since they recognized the hooked-nosed young man and Xingyi.


As the guards of the Refinement Hall, how could the 2 old men not know that the yellow-robed outer court disciples in front of them were both personal disciples of Elder Mao Jing?


Thus, they decided to simply close their eyes and act like they didn't see anything.


At the same time, seeing Xingyi turn around and throw him a pitiable glance, Shun Long no longer remained there and wait for Xingyi to solve this matter by herself, as he took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of her, facing 'senior brother Ma' and the 2 people behind him, before Shun Long finally said in a calm voice


''It's because Xingyi is my woman.''


Silence instantly filled the area outside of the Refinement Hall, as 'senior brother Ma' and the 2 young men behind him, as well as Xie Xingyi and the others, and even the 2 white-robed Elders who were guarding the Refinement Hall and were watching this scene, all turned their gaze towards Shun Long at the same time.


Xingyi's eyes instantly widened when she heard Shun Long's response, staring at him with a look of shock and disbelief in her eyes, while Liu Mei's lips curved up into a brilliant smile.


''Brother Long..''


In the past 10 months that Xingyi knew Shun Long, although she had clearly showed that she was interested in him, Shun Long had yet to give her a response.
How could she expect that Shun Long would openly say that she was his woman out of nowhere?


A sweet feeling instantly filled her heart as she looked at the back of the yellow-robed young man who was standing tall in front of her.


Meanwhile, Liu Mei simply smiled gently as her eyes were glued on Shun Long's back at the same time.


Naturally, Liu Mei wouldn't willingly share with Shun Long with anyone else, but during the first month that she had spent with Xingyi during the third test of the Holy sect, and had shared life and death with her, she had come to view her as a real sister.


Knowing that Xingyi liked Shun Long so much that she had given up joining any other faction in the Holy sect simply to follow him, had naturally made Liu Mei not be averse to Shun Long accepting Xingyi as his woman.


After all, Liu Mei knew, that in the past 10 months that they had joined the Holy sect, Xingyi also had plenty of powerful outer court disciples who were chasing after her, but she hadn't shown even the slightest bit of interest to any of them, regardless of their strength or background.


All this time, she had quietly waited for Shun Long's answer.


As for Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian, both of them simply stared at this scene calmly without saying anything.


In their eyes, Xingyi had been Shun Long's woman from the very beginning.


The only issue was that Shun Long had seemed reluctant to address this issue.


But since he had spoken out today, that 'senior brother Ma' could only dream of taking away their brother's wife.


Indeed, 'senior brother Ma's' eyes narrowed, turning similar to the eyes of a viper's, and after taking a look at the people behind Shun Long, his gaze landed on Liu Mei's body for a few moments, before he turned to look at Shun Long in front of him and said coldly


''Shun Long, scram out of my sight! You dare claim my junior sister as your wife?


You shouldn't meddle on things that aren't your business lest you offend someone you can't afford to!


I heard that junior sister Xingyi has joined your faction, but even our master herself has said that junior sister's yin essence is still intact, making her still a virgin.


Who do you think you are to claim my junior sister as yours?


You better scram out of the inner court before I cripple your arms and legs myself!''

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